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Apple Co. is officially the devil – they’ll soon own everyone’s fingerprints.

Okay, I’m am an Apple person – in phone only. I don’t have a Macbook, and I still rock the iPhone 4 (not even 4S!). Everyone keeps asking me why I don’t upgrade to the 5, and I don’t really feel like spending more money, when my phone works fine thankyouverymuch. Anyway, I first heard about the new iPhone about 10 minutes ago when I wrote about Kim Kardashian’s importance in the post below (it’s sad, isn’t it?). Then I went on Huff Po, and sure enough – there it is. The new iPhones 5S, and 5C.

The iPhone 5C will be the “cheaper” version of the iPhone 5. It will come in new colors including, green, pink, light blue, gray and yellow. This phone will set you back $99 for 16GB or $199 for the 32. iPhone is also launching a high-end upgrade to their phone the 5S M7.

The M7 chip will measure motion and environmental information. the iPhone 5S will be the same price at the iPhone 5. The new 5S will come with a new feature known as “Touch ID.” Users will be able to teach the iPhone to recognize it’s user, as well as being able to make purchases through your fingerprint.

The new phones will be available September 20. Apple announced the new phones just a couple hours ago.

OK – are you not freaked out by the thought of using your fingerprint to identify you AND to purchase things?? Apple insists the fingerprints will only be stored on your phone (and not in their database or cloud) – but COME ON PEOPLE…. I’m no Snowdon, but of course they’ll be stored!  It freaks me out to think that Apple is going to have access to everyone’s fingerprints (believe what you want). The ‘Cloud’ feature already freaks me out. I don’t like having the “Cloud” know and store all my info. It’s a conspiracy, I tell you…and Apple’s in on it.

We’re headed for a Gattaca world, I tell you. What’s next?

Here’s more on the fingerprint technology:

Apple has invested some money in fingerprint sensor technology, having acquired the fingerprint firm AuthenTec last summer for an estimated $356 million. This gives the company the opportunity to shore up its reputation on security — a point that’s important with business customers. It could also potentially spur a boom in the world of biometric sensors, which have failed to catch a foothold in the larger consumer electronics market in the past.

Yet as Apple and other firms continue to compete on high-tech features and eye the emerging wearables market, it would behoove the company to establish itself as a leader once more.

Who’s with me!?

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This man’s stare will haunt your dreams.

Just because it’s Monday, and you probably need a pick-me-up, I would like to introduce you to the creepiest-background-starer of all time.


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And for your daily WTF!!! I introduce Ylvis.

Before posting this video myself, I saw it everywhere. On several sites, on FB, Twitter, you name it. I finally decided okay – I have to just stop and watch this thing – and holy crap – WTF.

Norwegian talk show hosts Bård Ylvisåker and Vegard Ylvisåker released this promotion for their show, I Kveld med YLVIS, and it is awfully funny. Once I realized it was supposed to be a joke, I appreciated it a lot more.

Watch the video below – it’s going viral!

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Ariel Castro kills himself in prison

Ariel Castro, 53,  has committed suicide.

The man who held three woman prisoners in his home for almost a decade, hung himself in his prison cell last night around 9:20.

Prison officials at the Correctional Reception Center in Ohio found Ariel hanging in his cell. Prison medical staff performed CPR before Castro was transferred to a hospital, where he was pronounced at 10:52PM.

He was in protective custody due to the high publicity of his case, meaning he was checked every 30 minutes, but not on suicide watch. Suicide watch means he is constantly observed.

After pleading guilty, Castro was sentenced on August 1 to life in prison plus 1,000 years for the 937 counts of kidnapping and rape.

The three women disappeared separately between 2002 and 2004, when they were 14, 16 and 20 years old. They escaped May 6, when Amanda Berry, one of the women, broke part of a door and yelled to neighbors for help.

“Help me,” she said in a 911 call. “I’ve been kidnapped, and I’ve been missing for 10 years and I’m, I’m here, I’m free now.”

The two other women were so scared of Castro that they held back initially even as police officers began to swarm the house. But quickly they realized they were free.

“You saved us! You saved us!” another of the captives, Michelle Knight, told an officer as she leaped into his arms.

Castro was arrested that evening. He had also fathered a child with Berry while she was in captivity; that girl was 6 years old when freed. A judge rejected Castro’s request to have visiting rights with his daughter.

Elation over the women’s rescue soon turned to shock as details emerged about conditions of their captivity. Investigators say they were bound with chains, repeatedly raped and deprived of food and bathroom facilities. Knight told investigators she was beaten and starved several times to force her to miscarry.

What a sad, sad, story. Not even his suicide, just the whole thing. What a huge waste of life….



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