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Jennie Garth: “Luke Perry has been helping me through my divorce”

A Kelly and Dylan reunion??

Five months after her husband of 11 years — Twilight actor Peter Facinelli — left her, Jennie Garth tells In Touch that she has found a surprising rock to lean on: her former Beverly Hills, 90210 co-star Luke Perry, who, she says, has guided her through the split.

“Luke has been one of my friends who I can call and talk about stuff and has been through something himself,” Jennie tells In Touch, on newsstands now. The 46-year-old actor and proud father of Jack, 15, and Sophie, 12, dealt with his own divorce In 2003.

The pair, who famously played lovebirds Kelly Taylor and Dylan McKay on the hit ’90s series, are teaming up professionally in a new Old Navy commercial and a new television show they’re co-producing.

“Luke’s one of my best friends,” Jennie, 40, tells In Touch. “It’s really great to do something together.”


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Jason Priestley and Luke Perry Reunite!

If only it were a 90210 reunion!

Jason Priestley and Luke Perry will be starring together in a made-for-TV Western movie. (zzzzzzzz) What’s worse, is it will be a Hallmark movie. Poor Brandon and Dylan.

The film, a Hallmark Movie Channel original titled “Goodnight for Justice,” will star Luke Perry as John Goodnight, a circuit judge who witnessed the murder of his parents and a public official as a child and is “hell-bent on justice” as an adult, according to the statement.

The movie, based on material developed by Perry, will be directed by Priestley. Production kicks off in Vancouver on August 4.


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Luke Perry: Absolutely no to 90210

Luke Perry

Despite the fact that it was just revealed that Dylan (Luke Perry) is the father of Kelly’s (Jennie Garth) baby on “90210,” don’t expect Luke to be revisiting his old zip code any time soon.

In an interview about his upcoming guest starring role on this season’s “Law & Order: SVU” premiere episode, when asked if he would turn up on The CW series any time soon, he states unequivocally, “That would be a no.”

That isn’t to say that he doesn’t have fond memories of his time on “Beverly Hills, 90210.” And recent events have caused him to take time to think about the series that brought him to fame.

“What I have determined is that stuff doesn’t happen by accident,” he says. “We put a lot of hard work into it and so did the writers and directors. When shows take off and become a part of the American psyche like that, there is a time when it is happening that you are resentful, because you had no idea it could get that big. But when you stop and look at the whole picture of your life, from that perspective, I am very proud of it. It was fun. It gives you a neat relationship to the American public. It puts you on a closer basis with all kinds of people; the world could use a little more of that.”

These days Luke says before he takes a role, he wants to make sure it is absolutely different than anything else he has played before, and it has to be on a show that knows what they are doing, which “L&O” certainly does as it enters its 10th season on the air.

“I haven’t done a lot of guesting,” he points out. “It is hard to do it because you are the new person in the room. A show like [“Law & Order”] where everyone is secure in themselves and their craft, they give you a lot of room to move. They also took really good care of me.”

“Law & Order: SVU” returns to NBC with all-new episodes on September 23 at 10 p.m.



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Luke Perry is not going back to 90210

Luke Perry

Former Beverly Hills, 90210 star Luke Perry has denied reports he is reconsidering a return to the show’s new spin-off after initially rejecting a role.

The 41-year-old actor, who played bad boy Dylan McKay in the original teen hit, passed up an offer to join his former castmates Jennie Garth and Shannen Doherty in the new series in June.

But Perry has been rumored to be returning to the show – appearing as the father of Garth’s new TV son – but he insists there is no truth to the claims.

His spokesperson Arnold Robinson tells WENN: “This story is not true. Luke is not appearing on the show.”

The actor initially explained his decision to not take part in the program: “I can’t re-imagine it currently. It’s just not something that I’ve thought about to be quite honest, I don’t see it happening.”



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