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Lindsay Lohan sits down with Oprah, admits her main problem was alcohol, but she was also into cocaine.

Lindsay Lohan’s highly-promoted interview with Oprah Winfrey finally went down last night. Just four days after leaving a court-ordered 90-day stay in rehab, the troubled actress sat down with Oprah for a series of interviews that appear on her network, OWN.  Lindsay opened up about her past “addiction to chaos” and how she wants this time to be different.

“I feel really good. It’s strange being confined for three months straight and then try to acclimate into real life,” the 27-year-old actress said. “Having all the chaos around me that I was so comfortable with — I somehow inside of me knew I wanted to go in jail. I think that was subconsciously going on in my head through my actions…just to have some peace. I came into it just really craving more spirituality, really open and ready to get really honest.”

Here’s more from US Weekly:

But that choice took “a period of time” to realize, she said –three years after spending two weeks in jail in for failing to attend her court-ordered weekly alcohol education classes. Lohan called that jail sentence terrifying. “Just seeing my mom and sister’s face in that courtroom and my dad was just heartbreaking. It was horrible. I just remember this rush of heat coming over me and just not knowing what to expect,” she said of hearing the judge’s decision. “I don’t think the embarrassment was as prominent as the shame and the guilt.”

Lohan’s downward spiral began when she moved to Los Angeles in her late teens on the heels of her 2004 Mean Girls success. Falling in with the wrong crowd, she developed her drug of choice — alcohol. “That was a gateway for me for other things. I tried cocaine with alcohol,” she said. Lohan admitted she snorted cocaine 10-15 times in her lifetime, but only did it in order to drink more, she claimed.

Lohan promises this time is different, and despite what the public may think, she has never felt exploited by her parents. Though her childhood at times was chaotic, her once-warring parents, Dina and Michael Lohan, are currently getting along fine, she said.

Indeed, the actress — who rose to stardom in 1998′s Parent Trap — hopes to regain the success she once had. “I’m my own worst enemy,” Lohan said. When asked what she wants the most now, she replied: “To get the things that’s made me the happiest in my whole life back, which is just work really hard and stay focused and prove myself in the way that I did before in the past and lost. I have to regain the trust of people in my career that has their doubts.” In fact, when Winfrey voiced her concerns about the actress going to Europe so quickly after rehab for a yoga and meditation retreat, Lohan cancelled her flight two days later, Winfrey revealed.

To be honest, I wanted to watch this last night, but I couldn’t freaking find Oprah’s network! Anyone know what channel she’s on – on XFinity? I probably could have looked it up – but at that point I was so over it.

Anyone catch the interview? Was it any good?


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Lindsay Lohan Watched Her Own Movies While In Treatment

Lindsay Lohan Watched Her Own Movies While In Treatment

It appears that Lindsay Lohan is her own biggest fan!

During her 60 day stay at the Cliffside Rehab center in Malibu, California, the troubled actress spent all of her free time watching her own movies. Wow, nuts, right?

A source said, “There was more than once when Lindsay would rent or buy a movie on iTunes that she’d starred in. She basically forced me to watch that crappy movie I Know Who Killed Me with her, the one where she plays a stripper.”

The source added, “She’s such an attention seeker that she didn’t think it was weird at all to watch her own movies. Everyone else thought it was really embarrassing of her to do that! But whatever. It was like she was trying to relive a time when she was actually a working actress.”

Oh snap!

Do you think that it’s weird of her to watch her own movies while in rehab? Or is that just typical Lindsay Lohan? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments section below!

Source, Photo Credit: Fame/Flynet

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Lindsay Lohan lands herself a role on ‘Eastbound & Down’!

Lindsay Lohan is back to work!

The actress just landed a guest-starring role on the HBO series, “Eastbound & Down.”

Lohan is currently in Wilmington, NC, filming her appearance which will appear on the show’s fourth and final season. “#back@work! So grateful today! :)” she wrote on Instagram Tuesday, posting the picture above.

Hopefully this is it for Lindsay – and her career can get back on track!

PS: I freaking LOVE E&D!

Video NSFW:

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Lindsay Lohan Has A Shopping Problem Now; She Spends $5K Per Day!

Lindsay Lohan Has A Shopping Problem Now; She Spends $5K Per Day!

Apparently Lindsay Lohan has gone from doing drugs to have a whole new addiction issue. This time, the rehabbed starlet has gotten herself addicted to online shopping!

It all started once she was getting clean while in treatment at the Cliffside Rehab center in Malibu, California. She obviously traded in her addiction to drugs for a shopping addiction. What’s even worse is that she was dropping $5,000 per day on some rich guy’s credit card! It’s like she had carte blanche to just buy whatever she wanted to and go crazy.

A source revealed, “Lindsay would shop online ALL day. It was like an addiction. She would drop $5,000 a day no problem. Mostly on clothes.”

When she ordered her new clothes, she had them all delivered to her at the rehab clinic. How convenient, right? The source said, “The patients and the staff were so annoyed by all of the boxes being delivered to her. Eventually the clinic ran out of room to house all her purchases and told her she couldn’t order any other items. It was crazy! Lindsay bragged about some super rich guy in New York City that let her use his credit card.”

The source added, “We never asked who he was or why he would do that, but she didn’t seem to have a hesitation about using his money for whatever she wanted.”

Lindsay always finds a way to locate these crazy rich guys who apparently have more money than brains, doesn’t she?

Source, Photo Credit: Fame/Flynet

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