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2008 MTV Movie Awards Arrivals!


The gorgeous Jennifer Hudson arriving on the golden carpet. I loved her in the new SATC movie!


Charlize Theron posing on the MTV Movie Awards golden carpet.


Whitney Port from “The Hills” I am not a fan of the dress or shoes? What do you think?


Audrina Partridge from “The Hills” arriving on the golden carpet, I think she looks really good here she even managed to make her eyes look normal.

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MTV Movie Awards


Update 5:00pm  Jocelyn just met Sarah Jessica Parker and is now heading inside for the show.


Jocelyn is inside right now Will Ferrell just left the stage and now Coldplay is performing.


Update 5:30pm

Jocelyn is sitting a few rows back from “The Hills” girls.

Seth Rogan and James Franco onstage promoting Pineapple Express. – smoking fake joint – everyone dying laughing.

Whitney from The Hills is crouched behind me – because they won’t let her go to her seat until commercial.

They play music videos during commercials – its a good time to people watch everyone gets up and talks

SJP and Jennifer Hudson on stage - SJP amazing!  Talked to her on the red carpet!

-Ok I am officially jealous! I am living vicarously though Jocelyn as I blog in our hotel room. I hope I don’t get so jealous I mess with her bed ;) -

Update 5:45pm

Will smith on stage – with his son he won, but I don’t know what for ;)

They just set up the Wayne’s World Set.

Dana Carvey and Mike Meyers are doing a Wayne’s World sketch.

The Rock, Steve Carell and Anne Hathaway are onstage – the Rock is soooooooo much smaller in real life!!

Plus Anne Hathaway was too skinny!  And she walked the red carpet without her boyfriend.  Trouble in paradise?

Johnny Depp just won an award – and he got a huge standing ovation.

I can die now, I’ve seen Johnny Depp in person.

Tom Cruise on stage – gotta say he’s looking fine!!

Update 6:00pm

Tom Cruise acting really cool being nice – laughing even when cameras not on him.

Adam Sandler performing song.

Adam Sandler being honored with award Tom Cruise presenting.

This commercial break I spotted Paris and Benji, Christian Siriano… Paris watches to see if people are looking at her.

Also saw Jonah Hill – and Whitney and LC from The Hills.

Update 6:30pm

Commercial break – Whitney and Brody Jenner just walked back in, both had drinks.

Zac Efron onstage he’s adorable – he looks a lot like Jared Leto back when he was hot.

Johnny Depp wins again… Another standing ovation – he’s still f’n hot.

Commercial break – Ellen Page just walked out, she is unbelievably small – looks like a teenager!!

Update 7:00pm

They are really stepping it up with the “shorts” there all hilarious.

Mike Meyers is absolutely hilarious – can’t wait for his new movie!

There’s only one more act!! Best picture – and I’m done!

Robrt Downey jr, Jack Black and Ben Stiller all on stage – Jack Black just as short as Ben.

Robert Downey jr. is writing all over Jack Black with a sharpie.

I just realized I’m sitting right by Rob from MTV’s Rob and Big… No Big, just Rob.

Someone just tried to bust up on stage – they had a really creepy white mask they were caught first.

Its over,!!!

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2008 MTV Movie Awards


Hi everyone, this is Erin and I will be blogging live as Jocelyn sends me all the news, gossip and pictures from the MTV Movie Awards red carpet. The fires at Universal City have been contained and the show is on! I just got an update and Jocelyn is on her way out to the red carpet right now! As I get any news or pictures from her you will see it here first! Don’t forget to tune into the MTV Movie Awards tonight at 8pm PT.


(Photo of Jocelyn from our quick lunch before she hit the Award show)


Update: 3:33pm Jocelyn is now postion on the golden carpet. If you want to look for her when the show starts she is located right by the entrance next to the “RockBand” stage.

Update 4:00pm  People are just starting down the red carpet now. Jocelyn just saw the girls from MTV’s new Legally Blonde show.

