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Lindsay Lohan won’t comment on that sex list


Remember how there was that “sex list” that came out a couple of months ago that included the names of 30 men that Lindsay Lohan had supposedly slept with? Well, guess what: it was probably true – at least she wishes it was, although she won’t confirm either way.

Lindsay Lohan would neither confirm nor deny to Andy Cohen the accuracy of the list of guys rumored to be among her sexual conquests.

LiLo taped her appearance on “Watch What Happens Live” on Wednesday night (it airs on Thursday). We’re told Lindsay showed up a little late … or “right on time,” in Lindsayspeak.

Our audience sources say while the crowd enjoyed alcohol as they always do … Andy stuck to his vow and didn’t drink during the taping.

As for the so-called conquest list … all Lindsay would say is that she made lists during her latest rehab stint.

And get this … we’re told Lindsay and Andy did the handshake from “The Parent Trap.”

Ha. Considering what a mess Lindsay has been lately (have you been watching Lindsay on OWN?), I’m not surprised at how this interview went – but I think Andy is a true hero for humoring her.

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Has Oprah Given Up on Lindsay?


Rumor has it that due to lackluster ratings, Oprah has decided to pull the plug on Lindsay Lohan’s OWN network docu-series.  The kicker- is that no one has told Lindsay the news yet.

So far only her head TV network executives know, while Lindsay has been kept guessing if she will return. The part reality show/ documentary turned into a ‘meltdown’ rather than a comeback series.

Insiders say Oprah is livid with Lindsay, 27, for her behavior on the shows and for leaks of trashy stories about the show and her rumored sex list.

Oprah also feels that Lindsay could’ve done more to publicize the show in the right way.

Ratings for the prime time episodes were low. The premiere attracted less than 700,000 viewers – a third less than they hoped for.

Bosses at the network originally commissioned the show for a one off run, but had given the star options for further follow ups if it was a success.

‘Oprah will tell Lindsay later this month that her show won’t be reappearing for in the future,’ an insider divulged. ‘First and foremost, the ratings were an absolute disaster.’

The report goes on to mention Lohan’s failure to land any successful roles in the last decade, and the concerning reports that the starlet has begun to drink and party again.  It will be very sad to see if Lohan goes off the rails again.  You’d almost have to try to fail with Oprah backing you.

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Lindsay Lohan is getting worse…. am I right?


I’m not even sure how to describe this clip – so I’m just going to have you watch it. Trust me.


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So… Lindsay is Going to Coachella…

Lindsay Lohan Visits The 'Late Show With David Letterman'

Is this a great idea?  Me thinks not.  According to TMZ, Lindsay Lohan has decided to attend Coachella this year.  The two-weekend, three-day music festival is located in Indio, CA – just east of Palm Springs.  And it can be a bit of a rager.  I was in the desert the last two days and it was just getting flooded festival attendees.  Not to say you can’t attend sober- but you will certainly be in the minority.  My husband and his degenerate friends will not be sober anyway.  TMZ reports:

Lindsay Lohan loves temptation — she is on a plane to Coachella right now … and TMZ has learned she is telling her friends she will 100% NOT fall off the wagon.

According to our sources, Lindsay is aware that going to the festival — famous for great music and drugs — is a risk to her sobriety, but she has been promising people she is going to stay sober.

Lindsay has been a mainstay at the festival (long before it went mainstream) and goes with her siblings every year. She made this same sober promise last year, famously hitting Coachella right before checking into rehab.

Call me crazy… but it just doesn’t seem to be a good idea.  In other news- these pictures are from Lindsay’s visit to the Letterman Show on Monday.  Lindsay is a cute girl (but I hope she lays off the lip injections ), and I love a fedora- but the granny flower pantsuit maybe should wait until you’re actually a granny and living in Florida.

Lindsay Lohan Visits The 'Late Show With David Letterman' Lindsay Lohan Visits The 'Late Show With David Letterman' Lindsay Lohan Visits The 'Late Show With David Letterman'

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