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Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey Took Their Twins To "Family Day"

And we’re talking the Diva-est of Divas, Mariah Carey!

The singer took her kids to disneyland the other day, and you know, tried to make it totally chill. Which means, you know, a group of people helping you out, not big deal. You know, just  two nannies, three bodyguards, a fourth bodyguard with the sole task of holding Mimi’s Louis Vuitton bag, three Disneyland VIP tour guides and a woman who held an umbrella.

Yes, a woman who was just there, holding an umbrella while Mariah walked around with her two kids, Monroe and Morocco. Yeah, no big deal, right?  Totally chill.

Nick Cannon must be looking at these photos and thinking, “DODGED A BULLET…kinda.”

Photo: FameFlynet

Posted Wednesday, May 20th, 2015 at 10:10am
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…And Then J. Lo Dissed Mariah Carey’s BMA Performance

2015 Billboard Music Awards

And in more DIVA NEWS…

Jennifer Lopez threw a ton of shade at Mariah Carey… by keeping busy on her smartphone while Mariah was hitting high notes onstage at the Billboard Music Awards.

While Carey was singing her new hit song “Infinity,” J. Lo was casually scrolling through her phone, barely even glancing at the performance in front of her (which, I’m told, was epic).

As Taylor Swift and the rest of the audience stayed respectful… J.Lo chatted up Casper Smart from their front row seats, thinking nothing of talking over a fellow singer (and definitely more talented singer)’s performance.  Of course, though- when the house lights went up at the end of Mimi’s act, she applauded. She’s not THAT rude.

Check out the pretty funny video here. I kinda hope she was like, playing words with friends or something.  Gotta keep those triple word scores up!

Photo: FameFlynet

Posted Monday, May 18th, 2015 at 10:10am
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Mariah Carey Blew Off BMA Rehearsal

2015 Billboard Music Awards

Mariah Carey sure knows how to be a DIVA.

The singer she bailed on her final rehearsal before the Billboard Music Awards, but apparently it’s not a big deal to miss reho?  TMZ reports:

BMA producers are scrambling because they don’t know what’s going on with Mariah — especially on the heels of her bronchitis issues earlier this week. Our BMA sources say the other reason for concern is … it’s been 17 years since she was last on the award show.

But our Mariah sources are laughing off the panic, because producers shouldn’t be shocked at all. As one source put it, “Nobody does dress [rehearsal]. WTF?? No big stars go … ever.”

As for what happened- Mariah eventually showed and performed 2 songs: “Vision of Love” and her new hit, “Infinity.” Not only did sheshow, she nailed her performance. Oh Maria…ff only you weren’t so talented, it’d be so much more fun to make fun of you (shakes fist to the heavens).

Photo: FameFlynet
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Nick Cannon’s Secret To Coparenting Is…

Nick Cannon Regrets His Mariah Carey Tattoo

Though he might have a secret to co-parenting, it’s no secret that Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey have had a rocky breakup…

The America’s Got Talent host confessed that he and ex have remained friendly for the love of their twins, Moroccan and Monroe. So what’s his interesting coparenting tip? Find out after the jump!


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