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Lindsay Lohan on ‘SNL’ – what’s the verdict?

How many of you watched Lindsay Lohan on Saturday’s ‘SNL’? I watched it, and I thought she did a HORRIBLE job. One of my favorite lines from the reviews I’ve read came from DListed: “Yes, everybody on SNL reads cue cards, but sometimes LiLo’s eyes were glued to those things like they had the recipe for how to make crack in a crock pot written on them. On the positive, at least we know she can still read.”

Lindsay used the opening monologue to poke fun at herself. Her troubles with the law, her sobriety, even her relationship with Sam Ronson. But it didn’t come across as very funny? (Watch the video below)

Letting Lindsay Lohan host “Saturday Night Live” was a mistake. And that isn’t anything against Lohan, her well documented escapades or her hopeful recovery. The fact is she just wasn’t ready. It was apparent that the cast and the writers didn’t particularly trust her (and why should they?) since they relegated her to backup duty in pretty much every sketch.

Also, she hasn’t acted in so long that her cue card reading was really obvious. (To be fair, all hosts are told to the read the cue cards because of the last-second changes that are made, but with Lohan it became particularly distracting.) And, you know what, it’s never a good thing when the host’s lawyer has final approval over sketches. Then, during the good nights, I watched Lohan approach cast member after cast member, seeking an endorsement, but, instead, receiving what seemed to be a forced, “Oh, yeah, you were great.” Anyway, all of this culminated with a terrible vibe. And, worse, because they were playing it so safe with Lohan (on a night, I should add, that two commercial parodies were repeated from earlier this season) this was a really boring show. (Huffington Post)

Besides the pre-taped Disney ‘SNL’ short below (which was really, really funny), I thought the whole show was very dull. If Lindsay’s looking for a comeback, she really needed to memorize those cue cards. She should have gone in there – fully prepared – knowing her lines completely. All this did was prove that she still has lots to work on.

PICS: Here are some new pictures of Lindsay and her sister Ali leaving their hotel in NYC.

Photos: Fame/Flynet

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Is Lindsay Lohan’s new addiction Plastic Surgery?

Lindsay Lohan claims to have kicked her bad habits and is now clean and sober.  Often, however, one addiction is replaced with another.  It is now being speculated that perhaps Lindsay has replaced her addiction to drugs with an addiction to plastic surgery.

“Unfortunately it looks like it,” celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Antohny Youn, who has not treated the 25-year-old star, told in an exclusive interview.

“She appears to have a classic, over-plumped pillow face. Her cheeks look like she’s storing nuts for the winter. I suspect that she’s undergone multiple injections of filler like Sculptra or Restylane,” he explained.

“While these treatments can create a very youthful, natural look, when overdone they can make a person look like a Cabbage Patch Doll.”

It’s not the first time Dr. Youn has commented on the Mean Girls star’s appearance recently. Just last month he voiced concern that she was going overboard with plastic surgery treatments.

“I suspect that hard living combined with some plastic surgery is causing her to look virtually unrecognizable,” he revealed.

“Her lips look plumped and stiff, possibly from injections of Restylane. Her forehead is also excessively smooth, consistent with injections of Botox or Dysport.”

He advised the troubled actress to back off from the treatments and see a therapist, but sadly she appears to have gone even further with her face-changing compulsion.

“For her sake, I hope Lindsay lays off the filler and gets back to what she does best: acting,” said the esteemed surgeon.

She was so beautiful before all the work.  She’s only 25!  She doesn’t need any of it.

Why do these actresses think they need to be super skinny and alter their faces?  Below is a picture of Lindsay before.

Source Photos by Fame/Flynet

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Lindsay Lohan moves forward with SNL rehearsals.

Lindsay Lohan is making strides to reestablish her acting career as she heads to rehearsals for her hosting gig this weekend on Saturday Night Live.

I actually would like to see what they do on SNL with Lindsay as host.  Will you be watching?

