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Photo: Lindsay Lohan gets fall-down-drunk in Brazil.

Lindsay Lohan is partying her way through Brazil as we speak.

The actress, who will soon turn herself into rehab for 90 days, was spotted partying at a club in Sao Paulo on Friday.

A local from Sao Paulo snapped this photo of Lindsay Lohan, obviously wasted, under a table during Brazil’s Lollapalooza. The photographer said “In party in Sau Paulo, Lindsay Lohan refuses to take pictures and hides under the DJ table.”

Lindsay’s continued drinking shows that rehab isn’t going to do a thing for her. She is such a mess.

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Lindsay Lohan only wants to go to rehab if she can take her Adderall with her.

You may remember that Lindsay Lohan was adamant about going to rehab, and pushed her lawyer to write up a plea deal that would allow her to go there instead of taking her case to trial. Turns out that Lindsay was making her lawyer write into her plea deal that if she went to rehab, she’d be allowed to take her Adderall with her.

How is this even possible? Adderall is a drug – a HIGHLY addictive drug from everything I’ve read. What kind of rehab facility will let their patient come in and take more drugs? Turns out Lindsay’s lawyer may have made a promise he can’t keep. TMZ reports:

We’re told Lindsay was steadfast — either attach Adderall to the deal or she’d take her chances at trial. Sources say Lindsay’s lawyer, Mark Heller, assured her he could find a lockdown rehab facility that would accommodate her demand.

Heller may not be able to deliver … fact is, there’s no such thing as a lockdown rehab facility that would take Lindsay, much less allow her to take the drug.

It’s pretty ironic … when Lindsay was jailed back in 2010, she got a doctor to prescribe Adderall while she was behind bars … even though her ADHD diagnosis was called into serious question.

Oh Lindsay…..

PS: I just love these pictures. I am always going to use them. She just looks like her brain is filled with cobwebs.


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And…Lilo’s On The Floor. Happy Friday!

Here’s Lindsay Lohan in her more court-y clothes, but let me tell you…she’s looked a lot less ladylike.  Here’s HOW…

According to TMZ, LiLo got down and (probably) dirty on the floor of aBrazilian nightclub just hours after her arrival. Like, literally, the FLOOR OF THE CLUB.  Here’s a PIC. 

Of course, we can always ask why Lindsay does the things that she does, but one can really only speculate. In fact, a Brazilian website claimed that the actress refused to take photos with people at the club and hid under the table like a child in order to be left alone.

What? Really? I’m surprised there is no mention of drugs or alcohol, though it’s fairly easy to imagine Lilo throwing a temper tantrum. Still, that floor looks SO DIRTY, and Lilo SO WASTED. Lindsay’s in Brazil to promote a clothing line, but it looks like the only thing she’s really promoting is the necessity for her to get some serious help.  Am I right? She’s got to be drunk in this pic….

Photo: FameFlynet

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Lindsay Lohan ‘Allegedly’ stole clothes and jewelry to go clubbing.

Lindsay Lohan recently filmed a guest spot on Charlie Sheen’s TV show Anger Management. According to sources on the set she stole jewelry and clothes.

During filming she allegedly took a bracelet, a necklace, earrings, pants and shoes from the wardrobe department in order to go out to the clubs that night. And no, she didn’t return a single item.

Not only that, but Lindsay lied by telling people on the show that producers told her they would take the value of the items out of her salary. This is not true.

If this wasn’t bad enough, many sources from the set have reported that Lohan was, “the biggest prima donna ever on ‘Anger Management.'”

She would arrive two hours late and not come of her trailer for hours at a time. Then on top of that, she left early to go to the clubs with stolen items.

Why does anyone hire her?

I just wonder what goes through this girls head!

Source Photo: Fame/Flynet

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