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Lorde And Nick Jonas Might Be Banging

Celebs At Lady Gaga's 30th Birthday Bash

Lorde and Nick Jonas, you don’t have to be so shy…

The two apparently left Lady Gaga‘s 30th birthday party together on Saturday, looking suspicious AF.

And sure, maybe they were just looking out for the environment by carpooling from No Name Club to their respective places, but man, look at these pics! C’mon.

A little background: since breaking up with her long term New Zealand dude last year, 19-year-old Lorde has been single and also maybe hooking up with Diplo, and 23-year-old Nick has been dating(ish) Kate Hudson since January. I kinda like the idea of these two having a fling-it’s the first somewhat age-appropriate hookup I’ve heard about in a while. Ugh.

What do you think of Lorde and Nick?

Celebs At Lady Gaga's 30th Birthday Bash

Photos: FameFlynet
Posted Monday, March 28th, 2016 at 10:10am
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Oh My God Diplo And Lorde Might Be A Thing

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 10.34.04 AM

Taylor Swift is NOT going to like this.

Way back when, Lorde shut down Diplo after he  joked that Taylor Swift needed a crowdfunding page to get a new butt back in November 2014. Well, I guess that’s all water under the  bridge, as the 19-year-old was not only seen being friendly to Dips, but CUDDLING up next to him on their way to a BRIT Awards after-party. AHHH WHAT DOES IT MEAN!!!???

Sure, things have died down between November 2014 and now- including a sad breakup for Lorde with her longtime boyfriend James Lowe-but this?!

Diplo’s 37, btw, and Lorde is NINETEEN. I like the idea of them collaborating musically, but not sexually. It’s just too much for this blogger to handle…

What do YOU think? Could you see Lorde and Diplo together? AUGH!

Photo: Instagram

Posted Thursday, February 25th, 2016 at 8:08am
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Lorde Is Single

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 8.07.15 AM


James Lowe and Lorde dated for three years, in kind of a retro, more socially-conscious Tyga/Kylie or Ella/Weeknd kind of pairing (by that I mean ILLEGAL).

Lorde is now 19, and her photographer boyfriend Lowe, 26. Dang! As much as she’s tried to stand apart from other celeb couples, it looks like she’s got some similarities, doesn’t she? ANYHOW, several sources say that the couple have ended their relationship around the end of 2015.

Lowe hasn’t featured in Lorde’s Instagram posts and vice versa since August/September, but it seems as though Lorde’s success probably took a big toll on the two. Lowe took to his blog in 2014 to detail how their lives have changed since Lorde’s “Royals:”

“My life is probably a lot different now, but it feels normal on the inside,” he said. “Jared Leto said that fame doesn’t change you, it changes everyone around you. While I’m not the centre of attention here (and f***, the times I have, it’s never been fun), I do become aware of the people around me and their transparency. They fail to hide it.”

Lorde’s keeping busy, though. She is currently recording her second album, the follow-up to Pure Heroine, with producer Joel Little in Kingsland. Here’s her in her latests video “Magnets,” looking very sexy indeed.

Sorry, James!

Photo: instagram

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Lorde Threw Some SERIOUS SHADE At Kendall Jenner!

Stars Head To The 2015 MET Gala

I love you, Lorde.

Girl took to instagram to take a serious hit at Kendall Jenner and that whole posse, saying:

“When you scroll through your feed and all the pretty famous boys and girls are on yachts or in Saint Barth’s and you’re at home where it’s raining and you’ve never even been on a holiday to another country before,” she Instagrammed to her 3.2 million followers on Instagram. “Never been to a tropical island let alone Saint Barth’s and actually you aren’t even sure if you’re spelling Saint Barth’s right.”

When called out on it, she denied any shade, saying: “Lol no ‘shade’ folks,” she wrote. “If I were on an island or in even nearish proximity to a yacht, you would be hearing all the f**k about it. Just making fun of my own lameness.”
Maybe- but someone has to ground these young celebs. And I like it to be Lorde! What do you think of her post?

Photo: FameFlynet

Posted Tuesday, January 5th, 2016 at 9:09am
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