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Lindsay Lohan wrote a list naming “36 lovers” – including Ledger, Timberlake, Efron and Phoenix!

Lindsay Lohan Leaving Her New York Apartment


In Touch Weekly has gotten their hands on a list, written by Lindsay Lohan herself, detailing 36 of her lovers…. and those are only the celebrities! According to ITW, Lindsay was hanging out with her friends in January, and they were talking about the people they’ve slept with. Lindsay decided it would be fun to write down all of her famous conquests on a list, and now that list has been made public.

According to her list, she’s banged some of the biggest names in Hollywood…. and to be honest, I’m kind of surprised. Joaquin Phoenix? Really? Adam Levine? Here’s more…

The future of Hollywood’s biggest couples could be at stake! In Touch has exclusively obtained a shocking list, penned in Lindsay Lohan’s handwriting, exposing 36 of her famous lovers. Among the dozens of superstars named are Adam Levine, Zac Efron, Justin Timberlake and Joaquin Phoenix.

“They were giggling and talking s— about people in the industry,” a source, who watched as Lindsay jotted down name after name at the Beverly Hills Hotel on Jan. 30, 2013, tells In Touch.

“It was her personal conquest list,” the source says. “She was trying to impress her friends with the list and then tossed it aside.”

The source also shares with In Touch that Lindsay would pause to think at times “as if she had to remind herself of who they were.”

Also named on the list are Colin Farrell, Evan Peters and Wilmer Valderrama. Many of them never imagined Lindsay would kiss and tell, but she apparently did!

“The list has some pretty big names on it, and they’re not all single guys,” an industry insider tells In Touch. “This getting out now could rock several Hollywood relationships to the core.”

Here’s her list – check out her conquests!



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Lindsay Lohan Spotted in NYC

Lindsay Lohan Leaving Her New York Apartment

Lindsay Lohan was spotted leaving her apartment in NYC last night and stopped to take pictures with some fans.  I wonder if she’ll be able to reboot her career.  Oprah is sure giving her a chance with her docu-series “Lindsay” premiering this Sunday on OWN.  Will you watch?

Lindsay Lohan Leaving Her New York Apartment Lindsay Lohan Leaving Her New York Apartment


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Aaron Carter Wants Hilary Duff Back…

"Hick" New York Screening

Perhaps Aaron Carter views Hilary Duff’s amicable relationship with her estranged husband as hopeful for his own ex-status with her. While Duff and Mike Comrie announced a split two months ago, pictures have shown the couple out and about town with their two-year-old son, Luca.

Meanwhile, Carter has been all over Twitter announcing his love for the singer/actress who he split from 11 years ago… After tweeting a picture of her saying she was “flawless,” he later posted a message stating,

“Don’t be that stupid douche that loses the love of your life forever… Like me…” and then,
“I’ll spend the rest of my life trying to better myself and get back to her. I don’t care what ANY of you think.”

The two dated back in 2001-2003, and reportedly broke up because he cheated on her with Lindsay Lohan. I’m not really sure what he’s hoping to accomplish, but I suppose if she has any soft spots in her heart for the guy this could maybe give her some warm and fuzzies. I’m still holding out hope that she and Comrie reconcile.  Carter is currently starring in the Broadway musical The Fantasticks and is working on a new album.

Back On Again: Singer HILARY DUFF Out With Her Ex AARON CARTER (USA ONLY)

Photos: FameFlynet, Source

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Oprah Winfrey goes off on Lindsay Lohan in first reality show trailer.

Lindsay Lohan Steps Out In NYC

We’ve been hearing about Lindsay Lohan’s new reality show on Oprah Winfrey’s network for quite some time, and today we’re getting a first look at what a hot mess Lindsay really is. We knew it, didn’t we? I don’t know if we realized how good this TV show might actually be, color me shocked!

In the first trailer for Lindsay’s new reality show, we learn that even the reality show had a hard time filming. We’ve heard that Lindsay is a nightmare to work with on set, and that remains true for a reality show on her own life.

The first trailer for the docu-series Lindsay is below. The series from Oprah Winfrey’s OWN network promises an “honest, no-holds-barred account” and “an intimate, unflinching look” at the actress after she left rehab last year. The first preview suggests what we’ve been hearing for months: That Lohan was a very difficult subject who threatened to derail the project. “This is exactly what everybody said was going to happen and I believed differently,” Winfrey says. “You need to cut the [expletive].”

Reads the official description: “Equipped with a new personal assistant and sober coach, Lindsay moves into a New York hotel and begins the challenging search for a new apartment, while career pressures build.” Lindsay debuts Sunday, March 9.

Watch the trailer below! (Time to go set my DVR).

Source, Photo: FameFlynet

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