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A VERY White Actor Is Playing Michael Jackson In A New Made For TV Film?!


As the #OscarsSoWhite controversy rages on, here’s a bit more fodder for criticism…

A very white, British actor was just cast as the late Michael Jackson in an upcoming made-for-TV film about the singer’s rumored post-9/11 road trip with Elizabeth Taylor and Marlon Brando, and people are PISSED.

So who’s the lucky actor who gets all the heat for playing the King of Pop? Find out, after the jump!


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Jane Fonda went skinny dipping with Michael Jackson

Jane Fonda went skinny dipping with Michael Jackson

Jane Fonda has revealed in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter that she and Michael Jackson went skinny dipping together while she was working on the set of “On Golden Pond.”

She said that Katharine Hepburn wasn’t too thrilled with finding out that Fonda was receiving set visits. She said, “When I first asked her permission, she was not happy. But then the crew said, ‘You don’t understand, it’s Michael Jackson.’ She was very prickly. I mean, she was a snob, she was very moody, she was very judgmental.”

She went on to say that Jackson moved into her house on the New Hampshire set. She revealed, “He came and stayed for ten days. We lived together. I went skinny dipping with him – also, by the way, with Greta Garbo!”

Fonda said that while Hepburn was disapproving in the beginning, she came around and even mentored the singer. She revealed, “He wanted to be a movie star. He had just finished doing The Wiz, and he had a tape recorder with him, and every day I would bring him to the set, and in between scenes she would sit down in a chair and pull over a chair for him and tell him stories. And every story embedded a lesson.”

One lesson Hepburn gave Jackson was about an actress named Laurette Taylor, who apparently had lost the magic as her career went on. Fonda recalled, “She said to Michael, ‘She wasn’t hungry anymore.’ What a great thing to say to a young, rising star like Michael. You gotta stay hungry. Don’t ever phone it in. Don’t ever take it for granted. You know what I mean?”

Source, Photo Credit: Fame/Flynet

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Michael Jackson’s kids don’t want to live with Debbie Rowe


Debbie Rowe may have given birth to Michael Jackson‘s children, but she’s never been a parent to them, so there’s no reason for her to start now, right? Well, except that she claims their home is too chaotic for them and wants to put a custody petition forward for Paris, Prince and Blanket – something Prince is not very happy about.

“Prince is absolutely disgusted by Debbie’s plans to go to court to try and gain custody of himself, Paris and Blanket,” a Jackson family source told Radar.

“First, Debbie wasn’t around for years, and Prince doesn’t consider her his mother. As far as Prince in concerned, Debbie was basically a surrogate mother. Second, Debbie wants the kids to come live with her in Palmdale. Prince is a junior in high school in Southern California, and will be turning eighteen next February. Uprooting his entire life and moving to Palmdale would jeopardize all of the hard work and progress he has made in school. Debbie thinks Prince doesn’t have enough supervision, and is out of control….yet, Prince has a 4.2 GPA and is on track to graduate with honors.

The source told Radar that Prince will have the law on his side in this situation.

“Thankfully, in California, there is tremendous consideration given to teenagers in custody cases, and they can usually determine which parent or guardian they would like to live with,” the source told Radar.

“The Jackson children have a court appointed attorney, a guardian ad litem, Margaret Lodise. Prince will be speaking with her and telling her in no uncertain terms would he want to move in with Debbie. This is all very disruptive to his life, and is truly the last thing he needs.”

I think that sounds pretty fair. After all, the kids have zero relationship with Debbie, so why on earth would they want to be uprooted from everything they know (even moreso than losing their father did to them) to go live with her? Sure, the Jackson family has had its share of drama, but EVERY family does, and unless they feel their lives are in danger or they can’t cope, I think the court should listen to them.


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Paris Jackson Has Had No Life Since Her Father Passed.

Paris Jackson Has Had No Life Since Her Father Passed.

According to Debbie Rowe, Paris Jackson has had absolutely no life since her father Michael Jackson passed away.

Debbie was on hand to testify at the wrongful death trial of the King of Pop. When asked to describe the impact his death had on her daughter Paris, she broke down in tears. She said, “Their father is dead. I almost lost my daughter! She is devastated. She tried to kill herself. She is devastated. She has no life. She doesn’t feel she has a life anymore.”

In June, 15-year-old Paris attempted suicide and is still being treated in a facility for her emotional issues.

Let’s hope that she is able to move on with her life. It will take a lot of time, but she will hopefully emerge from all of this drama as a well-rounded woman who remembers her dad as he was — her daddy.

Source, Photo Credit: Fame/Flynet

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