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Lindsay Lohan wants to redeem herself by hosting SNL.

Lindsay Lohan went visited with Matt Lauer on the set of Today in a very interesting interview.  In it she tells Lauer, that she is sober and ready to reclaim celebrity status and a good reputation as an actress.

Lohan is planning to launch her comeback by hosting Saturday Night Live for the first time since 2006.  She reveals that her most recent legal trouble which started in January 2011 brought her back to reality.

“This last whirlwind of experiences I’ve gone through this last year and a half, I’ve kind of just taken a step back and been like, ‘I’m not doing what I love to do and I need to find a way to kind of find that balance again,’ ” she said.

Discussing her last “Today” appearance in 2006, Lauer reminded the actress that she’d dodged several questions about her alleged partying at the time, and Lohan confessed she was in denial that she had a problem. “It’s a scary thing to have to express to people,” she admitted. “I wasn’t as comfortable with myself then. It was a fear factor that I had about what was really going on. I had to get that wakeup call.”

Lohan explained that one of the key changes she’s made in her recovery has been surrounding herself with the right people. She copped to being “ignorant towards the fact that maybe I should not go out all the time” and that, at 25, the time has come for her to “grow up and take care of myself.”

Saying her hard-partying days are behind her, and “I regret the choices that I’ve made,” she said she’s learned a great deal over the past several years. “I don’t need to see any more negative stuff. I don’t need to put myself in those places anymore,” she said.

When Lauer said he thought of Lohan when news of Whitney Houston’s death surfaced because both stars struggled with substance abuse, Lohan said she felt the parallel was “a scary, morbid thing to discuss,” but agreed that substance abuse does rob artists of their talent: “You can completely fall into that world, and that’s a scary thing,” she said.

“I have experienced things like that, and I have friends that have experienced things like that. It’s a really sad factor that can come into play in people’s lives sometimes, if you don’t recognize it. A lot of people don’t like to. I think I did that for a long time. I think I was scared and didn’t want to admit it to myself, let alone anyone else.”

Lohan shared that her return to form is not the sort of thing she can rush, telling Lauer she is ready to put her head down and get back to work. “I think that takes time and I think that it’s actions,” the actress said. “People can say things all they want, but I still need to go through the process of proving myself, with ‘SNL,’ being on time, keeping my … stuff together.”

The actress said she’s ready to tackle her past issues when she hit’s “SNL” this weekend, saying, “I’ve already pitched that!” She even told Lauer that she got clearance from her legal counsel to make those jokes because she doesn’t want to sabotage the requirements she’s “so close” to completing. She also praised Judge Stephanie Sautner, who she said has “been really wonderful to me and helped me a lot,” and the workers at the Los Angeles County morgue, where she has been doing her community service. “Everyone there has been really kind to me,” Lohan said. “It’s been a learning experience, and I’m glad that I experienced it. I’m grateful that I’ve learned from it. It’s helped me; it’s humbling.”

Lauer seemed impressed with Lohan’s progress, telling her she seemed as “confident and together as I’ve see you in a long time,” and asked if, as so many might believe, her current success and sobriety might be temporary.

“That’s not what I want for me. I don’t want to go back to that place,” she said. “I want to move forward with my life. I want to continue to move forward and in the right direction, and I want to keep growing in the right ways.”

Discussing her upcoming role in an Elizabeth Taylor biopic, she promised, “I will not let anyone down — especially myself.”

Hopefully this time Lindsay really will be successful in her recovery.  I think we are all rooting for her and have been for a long time.

I just wish she would stop with all the injections and fillers in her face.  She was a beautiful woman before all that.  She doesn’t need any of it.

 Source Photos by Fame/Flynet

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Spotted: Lindsay Lohan In NYC

Lindsay Lohan is in NYC prepping for her hosting duties on SNL this weekend.

She left her hotel yesterday afternoon – still looking puffy and “odd” in the face.


Photos Fameflynet

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