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Lindsay Lohan quoted as saying “I could teach anything I set my mind to. Maybe ethics.”

OMG I love this. This quote just goes to show you how delusional Lindsay Lohan really is.

This magazine clip was posted on Reddit, and it’s apparently from an old Nickelodeon magazine. Lindsay is asked what subject she would be good at teaching, and her answer was priceless. “I could teach anything I set my mind to. Maybe ethics,” she told the magazine.

And just to catch you up, last month the 26-year-old actress was arraigned on charges for lying to the police about driving recklessly when she crashed her car on the Pacific Coast Highway in June.

Ethics. Ha!

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Lindsay Lohan is hoping a new redesign of her home will start a “new chapter” in her life.

Lindsay Lohan recently agreed to appear on “Million Dollar Decorators”, and the troubled star hired Kathryn Ireland to decorate her new home in Los Angeles. The “big reveal” won’t be happening until next week’s season finale, but Lindsay won’t be a part of that, because she never showed up for the taping of the reveal.

Still, she was on hand to talk about the significance of this redesign in her life. For both Kathryn and Lindsay, the idea was to use the new look for the home to symbolize a “new chapter” in Lindsay’s life.

“To be making these kind of decisions is really exciting for me,” Lindsay said. “Because I’ve never took the time to do that before, so that’s why it means so much more.”

For Lindsay, the redecorating process was another step in her long journey toward trying to find herself. “In order to become yourself, you need to go through different ups and downs, or else you’ll never know who you are,” she explained.

Here are new pictures of Lindsay out and about on New Years Eve in London, England. I’m surprised she was out of the country for the holiday. Wonder what she ended up doing (dressed like this!)?

Source, Photos: FameFlynet

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FIRST LOOK inside Lindsay Lohan’s house!!


Lindsay Lohan has had plenty of ups and downs in 2012 — she starred in Lifetime’s “Liz & Dick,” had a few run-ins with the police, and some very public family drama.

Somehow between her hectic schedule, she’s managed to makeover her Hollywood Hills home!

Lindsay enlisted the help of Kathryn Ireland from Bravo’s “Million Dollar Decorators” to help her refurnish her lavish abode.

In this sneak peek from the episode we get a glimpse inside Lindsay’s cluttered life … er … house.


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Lindsay Lohan refused to kiss Charlie Sheen on the set of ‘Scary Movie 5′. Can you blame her?

Lindsay Lohan didn’t want to lock lips with Charlie Sheen while the pair were filming ‘Scary Movie 5′, and can anyone blame her? We’ve all seen the pictures of his rotted-out-grill.

The 26-year-old actress was supposed to kiss Charlie three times during their bedroom scene, but Lindsay wouldn’t comply with the script. According to sources, Lindsay was totally grossed out by Charlie’s mouth, and was worried about catching something. TMZ reports that both actors had to sign a release form confirming they were cold-sore-free, but that didn’t matter to Lindsay.

The 26-year-old star has told friends she warned producers ahead of shooting that she didn’t want to kiss Charlie, but script changes weren’t made until it was time to shoot the scene.

A body double was drafted in for some parts, while others were written out entirely.

Insiders insist Charlie – who in 2011 lived with two women, model Natalie Kenly and porn star Bree Olson, who he dubbed his ‘goddesses’ – was fine about Lindsay’s request and had no concerns, nor was he upset by the young star’s objections to kissing.

Despite the ‘Liz & Dick’ star’s issues, she and her co-star struck up a friendship and Charlie even gave her $100,000 to help her pay a $233,904 tax bill.

However, he later complained he had not been thanked by his troubled co-star, though last week she sent him a bunch of flowers and a hand-written letter to apologise.

Lindsay was said to have been was very embarrassed by the situation and explained in her letter to Charlie that she didn’t mean to be rude but couldn’t contact him because she lost his number when her phone broke recently.

I wouldn’t want to kiss Charlie OR Lindsay. They’re both nasty.


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