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Courtney Love is teaching Lindsay Lohan to clean up her act

No, your eyes are not misleading you! Courtney Love has revealed that she is lending a hand to Lindsay Lohan in her battle with drugs and booze because “nobody else will.”

The 47-year-old Hole singer also revealed that she has tried to educate her before: Lindsay is further down the line than I was. I went up to Linday’s room one time and there was a show on called 101 Celebrity Oops and I am like every other one, you know – boobs out, legs everywhere, throwing sh—at Madonna, you know, whatever. I’m like, Lindsay, look! Drugs are bad!”

According to Ms Love she has been sober for 6 years now…

Not sure I’m seeing where this is actually a good idea. Anyone???

Talk about the blind drunk leading the blind drunker!


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Posted Thursday, December 1st, 2011 at 12:12pm
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Samantha Ronson and new girlfriend Erin Foster

Lindsay Lohan‘s former flame, Samantha Ronson was spotted with her new girlfriend, actress Erin Foster enjoying a picnic with a mystery baby at Coldwater Park in Beverly Hills, California.

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Posted Friday, November 18th, 2011 at 12:12pm
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Lindsay Lohan channels Marilyn Monroe in her Playboy spread. Of course she does.

Lindsay Lohan not only bares it all in the her upcoming Playboy pictorial, but the troubled star also sat down for an interview.

Reps for the actress, 25, confirmed Monday that she would appear in the January/February issue.

“The pictorial is absolutely fantastic and very tasteful,” her rep says, “and will be accompanied by an interview that will let readers see another side of Lindsay.”

Calling Lohan’s bare photos “very classy,” the magazine’s founder Hugh Hefner tells The Insider that the final product is a “classic tribute inspired by the original Tom Kelly nude pictorial of Marilyn Monroe.”

This is not the first time Lohan has channeled Monroe. In 2008, she posed as the iconic sex symbol for New York magazine, telling the publication she was “comfortable” being photographed in the buff.

The Playboy issue hits newsstands in late December.

I’m really interested in seeing the pictures and reading the interview. I wonder what this is going to do for her career – in the end. Will it have been a good decision – or a bad one?

What do you predict?


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Lindsay Lohan checks into jail!

Lindsay Lohan checked into the Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood, CA last night at 8:48PM PST. Lindsay began serving her 30 day jail sentence.

How long was Lindsay in jail? 4.5 hours. After being sentenced to 30 days in jail, that translated into only 4.5 hours. She was released at 1:30am.

So apparently California’s the state to get arrested in. You can receive a 30-day sentence, and wind up only spending 4 hours in jail.

How pathetic.

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Lindsay Lohan’s Playboy photos were so bad, she’s having to redo the whole thing!

Lindsay Lohan was paid by Playboy somewhere in the neighborhood of $1 million dollars for a completely naked photo shoot. The pictures were reportedly done and over with, but yesterday when Lindsay was in front of the judge, she gave Lindsay a week to turn herself into jail, so she could finish up what she was working on. Now we know what Lindsay’s working on! Playboy reshoots! According to RadarOnline, Lindsay’s first round of pictures were so bad, executives scrapped the whole thing!

Lindsay Lohan was given a week to check into jail to continue her nude shoot for Playboy magazine, but has learned that her first set of photos weren’t up to the standards of the venerated men’s magazine.

“Lindsay was told that the Playboy executives wanted to go another direction with her shoot so they asked her to come back for a second time,” a source exclusively told

“The first pictures of Lindsay weren’t exactly what they wanted so they have a new theme that they want to shoot,” the source said. has learned that the new shoot will take place starting on Thursday, and the current plans are for Lindsay to be on the January cover of Hugh Hefner’s famous Playboy magazine.

“There is never a guarantee that everyone will like the photos or that they will be of high enough quality to use for the cover but Playboy wanted to make sure that Lindsay’s pictures were exactly what they wanted,” the source said.

The jail-bound starlet was reportedly paid almost $1 million for the fully nude shoot.

I’m dying to know what the pictures looked like that Playboy scrapped. I wonder if they’ll ever see the light of day!

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Posted Thursday, November 3rd, 2011 at 9:09am
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