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2nd Miss USA Contestant: The Pageant Is Rigged!

Another Miss USA contestant has come forward!

Another contestant- who chooses to remain anonymous- overheard Miss Florida Karina Brez reveal the list of finalists backstage before the pageant’s Top 15 were announced, Fox News online reports.  Apparently, Miss Brez saw saw a folder lying open that said ‘FINAL SHOW Telecast, June 3, 2012. Needless to say, she was not happy when Brez told some other contestants that the contest was rigged.

“I saw Florida backstage and she was very, very flustered and upset. I thought it might be because she didn’t make the top 15 cut, but at that point she was able to reveal to me at least four of the five names who went on to be the top girls…she couldn’t remember the fifth because she was so upset. Several of the girls then started hearing through the grapevine about a list; a lot of people were upset.”

I would be upset!  Miss Pennsylvania Sheena Monin first accused Trump and the Miss USA establishment of being not so savory, though Donald Trump and reps deny these accusations.

“I feel an injustice has been done, not only to the other people who were not in the top five, but to the thousands of pageant girls across the country who competed, believing this is an honest system,” Monnin said.

This seems pretty legit- with lots of girls coming forward. Will Trump fess up?

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Miss Michigan Is All Kinds Of Class

Miss Michigan says she doesn’t drink- but some weird photos that surfaced this morning kind of say otherwise!

Miss Michigan- known to some as Kristen Danyal– denies drinking ANY vodka during the Miss USA after party in Vegas Sunday night, despite a photo of her miming drinking booze straight from very full alcohol bottles.  Apparently, Danyal, 27, “doesn’t do that sort of thing.” (Oh, judge-y, judge-y!), but that friends were goading her into drinking, even though she abstained.

“I had friends who came out to watch me and other girls there from previous pageants saying ‘Drink! Drink!’ … They knew I was upset about losing and tried to cheer me up.”

Her solution? Posing for photos where it looks like she was getting hammered. Hmmm…sounds fishy. Why don’t these uptight beauty queens just admit they like to relax every once in a while? Geez!

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Miss Pennsylvania: Miss USA is RIGGED!

Miss Pennsylvania is claiming Donald Trump‘s pageant show, Miss USA, is not as wholesome as she thought!

The Miss USA pageant contestant, Sheena Monin,  stepped down from her title as Miss Pennsylvania  claiming that the contest is rigged.  According to organizers opinions, however, the beauty queen was upset over the decision to allow transgender contestants to enter the pageant.

A posting on Monnin’s Facebook page claims another contestant learned the names of the top 5 finishers on Sunday morning, just hours before the show was broadcast, and that those names were in fact called as the finalists.  She said:

“In my heart I believe in honesty, fair play, a fair opportunity, and high moral integrity, none of which in my opinion are part of this pageant system any longer.”

Snap! Reps from Miss USA and Trump say that Monin was just angry about the transgender issue, and that the contest is not at all rigged.

“I don’t think that she had an issue with that,” Trump said. “I think her primary issue is that she lost and she’s angry about losing. And frankly, in my opinion, I saw her barely a second and she didn’t deserve to be in the top 15.”

Donald Trump sure knows how to salt a wound. Thoughts?

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Miss USA Happened

Hear Ye, Hear Ye, a New Miss USA has been crowned!

Not that anyone cares, because pageants are never one anyone’s radar. Still, with the help of judges like Rob Kardashian, Joe Jonas, Chef Cat Cora, Arsenio Hall, and Mary Lou Henner, Miss Rhode Island- Olivia Culpo-was crowned the new 61st Miss USA last night.

She got the most controversial question, and her answer seemed to please the judges.  When asked, “would it be fair if a transgender woman won the Miss USA title,” Culpo responded, “I do think it would be fair…” because “there are so many people who have a need to change for a happier life. I do accept that because I believe it’s a free country.”

The crowd dug it. Now, I’m not a huge fan of pageants, but man,  at least they’re becoming a little more progressive.  Thoughts?

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