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Glee’s Matthew Morrison buzzes his hair off!

Matthew Morrison has shaved off his famous curly locks!

This morning the Glee star tweeted a picture of his new ‘do, saying “Decided to make a change for summer!!”

The 33-year-old actor was shooting the black-and-white cover for his new album. (Matthew released his first solo album in May 2011, and is currently working on his second.)

What do you think? Better short?

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Matthew Morrison makes his fans gleeful.

Glee’s hunky star Matthew Morrison takes time to make his fans happy by posing for photos outside London’s BBC Radio 1 studios.

Photos by Fame/Flynet

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Jodie Sweetin’s Gleek connection

Everyone knows Jodie Sweetin as Stephanie Tanner in ‘Full House’. America watched her grow up… but now it’s her turn to watch someone else grow!

Whom is Jodie Watching?

Gleek Matthew Morrison.

“We both went to the Orange County High School of the Arts and were in the musical theater program together,” Jodie states to Access Hollywood of Matthew. “It’s great to see him doing so well with ‘Glee’ and it’s really fun to see people that you knew way back when.”

Jodie admits that she and Morrison haven’t kept in touch, but she enjoys watching him on ‘Glee’!

In case you didn’t know, Miss Sweetin is engaged to Morty Coyle. The couple have two daughters.

Source Image via Fame

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Has Matthew Morrison found love?

The Glee superstar has been rumored to have dated a co-star and a long legged movie star in the past but recently he’s been spotted snuggling up to a new dark haired gal.

Matthew Morrison was seen getting close to Attack of the Show alum, Olivia Munn over the weekend. The couple kept close and held hands as they watched the New York Rangers hockey game in NY.

Olivia Munn is currently staring in the new NBC sitcom Perfect Couples and has been linked to dating cutie Chris Pine and actor/musician Byran Greenberg.

If this is true, I think they make a pretty cute couple and hope they make it. Although Matthew Morrison has hinted that his busy schedule may be a relationship issue:

“I’m not a good friend right now. I’m not a good boyfriend,” he told Details, explaining that he was placing the blame for that on his punishing work schedule.

“It’s not that I’m selfish,” he said. “I’m just focused.”

Fame Source

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