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Mariah Carey Lost A Shoe In NYC And It’s Pretty Hilarious

Mariah Carey Loses A Shoe On The Red Carpet In NYC

A modern-day Cinderella story?

Mariah Carey was spotted walking at the Upfront NBC Universal Red Carpet at The Rockefeller Center this morning, and she hilariously slipped her foot out of her gigantic platform heel. The whole shebang caused her to trip in the way that only Mariah Carey can trip: DRAMATICALLY, with a cast of at least 4, and holding designer sunglasses. Obvi, this isn’t her first wardrobe malfunction rodeo, so she slipped the heel back in and continued on her way.

But, I hope it’s not her last. I LOVE Mariah contending with her wardrobe.

Photos: FameFlynet

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Mariah Carey Had A Parisian-Style Wardrobe Malfunction

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 12.01.12 PM

I know, in this dress? Surprise surprise.

As punishment for her singing her own song in tribute to Prince, I think the universe decided that Mariah Carey‘s doublestick tape would magically stop working (such is the legacy of Prince, no)? So, in Paris last night, the singer’s chest popped out of her dress outside the VIP Room. And hey, serves her right. The woman is 46 and still loves lollipops.

Check out the pics of the malfunction, AFTER THE JUMP!


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Of COURSE Mariah Carey’s Wedding Will Be Televised.

Mariah Carey & James Packer Walk Hand-In-Hand Through Portofino

Did you expect anything less from Mimi?

In the continuing saga of Mariah Carey’s money-mongering, US magazine reports that her wedding to James Packer will be featured in the 46-year-old’s upcoming E! reality series, Mariah’s World. And hey, we saw it coming. We saw it miles away, because this is who Mariah Carey is- a super out of touch singer with a heart of gold. I mean, FOR gold. US reports:

“Her team wants it on the show,” a Carey source reveals in the new issue of Us Weekly.

The “Hero” singer is currently filming the docu-series, which will take fans behind the scenes of her Las Vegas residency and two-month European tour. “Her manager is a reality TV producer and got her the deal,” a second source previously told Us. Added a third insider: “It’s nuts. Mariah is very funny on camera.”

The couple got engaged in January but haven’t set a date for their wedding- I assume it’ll be whenever ratings are highest?  the Carey insider says the Australian billionaire would “go along with” the on-air nuptials. “He does what Mariah wants,” the source adds.

Can’t wait.

Photo: FameFlynet

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Mariah Carey, Being Insured For 70 Million Seems A Bit Much

Mariah Carey Is On A Downward Spiral

While most celebs pride themselves on being “down to earth,” Mariah Carey is the opposite (her version of “down to earth” would be like, only taking the yacht to St. Tropez when her tan was fading). Anyhow, we just found out that she’s insured her vocal chords and hamstrings for $70 million.

To give you perspective- Taylor Swift‘s legs are rumored t be insured for 40 million, and she’s the biggest musician on the planet right now, not some 90’s throwback. And it probably isn’t true, either.

To guard against something happening on tour, TMZ reports that Mariah and company just got a $35 million insurance policy for her voice, and another policy of equal amount for her gams. Because you KNOW if something goes wrong with her gams, MILLIONS are at stake. LOL.

No insurance policies for her butt or hair or ego…yet.

Photo: FameFlynet
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