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Happy Holidays From Some Mom-Swappin’ Actor-Types

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Nothing says Christmas like a bunch of very successful actors instagramming with their very successful actor daughters.

Kate Hudson and Dakota Johnson posed for a photograph with each other’s mothers during a rich, moneyed snowy Aspen vacation, which is just what Hollywood ordered- a millionaire mom swap!

If you don’t know who’s in the pic, lemme break it down: on the right is Hudson, 36, cuddling behind Johnson’s mom, Melanie Griffith. Then on the left there’s Johnson hugging Goldie Hawn‘s neck. All four ladies look like they’re having a GD blast, and so should you on the eve of Jesus’ birth!

So, will you? And will you instagram about it? Because momma needs more fun X mas instas in her life and love in her heart!


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Melanie Griffith And Antonio Banderas Are Officially Divorced


Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas are officially single, y’all!

TMZ got ahold of some official divorce docs, which say that Antonio made a lot of dough on “The Mask of Zorro,” “Desperado,” and “Spy Kids,” and that he’s keeping all the cash from those flicks and Mel gets to keep what she made from her earlier work. Aside from that, the two will  split money from every movie either of them did between 2004 and 2014, including “Shrek 2,” “Puss in Boots,” “Machete Kills,” “Expendables 3” and others.

Oddly enough, Melanie and Antonio did sign a postnup in 2004 which changed the financial deal of their marriage (they married in 1996 but it seems they kept everything separate from the date of their marriage until 2004), so that makes things slightly easier. But, Antonio is still paying a hefty sum of spousal support, in the form of 65K a MONTH.


Other divorce deets that TMZ notes? Melanie gets the house in Aspen and the two sold their L.A. mansion and split the profits. Melanie also got a Picasso called “The Painter and His Model,” while Antonio is keeping a pencil drawing by Picasso and another pencil drawing by Diego Rivera.

I kinda thing Melanie came out on top. What do YOU think?

Photo: FameFlynet

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Melanie Griffith And Antonio Banderas Finalize Divorce


Man, a lotta divorce news this week…and there’s MORE!

After 18 years of marriage (that’s like 3 lifetimes in Hollywood) Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas have signed documents making their divorce official.

Court records show both signed the necessary legal docs to become officially single, and that Melanie was asking for full custody of their daughter, Stella, and also wanted spousal support. The custody issue resolved itself when Stella turned 18 last September, but the spousal support…we’ll see about that.

A judge still needs to sign the docs to make everything official, but that should happen this week. So why’s this divorce so smooth and under the radar? Well, it’s her 4th divorce and his 2nd. So they’re old pros.

Still sad, though.

Photo: FameFlynet

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Melanie Griffith And Stella Banderas Buy A Scooter

Melanie Griffith & Stella Banderas Buy A Smart Scooter At Fred Segal

Woah, mini-me alert. And this time it isn’t Reese Witherspoon and her spawn!

Instead, we have Melanie Griffith and her daughter Stella Banderas testing out and eventually buying a Smart Scooter from a man at Fred Segal in West Hollywood, California. The fancy new scooter has two wheels and two sets of self balancing control systems…so you KNOW it’s quality.

Hey, what 18 year old girl wouldn’t want some scooter from some rando dude in a parking lot? Sounds like Stella’s living her dreams, care of Momma Melanie.

Check out the pics of these two skinny jean’d kooks below!

Photos: FameFlynet

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