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Dina Lohan And Michael Lohan Are Doing Reality TV Together

Michael Lohan & Dina Lohan Go Head To Head In Court!

Dina Lohan and Michael Lohan: profiles in desperation.

At least, that’s what I would call a show that would include them as castmates. That being said, the show that they’ll be joining is Family Therapy, which I suppose is more constructive.

Lindsay Lohan‘s parents will join four other celebrity families as they complete three weeks of intensive family therapy including individual counseling, group counseling and relationship exercises in this Couples Therapy spin-off show

The former couple will join Jackass star Bam Margera and his mother April, and Teen Mom 3 star Briana DeJesus and her sister Brittany. Also receiving therapy is Botched star Tiffany “New York” Pollard and her mother Sister Patterson, and entrepreneur Damon Dash, with his brothers Jeremy and Bobby!

I don’t know who any of these people are aside from Bam, the Lohan trainwrecks and Damon, so who knows. It might be fun.

The show premieres on VH1 in 2016. Do you think Dina and Michael can rebuild their relationship on Family Therapy? 

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Kate Major Lohan Attacked Michael In A Drunken Rage

Michael Lohan Arrested On Felony Charges In LA!

This sounds par for the course with Michael Lohan and wife Kate Major Lohan

Apparently, Kate had a major (no pun intended!) alcohol relapse and then drunkenly attacked her husband Michael, or at least that’s what the cops said who cuffed and arrested her. TMZ reports:

Law enforcement tells us Michael called Boca Raton police at 7:02 PM Thursday, claiming Kate had struck him. He told cops Kate came home after picking up some dinner and was visibly drunk.

Michael says they squabbled, and it eventually turned physical. He told cops he wasn’t wearing a shirt and she scratched him down his back.

According to the report, when police arrived Kate was visibly intoxicated and smelled of alcohol. The officer described her speech as slurred, her eyes blood shot and glossy, and her face red and flushed.

The officer says Kate admitted she’d been drinking, then ranted about nonsense. Kate then claimed Michael accused her of cheating and provoked her into a fight.

Kate also claimed Michael grabbed her by the throat. But according to the officer, she had no visible injuries. And get this … she then “scratched her throat area in an attempt to create red marks.”

Officers hauled Kate in to the Palm Beach County Jail and booked her for battery.

She’s currently in custody and is scheduled to go before a judge at 9:00 AM ET.

The thing is, Kate already served a couple months in Jail following a DUI arrrest (FOLLOWING a fight with Michael).  THAT triggered a probation violation from a 2012 battery case where Major allegedly went all fists and elbows on a police officer. Oh and that’s not all…Police were also called to the couple’s home in February of last year for an alleged domestic incident.

Another day in paradise, am I right?

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Michael Lohan Has Married Kate Major

Michael Lohan Has Married Kate Major

Michael Lohan has finally made an honest woman out of Kate Major — again!

Lindsay Lohan’s old man got hitched Oct. 30th in a private ceremony at Hillsboro Beach in Florida. It was so private neither Lindsay nor Mike Jr. were invited … or even told.

Here’s the thing. When Lindsay finally did find out … she didn’t care.

We’re told Michael’s motivation was his soon-to-be-born child. This is #2 for Michael and Kate.

Trying to say something nice here…. Kate looked pretty in her white gown… But that ring, oh my God, is it atrocious looking? It’s almost so gaudy that it looks fake… Have you seen it? You can check out a pic of the ring on TMZ’s website here. Come back and let me know what you think of it.

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And…Michael Lohan Has a Lovechild.

Michael Lohan has a love child!  Yep. Happy Thursday, folks!

Turns out, Lohan fathered an illegitimate lovechild back in 1995 with a woman named Kristi Horn.  Horn has tried repeatedly to get Lohan to pay child support, and has always said Lohan was the dad.  Now…the shocking reveal that he IS the father is immortalized…because it’s all caught on tape!

Michael finally agreed to submit to a DNA test for an episode of “Trisha Goddard,” (because he’s a fame-obsessed, attention-grubber) and in the episode, he comes face-to-face for the first time with the 17-year-old girl who claimed to be his daughter.

And yes, the results were POSITIVE!

Upon hearing the news, Michael Lohan tries to hug his newfound daughter, while she resists.  Horn sits there and cries. What would we do without them? You can catch a clip of the show on TMZ right HERE, and wonder yourself why Lohan keeps getting women to have sex with him.

It’s what I’m always wondering.  Anyhow, congrats to Lindsay Lohan, who has a new half-sister, and Dina Lohan, who gets to process the knowledge of her ex-husband’s infidelity. Aw, family.

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