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Back in 1993, Madonna Wanted Nothing To Do With Julianne Moore

2013 Tribeca Film Festival - "The English Teacher"

Julianne Moore is super charming, but when you’re playing Madonna’s enemy, all bets are OFF!

During Watch What Happens Live, the Still Alice star talks about the 1993 thriller Body of Evidence, a film she worked on opposite Madonna. When she was asked whether she was scared about slapping Madonna during one of their final scenes, Moore vehemently answered in the affirmative!

“I was actually super nervous. I was so so nervous,” Moore, 54, told host Andy Cohen and fellow guest Jonathan Groff on Wednesday, Jan. 21. “I actually didn’t even make contact.”

But that wasn’t the only reason why she was uncomfortable on set: Moore revealed that Madonna really, really got into her character Rebecca Carlson – a kinky lady accused of intentionally killing her rich, older lover during sex.

“It was a fake slap, but she wasn’t talking to me because she was being very method-y,” Moore added of Madonna, whose filmography is littered with less-than-celebrated performances. “I felt nervous and scared. I didn’t want to hit her at all.”

She explained: “She was playing the girlfriend and I was playing the wife and we were supposed to be enemies.”

(Via Us Weekly)

Yikes. So Julianne, you didn’t invite her to your condo after the shoot to gab about acting, career, etc? That’s fair. It IS, Madonna after all. What a trip!

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Madonna, Ariana Grande to Perform at the Grammys!


Madonna might not be up for any awards, but she’s up for a performance at the 57th Annual Grammy Awards!

The Recording Academy announced today that Madonna will perform, along with Ariana Grande, Ed Sheeran, Eric Church and AC/DC.

The Queen of Pop announced the gig via her instagram, sharing the news plus a  photo of the artwork for her Rebel Heart album — this time featuring a Grammy award instead a shot of her face.

“Rebel Hearts see you Feb 8th @TheGRAMMYs #GRAMMY’s #rebelheart,” she wrote.

This will be the fifth Grammys performance for Madonna, who isn’t up for any awards but will be promoting her The March 10th debut of Rebel Heart, her 13th studio album, which as you probably know was partially released by the singer last month after a very dramatic hack.

Are you excited to watch the Grammys? I AM.

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Madonna Donated All Of Her Versace Proceeds To Charity


Leave it to Madonna to emphasize how fashionable charity can be!

During a recent interview with Italian newspaper Corriere Della Serra, Donatella Versace spilled some deets about the shoot. For one thing, no photoshopping.

Donatella said:

“She did not have her abdomen or arms retouched. I told her: You don’t have to be only sexy. I want you like I know you: a vulnerable person who is afraid, who suffers from loneliness and yet is strong, determined, and fearless. In these photos, she is.”

But also, instead of taking home the boatloads of cash from the shoot, the 56-year-old opted to donate all of her earnings to charity!

Donatella continues:

“I think of Madonna and her hospital in Malawi, which is where the remuneration from our campaign will be going.”

Madonna! You’re the BEST.


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Madonna: Album Leak “is a form of Terrorism.”

The 56th GRAMMY Awards - Arrivals

Madonna might be having a rough week, but c’mon…

As we reported yesterday, Madonna’s seemed to be very diplomatic and level-headed about her album having leaked months before its release. The 56-year-old singer dismissed leaked audio on Instagram, noting that the tracks were “unfinished demos stolen long ago.” She also said that the tracks “are not ready to be presented to the world” and thanking fans for respecting this breach.

Madonna was doing SO WELL until she wrote a follow-up Instagram post (which has since been deleted), with a message that said:

“This is artistic rape!! These are early leaked demo’s half of which wont even make it on my album the other half have changed and evolved.”

“This is a form of terrorism,” she went on. “Wtf!!!! Why do people want to destroy artistic process??? Why steal? Why not give me the opportunity to finish and give you my very best?”

A form of terrorism? Artistic rape? This is where someone as huge and as celebrated as Madonna kind of loses perspective. I understand how frustrating a leak would be, but Madonna- who has been active politically and altruistically- should know better than to throw around those kinds of words.

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