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And…Lindsay Lohan Has A Spritiual Advisor.

Of course, our local drama queen Lindsay Lohan is DESPERATE to avoid jail time… so much so, she’s enlisted the help of her spiritual advisor to make sure that she remains amongst the non-incarcerated.

As you probably know from the copious amounts of media Lilo is always getting, the Liz & Dick star is currently facing up to 245 days in the slammer for her recent probation violation. Or, the judge has the option to send her to counseling instead, because this judge is RIDICULOUSLY NICE.

The actress is asking friends, family and her spiritual advisor to write letters on her behalf to the judge hearing her case.  Lindsay believes the letters will help prove jail is not the best option for her, especially the letter from her spiritual advisor, who has been helping her since 2008 (you know, following her 2nd DUI arrest. Ah, memories).

I’d LOVE to get my hands on the letter Lindsay’s guru is writing!

And even if she does avoid jailtime and gets counseling instad, who’s to say she’ll even go?! This starlet really needs a life makeover.  Maybe her spiritual advisor can point her the right direction for that sort of thing?

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Lindsay Lohan Is Now Available For Weddings And Bar Mitzvahs.

Our girl Lindsay Lohan is facing a LOT of money troubles, including a giganto tax bill, payment delinquency on her storage locker full of personal possessions and a bombled lifetime movie.

Her old clothes won’t cover it, so an entertainment company claiming to represent Lindsay is making a public plea that touts Lindsay for hire!  Page Six recalls a press release they received…

Page Six received an email pitch from 123Talent with the subject line “Book One of Hollywood’s Biggest Movie Stars Lindsay Lohan Now!” offering us the opportunity to request the presence of Lohan herself at whatever event or venue.

In bright pink lettering, the email reminds us that “Not only is Lindsay an Actress but she is also a Fashion Designer, Model and Recording Artist.” Perhaps adding “Jail Bait” didn’t have much of a ring to it.

Yikes! Looks like Page 6 wasn’t too interested in hiring the actress.

Would you hire Lilo for an event? And, how much do you think this talent agency is charging? Too much, I’d imagine.

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Scores offers to save Lindsay Lohan’s storage unit, and all she has to do is…….

Lindsay Lohan’s storage unit, which is full of her personal belongings, may not be auctioned off to the highest bidder after all! A very famous strip club has offered to pay what she owes ($16,000) with just one small catch.

Now, the legendary Scores strip club in NYC is offering to come to Lohan’s rescue — firing off a letter to Lindsay’s lawyer claiming it will foot the entire bill, if she’s willing to do some work for their online site,

But the “work” isn’t what you think — Scores says it wants the actress to serve as an online video chat host for it’s website … a job which DOES NOT require nudity.  It’s unclear how many “chats” Lohan would be required to host.

To sweeten the deal, Scores has also offered to pay the rent on Lindsay’s leased Bev Hills mansion for the next couple of months … more cash she could desperately use.

We reached out to Lindsay for comment, but no word back yet — we’re guessing the Scores gig isn’t entirely out of the question, considering the storage locker could be filled with ultra-personal items Lohan doesn’t want to go public. Plus, she did pose for Playboy when they came calling with the right sized check.

Sounds like an offer she can’t afford to refuse, if you ask me. What I wonder is if she’d actually GET the money. The IRS has seized her bank accounts, so would she even be able to pocket the $16,000? Would Scores pay the storage unit directly?


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Lindsay Lohan Called A “Groupie,” Unfollows Max George

So, I guess Lindsay Lohan and Max George of The Wanted are no longer chummy!

After a week of Lindsay Lohan following the boyband and hanging out on their tour bus, it’s time for Lindsay to take the hint: she’s not the starlet she wants the group to think she is!

In a recent interview, George (aka the bald one), called Lindsay a groupie! SNAP! According to AIW:

When asked about Lindsay backstage at Capital FM’s Jingle Bell Ball George said, “No, what’s the right word for her? A yeah, a groupie!” to which his fellow bandmate jokingly added, “She is probably hiding in our suitcase right now!”

I love it! After, Lilo promptly unfollowed George on twitter. SNAP BACK!

One more thing- right before the interview, Lindsay tweeted to George with a picture of his hoodie, asking if he was “missing something?” I guess her lame attempts at playground flirtation didn’t come off the way she wanted them to!  Poor groupie McLohan.

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