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Steven Tyler’s daughter is delusional

While some think new judge Steven Tyler may be taking things too far on American Idol, the father of four and grandfather of one is harmless, and is actually saving the show, says daughter Mia Tyler.

“We’re a very sarcastic family,” Steven’s model turned photographer daughter, Mia Tyler, explains to Life & Style. “He’s the funniest man I know. He’s saving the show because it was kind of boring before. There’s only so many times you can watch Simon be mean to people.”

While he’s trying to be wild and controversial on-screen, he isn’t all pheromone-soaked silk scarves and spandex off-camera. Indeed, after having completed rehab for heavy drug and alcohol use in 1986 and getting treatment in 2009 for a painkiller addiction, a sober Steven has settled into his own version of family life. “He’s very much a dad when he’s home,” Mia tells Life & Style. “He’s very protective and gets mad at us for not cleaning the catlitter box — typical dad stuff.”

“It’s so nice to see him up there,” says Mia. “He loves it!”

I wouldn’t say he’s SAVING American Idol. He’s no Simon. Simon actually made the show interesting. I could only make it through 1 hour of the premiere – and haven’t tuned in since. It’s boring now!


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Mia Tyler was shocked when she met her sister Liv

Mia Tyler

Mia Tyler had no idea actress Liv Tyler was her half-sister when the pair first met at an Aerosmith concert.

Neither girl had been told of the other’s existence, but they instinctively knew they were connected in some way after meeting backstage at one of their father Steven Tyler’s shows.

Mia, who was eight at the time, recalls, “There was this girl who looked like me. I went home that night and I couldn’t stop talking about her, and my mom was like, ‘Wait a minute…’ and I think she started putting two and two together and she was like, ‘That’s your sister.'”

The Tyler sisters have been inseparable ever since, and are now helping each other cope with single life – divorced Mia recently split from fiance Brian Harrah, while Liv is going through a divorce with rocker Royston Langdon.

Mia says, “She’s going through a divorce and I’ve been divorced so it’s a lot of adult conversations.”



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Mia Tyler Breaks Off Her Engagement


Almost a year after model Mia Tyler gushed about her engagement to guitarist Brian Harrah, the former Celebrity Fit Club star says that she and her fiancé have split up.

“I am no longer in that relationship,” Tyler, 29, writes on her MySpace page. “A lot of you keep asking me why my profile says single and why I seem sad lately. So, before you read it in some dumb article or online, let me be the first to say it. We broke up about 2 weeks ago.”

Tyler’s rep Andrew Lear confirms the breakup saying the couple are “no longer together.”

Still, there are “no hard feelings” about the end of her relationship with Harrah, writes Tyler. “We are still friends. We are just trying to give each other some space. I will always love him … This is a hard time for both of us.”

Harrah, the guitarist for metal band The Mercy Clinic, asked Tyler’s dad, Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler, for his daughter’s hand in marriage last year and proposed with an antique diamond ring. Tyler was previously married to former Papa Roach drummer David Buckner.

In a post script to her online message, Tyler writes about how she is doing in her newly single life. “I thought being alone again was going to suck. I think that is what kept me from breaking up a lot sooner. But I am finding a new sense of freedom and empowerment,” she writes. “It sounds corny, but I feel like I can do anything. I don’t need to have someone in my life to make me feel complete.”


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