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Is Matthew Fox a Cheater?

This is one of those stories I really hope is not true! I love Matthew Fox! Love the fact that he’s been married for 18 years – and has two children. Here’s to hoping this is all just a big fat lie!

In Touch is reporting that Matthew Fox has been cheating on his wife with a stripper in Bend, Oregon. National Inquirer backs the story up with more details.

In an exclusive interview with In Touch, 25-year-old stripper Stefani Talbott claims that she slept with Lost star Matthew Fox twice in the past year. While Matthew’s rep says “These accusations are false,” Stefani says she first met the 43-year-old last July, soon after she started working at Stars Cabaret in Bend, Oregon. “I was dancing onstage, and I made eye contact with him immediately. I got so excited,” Stefani tells In Touch. Since she was a big Party of Five fan, she recognized him right away — but she soon found out he was much different from the clean-cut characters he plays. Matthew, Stefani says, started by buying her a drink, then paid for four private dances, each worth $20. “He asked me, ‘Why are you working in a place like this?’ I told him that I am a single mom and needed the money,” Stefani says. “He absolutely did not mention a wife or family, and I don’t remember him wearing a wedding ring.”

Despite the club’s strict rules about dating customers, Stefani left her 5-year-old son with a babysitter and claims she met Matthew later that night at the house he was staying in with his entourage. “We sat around and talked about his show. He complimented me and was saying how down-to-earth I am. He told me he was going to be in town for a couple of days,” she tells In Touch. Pretty soon, things heated up. “He didn’t tell me to keep it a secret or anything. He didn’t even use protection. He didn’t seem concerned at all,” says Stefani.


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Matthew Fox is coming to me after “Lost”


Matthew Fox tells Us magazine that he has no plans to return to television after “Lost” wraps in May.

“I’ve done two, six-year shows, about 300 hours of television,” said Fox. “I’m done with that.”

The actor, 43, doesn’t plan on giving up his craft completely, but wants to focus more on his family.

“I’m either going to make movies with filmmakers I want to work with or I’ll be doing something else entirely… My family will move to Oregon, back to the country I love,” he says of relocating his family from Hawaii. “I miss the four seasons climate. We’re building a house up there and I’ll be closer to my brothers and my mother. Our kids will be closer to their first cousins.”

Aside from starring in six seasons of “Lost,” Fox is best known for his starring role as the older brother Charlie Salinger in “Party of Five.”


Oregon welcomes you!!

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Matthew Fox attends the 49th Monte Carlo Television Festival at the Grimaldi Forum to promote ‘Lost’


Bauer Griffin

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Matthew Fox and Jimmy Kimmel Take a Shower Together


On last night’s Jimmy Kimmel, Kimmel and guest Matthew Fox had a staring contest to see who would claim the title of “Gorgeous Man” and ended up in the shower together.


I really should watch the Kimmel show, he cracks me up. Sorry I missed Matthew Fox last night!

Did you guys watch the Lost finale? I just finished it a couple minutes ago, and holy crap! The first hour and a half were pretty boring, but man – the last half hour was INTENSE!! So excited to see what they do next season (which is the last season!)

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