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FIRST LOOK: Disney releases first image from ‘Cinderella’ live-action movie!


Disney has just released the first image from ‘Cinderella,’ the live-action movie that just begun filming in London!

The photo shows Lily James (‘Downton Abbey’) as Cinderella, on a horse. Kenneth Branagh is directing the new movie. In the new movie, Cinderella gets a new name. She’ll be “Ella” in the new take on the classic 1950 Disney cartoon.

“With Lily James we have found our perfect Cinderella,” says director Kenneth Branagh in an statement announcing the start of production. “She combines knockout beauty with intelligence, wit, fun and physical grace.”

While it looks like it’s set in a similar time period to the 1950 Disney animated movie, the new project seems to feature a stronger, sexier, more independent version of Cinderella who isn’t afraid to wear a lower neckline while living a very active lifestyle. Cinderella will also star Rickard Madden as the Prince, Cate Blanchett as the stepmother and Helena Bonham Carter as the fairy godmother.

Best known for playing Lady Rose MacClare on TV drama Downton Abbey, James will play Ella, a young girl whose merchant father remarries following the tragic death of her mother. When Ella’s father suddenly dies, Ella finds herself at the mercy of her cruel new family. They make her into a servant girl and give her the nickname “Cinderella” out of spite. But Ella is determined to honor her mother’s dying words and to “have courage and be kind.” And then she meets a handsome prince, and, with a little help from a fairy godmother, finds her way to the ball.

I’m excited! Disney’s Cinderella is slated to open on March 13, 2015.


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Tell me this doesn’t make your heart pitter-patter!

It’s a ‘Sandlot’ reunion!

The boys of ‘The Sandlot’ reunited this week to celebrate the film’s 20th anniversary, minus two of the main characters. Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez and Scotty Smalls, couldn’t be there.

All the other favorites were there, however!

Fortunately for fans, “Sandlot” favorites Patrick Renna (who played Hamilton “Ham” Porter), Chauncey Leopardi (who played Michael “Squints” Palledorous), and Shane Obedzinski (who played Tommy “Repeat” Timmons) hit Salt Lake City to mark a historical film location from the field where a large part of “The Sandlot” was shot.

The Salt Lake City day was the latest stop on the 20th Anniversary “Sandlot” Tour, led by director David Mickey Evans. The tour is scheduled to continue through the summer, hitting cities including Los Angeles, Dayton, Ohio, and Omaha, Neb.

While the film’s main character, the lovable nerd Scotty Smalls, was noticeably absent from the reunion, HuffPost Entertainment caught up with Guiry, the actor who played the egghead, earlier this year to talk “Sandlot.”

“I think what it does is it brings people back to a time in their lives that it was fun and kind of innocent,” Guiry said of the film. “They didn’t have to worry about bills and work. It was a carefree time of everyone’s life. It’s fun to watch people reminisce about it – plus, baseball. That’s what’s great about baseball, some people are exceptional at the game, but still, even people that aren’t very athletic like, me – I played Little League! It’s one of those games in sports where even if you’re not the greatest, you can still play.”

I can’t believe it’s been 20 years! Man, I love that movie! I’ve watched it with my own boys a dozen times! Classic!


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‘Mean Moms’ – sequel to ‘Mean Girls’ is coming!

Sounds like a sequel to the 2004 hit ‘Mean Girls’ is on it’s way! In the original movie, Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams, Amanda Seyfried and Lacey Chabert played high school rivals. Now it’s time for “Mean Moms!”

New Line Cinema has tapped Beth McCarthy-Miller (“Saturday Night Live”) to adapt “Queen Bee Moms And King Pin Dads: Dealing With The Parents, Teachers, Coaches, and Counselors Who Can Make — or Break — Your Child’s Future” — a book by Rosalind Wiseman, whose “Queen Bees and Wannabes” was the inspiration for the “Mean Girls” movie, Deadline reports.

The film adaptation of Wiseman’s 2006 book focuses on a mother who encounters some grown-up mean girls in the form of suburban moms. “Mean Moms” will be produced by Jill Messick with Offspring Entertainment, according to Deadline.

While McCarthy-Miller served as a director for “SNL,” she had a chance to work with “Mean Girls” stars Tina Fey and Tim Meadows. No word as to whether “Mean Moms” will serve as a mini-reunion for the trio.

I totally loved ‘Mean Girls,’ I wonder if they’re going to bring back any of the original girls? Would anyone really hire Lindsay Lohan these days?


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‘Dodgeball 2′ is coming…

Have you been longing for more ‘Dodgeball?” Apparently someone over at Fox thought it was necessary, so ‘Dodgeball 2′ is in the works!

The 2004 film starred Vince Vaughn as the slacker owner of rundown gym who gathers a group of misfits into a dodgeball tournament in order to defeat an encroaching corporate gym run by Ben Stiller.

The movie grossed more than $114 million domestically on a reported budget of $20 million.

While Fox, Vaughn and Stiller have long mulled the idea of a sequel, little action had been taken. It was even a joke on an episode of Ricky Gervais’ Extras in which Stiller guest-starred.

Now the sequel will focus on Vaughn and Stiller forced to team up to fight an even bigger threat, according to sources.

Hopefully this is a good thing. I think Ben Stiller has entered a phase in his career where he’s just going to start working on sequels. Rumor has it he’s also working on the sequel to ‘Zoolander.’

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There goes our youth! ‘Weird Science’ remake on the way.

According to, Universal is planning on remaking John Hughes‘ famous 1985 teenage boy fantasy, ‘Weird Science.’ According to the site, the new film will be rated-R, while it’s predecessor was PG-13. (Probably should have been rated-R, all those 80′s movies were so raunchy!)

Details on the proposed remake are non-existent at this point, but writer Brian Lynch floated one brilliant idea: “The WEIRD SCIENCE remake should be two nerdy girls making Channing Tatum.”

The original film, of course, focused on two horny teens (Anthony Michael Hall and Ilan Mitchell-Smith) who used their nerdy science brains to create a perfect woman, complete with “womdigous mammary glands.” Kelly LeBrock played the result of the boys’ science project.

While I hate the idea, I’m kind of intrigued. More intrigued than when I heard they were going to remake ‘Point Blank’ – which I still think is a bad idea.

Man, remember how hot Kelly Lebrock was when this movie came out?

Want to know what she looks like today? Are you sitting down?? AFTER THE JUMP! (more…)

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