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VIDEO: Lots of LOST questions left unanswered!

CollegeHumor made this video which is full of a ton of questions that were left unanswered after the LOST finale. We need more answers! I call for ANOTHER finale! 🙂

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The End of Lost is Near!

Entertainment Weekly has been obsessing over Lost since it first premiered in 2004, and now that the end is near they have put together the ultimate handbook to get viewers ready for the remaining episodes before the series signs off. From the big finale preview (Entertainment Weekly was on set) to recaps of every season to an oral history of how it all began, this week’s special collector’s issue has the entire Island covered.

For the filming of the pivotal sequence that’s part of the final 10 minutes of Lost’s two-hour series finale, nearly two dozen cast members are in attendance, including several who aren’t in the scene but wanted to be there for the experience. “Never have more actor trailers been brought together in one place, maybe in the history of showbiz,” quips Michael Emerson, who plays Ben.

As the actors say goodbye, they look to the future. Josh Holloway says: “Movies, my friend. I’m going to give it two years. If it doesn’t work out, I’d love to make another TV show. I just want to give movies a shot. It’s now or never. If I do another show, it’s another seven-year contract, standard. That’s a big commitment at this point in my life. I’d like to hop around a bit.”

Matthew Fox feels the same way – but more so. “All told, I’ve done about 275 hours of television. I won’t be doing any more television. If I can’t find a way to work with really great filmmakers that I respect and admire and be part of movies I want to see in a movie theater, then I’ll probably be doing something else. It’s not about some bulls—- snobbery about TV. It’s about flexibility. I think that’s what’s best for me as I enter the next portion of my career.”

On the other hand, Terry O’Quinn would love to jump into another TV series. “The six years have gone by so fast,” he says. “It’s been a buzz for me, and it’s inspired me to want to do more television. I love it. People say, ‘You should do movies!’ I go, ‘What’s wrong with what I’m doing?’” And Daniel Dae Kim is hoping to stay on TV – and in Hawaii. He just finished shooting a pilot for CBS’ rebooted Hawaii Five-O. “My family loves it here, and I was looking for a way to be on a quality TV show,” says Kim. “Hawaii Five-O fills both slots really well.”

But it is unlikely any of the cast will ever work on another project like Lost. It was a show that broke all sorts of TV rules – from its racially diverse cast to a serialized storytelling format that both attracted and alienated viewers. As for showrunners Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof, they plan to go into “radio silence” after the last episode – but not forever. They promise to reemerge at some point and discuss many of their choices concerning the end of Lost, which they say is designed to be both emotionally satisfying and open to interpretation. They’re hoping people will be happy, but they suspect there will be blowback. Either way, they are pleased with their work, and want to let it go without comment or apology – for now. “The legacy of the show is community – a community that was formed by a discussion of the show, specifically in pursuit of a question, ‘What did it mean?’” says Lindelof. “What it meant and what it means to people are two different things. So we’re going to keep it clean for a while.”

But if Matthew Fox is to be believed, the finale speaks volumes. “I think it’s beautiful,” says the actor. “If we all did our jobs right, I really feel it’s going to be terribly sad, but at the same time be really cathartic and full of hope. It has the potential to be really profound. I will say this: It’s not going to be what anybody thinks it is. I know a lot of people have written a lot of theories about how this will all end – and I’m pretty sure nobody guessed it.” (Cover Story Package, Page 21)

Go here for a gallery of 10 pictures!

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EW Solves the Mysteries of “Lost”

While sides are being taken, lines are being drawn, and the battle between good and evil is just heating up – this week’s Entertainment Weekly pays a visit to the Island to get exclusive scoop on what the final season is all about – and how it may end.

As the intricate, intoxicating, and occasionally infuriating drama stands 13 episodes from the finish line, one thing is clear: Executive producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof aren’t playing it safe. While they’ve begun the process of resolving some of the show’s biggest mysteries, they’ve also dropped a provocative parallel-universe paradigm in viewers’ laps. Fans have greeted season 6’s first few episodes with oohs, ahhhs, and a few harrumphs. “I certainly was not prepared for the level of scrutiny that the show is being held to this season,” says Cuse. “It’s like if you actually had to have your Christmas televised as the Super Bowl halftime show, and America was going to watch what you bought for your family as presents and then pass judgment on them.”

All the tension boils down to this one overarching question: Can the Lost enterprise boldly go where few mystery dramas have gone before – Satisfactory Resolutionville? As much as fans want to be gobsmacked every single weak, Lindelof and Cuse say that, like it or not, they have chosen to make season 6 a deliberately mounting saga; each episode is an important chapter, but some are more monumental than others. Coming off Feb. 16’s meaty episode, the series will unleash a succession of episodes that further illuminate Island mysteries, bring back more old favorites, and set the stage for the first major battle in the epic standoff between good and evil. “The stakes are rising,” warns Evangeline Lilly. “We’re building to a situation where we have two camps of people pitted against each other….The season 6 finale is not just a big Brady Bunch party where we all have cupcakes and enjoy ourselves. Not gonna be like that.” As Matthew Fox put it, “[The season] has so far surpassed whatever my imagination could have dreamed. I feel really fortunate to have been a part of this series. It’s going to go down as one of the all-time greats.”

When Cuse and Lindelof originally began planning the final season, they looked at two possible scenarios: telling a story about a profoundly tweaked Lost timeline off the Island, or one in which the characters’ attempt to rewrite history didn’t work. Then they decided to do both. “We thought just doing one would not inherently be satisfying,” says Cuse. “We’ve designed each season to be its own thing. This season is about parallel timelines. The thing that was appealing to us as storytellers is that in hitting that reset button, we get to make the show really feel like season 1. We’re basically getting to tell origins for the characters all over again.”

The Island bluff-master Ben (played by Michael Emerson) offered the most alluring analysis of this season’s trippy story. “What if you saw what the show meant, but couldn’t recognize it?” says Emerson, who also gave voice to what many in the Lost audience were likely thinking after watching the premiere. “Like the viewers who saw the finale of season 5, I thought, ‘As soon as we come back, there’s going to be some great revelation about what all has changed,’” he says. “It’s full of amazing events and crazy-good scenes. But I can’t put it all together from where I’m at right now.”

For those viewers who share Emerson’s view, keep in mind that Lost seasons tend to end with a wow, not an ow. “All we can say is, Be patient,” says Lindelof. “You’ve come with us this far. Maybe we haven’t earned your trust, but whether you like it or not, you’re in the car and we’re driving. You have to basically trust us not to go off the road.” Adds Cuse: “If you’re feeling sick, roll the window down and throw up. But don’t get out of the car.”

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Maggie Grace is returning to Lost!

Maggie Grace, who played Shannon on Lost, will return to the ABC drama later this season, executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse confirmed to Entertainment Weekly’s “We’re really excited about having her back on the show,” says Cuse, “and we have a good story for her.”

The producers would not specify how many episodes she would appear in. An original cast member, Grace exited the show in season 2 when her character — the spoiled stepsister of Boone — was killed off, though she did resurface in a season 3 episode. Harold Perrineau, Cynthia Watros, and Rebecca Mader are among the other dearly departed who will guest-star in Lost’s sixth and final season.

What do you think of Lost so far this season? First two episodes were very confusing to me…but last night’s episode was great!!

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