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Mariah Carey Wants Her Divorce, PLZ.

Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon Headed For A Divorce?

Mariah Carey wants to get this show on the ROAD.

TMZ reports that the singer had dinner with her divorce lawyers this week to come up with a plan to put the heat on Nick Cannon, who’s dragging his feet in the proceedings. At the same time, trying to assure her new (AND VERY SERIOUS) BF, James Packer that she’ll be free to marry him soon.

Post-getting her Hollywood Walk of Fame star on Wednesday, Mariah went to dinner with disso-queen Laura Wasser and fellow lawyer, Melanie Mandles. TMZ reports that they were looking for pressure points to make Nick seal the deal on the divorce. Cause it’s moving too slow for errybody.

The urgency surrounds James Packer- Mariah wants her very awkward but very rich BF to know she won’t be in limbo for long.

Something tells me Nick is gonna get not a lot of money OR time with his kids. Sorry, dude. You married MARIAH CAREY, what do you expect?

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Mariah Carey Owes Lee Daniels A Fruit Basket

2015 Billboard Music Awards

Seriously.  Lee Daniels must’ve not seen Glitter, because he keeps casting Mariah Carey in stuff. She’s even going to be doing some acting on “Empire!”

The director won’t disclose any details about Mariah Carey’s role or character on the second season of Fox’s “Empire” — “I’m already in trouble with my publicist” is his quick excuse — but think’s she’s earned herself a slot on the hit show, and that it’s NOT a stunt casting thing.  Variety reports:

“She has certainly proven herself, good lord. Repeatedly,” says Daniels, the co-creator, executive producer and writer of Fox’s biggest scripted hit of the 2014-15 season. “I’m very excited to see where she goes on ‘Empire.’”

It’s not a stretch to say Carey owes her current standing as an actress to Daniels, who ignored the crush of negativity that engulfed her 2001 film debut in “Glitter” and guided her to a starring role in a feature (“Tennessee”) followed by two well-received supporting roles (“Precious,” “Lee Daniels’ The Butler”).

She’ll return to topline status, and seize the director’s reins for the first time, on a holiday film tentatively titled “Mariah Carey’s Christmas Project” for the Hallmark Channel.

(Via Variety)

Daniels was introduced to Carey via a mutual friend on the set of “Shadowboxer,” and like, fell in love with her. So I guess he’s super loyal to Mariah, which means that she’ll probably get a BIG role.

What do you think about Mariah Carey being on Empire?

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Justin Bieber Crashes A Mariah Carey/French Montana Recording Sesh

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 12.01.43 PM

This seems kind of annoying to me, but whatev…

Apparently, Justin Bieber made a very spontaneous decision to appear in a Mariah Carey and French Montana song, which again, seems a little arrogant that Justin thinks he can kinda insert himself into something and that would be cool.

TMZ reports that Mariah and French were working on a new song Thursday night at a Hollywood recording studio when Bieber just, kinda, showed up, confessed he was a huge fan of Mariah and so she played him a portion of the song she and French were recording.

Bieber was so into it, he jumped into a booth and laid down some vocals that’ll be featured in the song. Which might be cool- or not. In this pic, everyone looks pretty happy (note the champagne) except for Mariah, who looks a little annoyed.

Oh, btw, Kylie Jenner was there with a few friends. Maybe she wanted to jump in and do a couple verses?

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Mariah Carey Loves Her Some AIRBNB

2015 Billboard Music Awards

Mariah Carey, can’t your awkward boyfriend just buy you a place?

I guess not, because Carey has been super outspoken about her love for Airbnb…which rented her a sick $10,000/night house in Malibu?!  Yeah- not my experience with Airbnb, but I’m glad it’s available for those rich folks!

TMZ reports that Mimi used the site to rent out an awesome seaside home on Carbon Beach from movie producer Michael Lambert while she’s staying in Los Angeles. The 3,764 sq. ft. digs includes 4 beds and 4 baths, a master suite that spans the entire second floor, and a detached guest house. Which is good- seeing as it’s only Mariah.  What do you need all those bedrooms for, girl?

Mariah will use the pad to chill for a minute until she leaves for Israel for her Tel Aviv concert in August.

My question is- does she use Uber to get around?

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