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Lindsay Lohan is doing ‘Speed-The-Plow’ on London’s West End

Lindsay Lohan is doing 'Speed-The-Plow' on London's West End

Lindsay Lohan is so eager to prove that she is a real actress that she’s starring in the West End production of David Mamet’s “Speed-The-Plow” in London this September. Can she pull this off?

Lindsay has always been known more for her antics as opposed to her acting ability, but has reportedly moved to London because they take her seriously there. Lindsay is taking the role of the secretary Karen when the play debuts from September 24th to November 29th at the Playhouse Theatre.

Lindsay revealed, “It’s the first time I’ve done a stage play or anything like that. I’m nervous but I’m excited.”

In the original 1988 Broadway production of the play, Madonna played the role of Karen. The play’s synopsis has been released:

When a hugely bankable star agrees to appear in a sure-fire commercial hit, film producers Bobby Gould and Charlie Fox are convinced this is the break of a lifetime. That is until Karen (played by Lindsay Lohan), a temporary secretary, derails the dream. When she persuades Bobby to dump the blockbuster in favor of a story which can only be described as box office poison, Charlie is forced to resort to desperate measures.”

Will Lindsay derail the whole production? That’s what we want to know…

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No One Wants Credit for Sleeping with Lindsay Lohan

Did Lindsay Lohan run around a department store naked?

Poor Lindsay Lohan, no one wants to admit that they have slept with her.  SOMEHOW… a list of 36 celebrities that the troubled starlet claims to have slept with was leaked to the public. No one knows how this top secret information was released, but alas, these things do happen. One of the many shocking names on the list was Maroon 5 frontman, Adam Levine, who will be marrying model Behati Prinsloo next month. Understandably, Levine is trying to clear his name by claiming this tryst with Lohan never happened.

Asked about their alleged fling, the 35-year-old star told Howard Stern on his radio show on Tuesday: ‘That’s not true. I did not have sexual intercourse with Lindsay Lohan.’

The America’s Got Talent judge pressed him further and noted James Franco also previously denied he was one of Lindsay’s past lovers.
But Adam said: ‘That’s because I think we’re being truthful about that very specific thing.’

I believe Franco and Levine. I mean- I’m sure she’s slept with half of Hollywood, but I’m also sure that she would have no problem just throwing out names left and right to friends for the shock value alone. She loves attention.

Adam Levine apologized to his ex-girlfriends before his weddingB

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Did Lindsay Lohan run around a department store naked?

Did Lindsay Lohan run around a department store naked?

Lindsay Lohan was rumored to be running around a department store naked! It’s not much of a shocker, considering that she probably felt it was a privilege for those around her to be in her naked presence. On top of that, she isn’t exactly known for making the best possible decisions….

A source said that while in London, Lindsay went around Selfridge’s completely nude. A snitch said, “Lindsay took some items into the changing room. Halfway through, she ran out of the room with nothing on and was chased by members of staff who were trying to cover her up. She was laughing her head off and literally giving staff the run-around as customers looked on.”

Despite all of that, her rep has said that the rumors are “not true at all.”

In the meantime, rumors are running rampant that LiLo wants to move to London full-time. A source said, “Lindsay’s convinced everyone in American is out to get her, but she’s had the opposite experience in London. She loves British culture and says people have treated her with respect for the first time in years. Now she’s looking into the immigration process and planning a full-time relocation.”

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Lindsay Lohan is Making Appearances in London

London Collections: Men SS15 - Moschino Show

Adding fuel to the rumors that she’s planning on relocating over the pond, the always-entertaining Lindsay Lohan attended the Moschino show in London earlier this week.  Word on the street is that Lohan will be making an appearance in London’s West End soon, with a role in David Mamet’s show, Speed-the-Plow.  While there has been no official announcement regarding this, the play is a satirical look at Hollywood- so perhaps not too far off base for Lohan to pull off.

London Collections: Men SS15 - Moschino Show London Collections: Men SS15 - Moschino Show


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