Update 4:16pm Coldplay just walked by Jocelyn but didn’t pause for pictures. He was followed by Brody Jenner from MTV’s “The Hills” she caught him just in time to get the back of his head.


He was followed by Shane Sparks from my favorite summer show So You Think You Can Dance.


Jocelyn just meet Audrina Partridge from “The Hills” and took a picture with her, will update with picture asap.

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I’m off to California!!


Hey everyone, so I’m heading out tonight to LA – where I’m going to see the MTV Movie Awards!!! Erin and I are flying out of Portland tonight around 8:00, and we’ll touch down in LA sometime around 10:00PM. Tomorrow I have to check in at the movie awards around noon – and I’ll be there till the show is over! I’ll be on the red carpet, stalking celeb’s as they make their way into the Gibson Amphitheater. After the red carpet, I’ll be whisked away to some area reserved for bloggers. (I wonder who else I’m going to bump in to!)

I can’t even begin to tell you guys how excited I am! I’ve been working for years now – to be invited to one of these awards shows – and here it is! I can’t wait!

After the show, Erin and I are going to stick around in LA for a couple days…relax, and sight see.

You guys HAVE to remember to watch the awards tomorrow night! They’ll be LIVE SUNDAY, JUNE 1ST AT 8PM!! Also – if you guys want to, check back here tomorrow night. I will be LIVE BLOGGING from the awards! I can tell you what I’m seeing – and hearing – as it goes down!! How cool is that!

Watch for me on the red carpet, I’ll be the one with the stupid-star-struck-crazed-look in my eyes!


UPDATE (7:10PM): Erin and I are sitting at PDX – waiting to board the plane. I’m now realizing how freakishly large my laptop is…I’m trying to balance it on my lap and type at the same time.

We should be out of here in the next hour or so…then we’ll be in LA! We’re flying supasta style, we were able to upgrade to First Class! Free booze – and nicer seats!

I’ll post again once we get to our hotel…who knows when that will be!

PS: A group of us girls went and saw the SATC movie last night at 10:30 PM. It was awesome! Did any of you go see it?


UPDATE (Sunday, 9:3AM):  We’re here!  I’m sitting in our hotel room in Hollywood, and a little bit achey from the stiff bed.  Last night was a nightmare, let me tell you!!!

The flight was amazing… paying $50 to upgrade to First Class is TOTALLY worth the money.  We had these huge comfy seats, and I drank screwdrivers until we landed.  :)

Our flight landed at 10:00PM, and we went down to get our baggage.  We walked outside to catch our shuttle – a shuttle that promises if they “are late, then you don’t pay!” Of course they were almost a half an hour late, and neither Erin nor I had the balls to ask for the shuttle for free.  We finally – finally get to our hotel at 12:30.  The shuttle took FOREVER.

We end up at our hotel at 12:30AM, exhausted, and needing to take a shower.  We walk in to the Ramada in Hollywood, and find that even though I have reservations – AND A CONFIRMATION – we have no room.  The nice Indian man tells us there is not a single room at the hotel.  He says “Yes, you’re right – you DO have a confirmation – but I don’t know what’s going on.  I’ll talk to the manager in the morning.”  So I’m getting pissed, and the super bitch in me is welling up and coming out.  I’m freaking out on the guy – demanding a room…and the bottom line was – there was no room for us.

So at 1:00AM – we have to get a taxi, and take us to another hotel – which apparently is only 5 miles away from where we are.  30 minutes and $20 later, we arrive at another Ramada.  We finally make it to our room sometime around 2:00AM, and quickly fell asleep.

This morning I wake to find there is a MASSIVE FIRE over at Universal City (which is practically where the MTV Awards are going to be held).  That would be just my luck… I called my rep over at MTV, and she said the show is on!  PHEW!

Now I need to get up and get going…get ready for my big day!

I’ll post more as the day goes on!


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