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Lindsay Lohan steps out for the first time since her arrest, holding a small child.

Dina Lohan is talking again about her embattled daughter’s seemingly never-ending trouble with the law. The latest incident happened on Wednesday, when Lindsay is accused of hitting a bystander with her car, and then taking off in NYC.

“I’m certainly not making excuses for Lindsay’s behavior,” Dina told the New York Daily News Friday. “But she’s a 26-year-old woman.”

The controversial mom also second-guessed her decision to push LiLo into showbiz at such a young age, which found the precocious and talented star scoring a slew of ads and top billing in flicks like The Parent Trap before she was even a teenager.

“I was born into the business,” Dina says. “My mother was an entertainer. It was natural. But yes, in the next life, I might not do it.”

Dina is herself no stranger to bonkers antics of her own, most recently raising eyebrows for her kooky interview with Dr. Phil that left the unflappable host stumped.

Oh yeah, there are also her notorious clubbing sprees with LiLo, which unleashed upon the world one of the most traumatizing open-mouthed smackeroos between a mom and daughter ever to assault the eyes of innocent readers everywhere.

But those clubbing days, Dina says, are over.

“I don’t party with Lindsay,” she now insists. “In the early years, I would go with her to clubs, because I wanted to see who the enablers were.”

Dina – YOU WERE HER ENABLER. She wanted to go to the clubs to watch out for her daughter!? That’s classic.

Here are some new pictures of Lindsay stepping out in NYC with an unidentified child. Who let’s Lindsay walk around with their kid!? That’s what I want to know!


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Here it is! Trailer for Lindsay Lohan’s ‘Liz & Dick’

Yes, this movie officially looks as bad as we all thought it would be. We knew it was going to be bad, but did we know it was going to be THIS BAD!?

She looks absolutely NOTHING like Elizabeth Taylor. She looks like a bloated Lindsay Lohan. I like how the trailer is quick and cuts away quickly from clip to clip. Is that to hide how absolutely horrible it really is?

I may have to watch this after all. It might be the highlight of my year.

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Lindsay Lohan Accuser: Actress Was DRUNK

More on that crazy Lindsay Lohan arrest…including a statement by the victim!

According to TMZ, Manhattan chef Jose Rodriguez spoke with the New York Daily News following being hit by Lilo’s Porsche around 12:30 AM.  Rodriguez claims the actress was slurring her words and “smelled like alcohol real bad” when she hit him, which seems like…classic Lindsay behavior.

Rodriguez was leaving Bottega, his place of employment, in the early morning when Lilo hit him.  Says Rodriguez:

“[I] saw this car come real quick and hit me.  I was in so much pain … I fell to the side.”

Sounds about right. Rodriguez claims he was taken to Bellevue Hospital where he was treated for torn tendons and given copious amounts of morphine to deal with the pain.  Lilo was not breathalyzed when she was picked up by the cops around 2:30 am, but we can all assume, right?

When do we get to take Lindsay’s license away?  I’m counting the hours and keeping my children INSIDE.

Photo: FameFlynet

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Lindsay Lohan was arrested early this morning after she left the scene of an accident, in which she caused.

According to sources, Lindsay was pulling her Porsche Cayenne in to park near the Dream Hotel in downtown NYC shortly after midnight when (at a very low speed) she allegedly hit the knee of a 30-something year old guy.

One of Lohan’s passengers in the SUV got out and checked the vehicle for damage, while Lindsay and the rest of her group went inside the hotel.

Someone outside the hotel called the police when Lindsay went in. When she walked out around 2:30AM, police arrested her. As Lindsay was taken into custody, Lindsay frantically screamed “Call my dad! Call my dad!”

Here’s more from TMZ:

According to our sources … Lindsay was taken to the station, fingerprinted, photographed and booked for leaving the scene of an accident — a misdemeanor — and then released with a desk appearance ticket … meaning she did not have to pay bail before release.

We’re told alcohol was not involved.

We’re told the alleged victim was hospitalized … however, he was not knocked down or dragged, and didn’t have any visible injuries.

This arrest could absolutely trigger a probation violation in Lindsay’s jewelry theft case because one of the conditions of probation is she OBEY ALL LAWS.

Even without a conviction, Judge Stephanie Sautner — the judge in the jewelry theft case — could haul Lindsay’s butt into court if there’s probable cause to believe she committed a crime.

Lindsay is telling friends she had no idea she hit anybody and it wasn’t until she came out and got arrested that she knew anything was going on.

As for the story about one of the passengers in her SUV getting out of the car and checking for damages, she says it never happened. Nobody ever got out of the car.

Lohan is calling the incident “really fishy” because the man didn’t appear to have any visible injuries and feels she’s the victim of a set up. She’s not going to let the incident go and is planning on fighting it to the end.

I sort of feel bad for Lindsay, because it seems like people are always trying to earn a buck off her. I feel like people probably see an opportunity to earn some $$ with her, and try and lure her into situations where she’ll get in trouble.


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Lindsay Lohan: I went to jail, why hasn’t Amanda Bynes!?

You’re not the only one who wants to know why Amanda Bynes isn’t behind bars yet. Lindsay Lohan thinks this is bull honky. The troubled actress tweeted: “Why did I get put in jail and a nickelodeon star has had NO punishment(s) so far?”

I agree it’s pretty astounding that Amanda isn’t in jail yet, but Lindsay isn’t one to talk.

Pretty amazing … coming from a woman who has been charged with multiple crimes, violated her probation countless times — even told the judge f you with her fingernails — and still skated almost all of the time.

There are two ways you can interpret the tweet — either Lindsay thinks her own punishment was UNFAIR … and she should never had gone to jail in the first place.

OR … she thinks her punishment WAS FAIR … and Amanda Bynes should be locked up, too.

For the record, Lindsay went to jail after she violated her probation stemming from a DUI conviction.

Bynes, on the other hand, has been arrested for DUI … but hasn’t been convicted.

The convicted necklace thief posted a second tweet … saying, “These are the moments that I appreciate my life experiences, living without regrets and Disney for supporting me as an actress-night all*”

I have an idea, let’s lock them both up!!

Source, Photos: FameFlynet

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