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Lindsay Lohan up for role in new Superman movie!

Could the tides be turning for Lindsay Lohan? Multiple sources have told TMZ that Lindsay is up for a role in the new ‘Superman’ movie!

Apparently Lindsay’s people have had several “conversations” with the people behind the new movie, and while the role she’s being considered for isn’t Lois Lane, it’s still a “major character.”

We’re told Lindsay is supposed to meet personally with the “Superman” people soon — but she might be a little busy with that felony grand theft charge thing.

According to our sources, Lindsay is “dying to show people again how talented she is” and is worried this latest run-in with the law (for which she maintains she’s innocent) could ruin her shot at the movie.

If this is true, this could be a major, major deal for Lindsay. The actress hasn’t had a successful movie since… well, has she ever? I know her movies did well when she was a kid, but nothing has done amazing since becoming an adult!


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Lindsay Lohan WILL BE CHARGED with stealing the necklace!

According to TMZ, Lindsay Lohan will be charged with stealing that $2,500 necklace, and the case could be filed today!

Lindsay Lohan was accused of stealing the $2,500 necklace pictured above, on January 22. Store owners handed over surveillance video, and paparazzi photos like the one above, showing Lindsay wearing the stolen jewelry.

Lindsay is claiming that the necklace was loaned to her, and she’s willing to fight to prove it.

If convicted, Lindsay faces up to three years in jail.

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BREAKING: Lindsay Lohan was tipped off that police were coming to search her home!

This just in from TMZ…Sources are reporting that Lindsay was tipped off last night that a search warrant had been signed by a judge – and police were on their way to search her home for the stolen necklace. Once she learned that the police were coming to search her home – she had her stylist return the jewelry.

We’ve learned the warrant was signed by Judge Katherine Mader at 3:45 PM Tuesday.  The LAPD was making plans to execute the warrant — which authorized cops to search for the necklace at Lindsay’s home in Venice, CA.

But somehow — before the search was conducted — Lindsay’s stylist showed up at an LAPD substation and returned the $2,500 necklace.

Sources connected with the case tell us … they believe someone told Lindsay the warrant was in play.  Otherwise, they say, why would she have her stylist go to the LAPD to return the jewelry rather than the jewelry store?

Our sources believe Lindsay tried making a preemptive move, but we’re told ultimately returning the jewelry won’t be a factor in deciding whether to prosecute her.

Sketchy, very sketchy.

What I want to know is why Lindsay would steal the necklace in the first place, if that’s actually what happened. Why risk getting into trouble again – for a piece of jewelry!? And if she DID steal it, could she be stupid enough to wear it out and be photographed wearing it? I’m having a hard time believing she could be that dumb. Okay, maybe I’m not that surprised.

Yes, that IS the stolen necklace above.

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See the pictures of Lindsay Lohan wearing the necklace she reportedly stole!

TMZ has confirmed that this IS the necklace Lindsay Lohan is accused of stealing. Apparently a worker from Kamofie & Company saw a picture online of Lindsay wearing the “one-of-a-kind necklace”. The shop worker also gave the police a surveillance tape of Lindsay wearing the necklace.

The case will go to the L.A. County District Attorney’s Office TODAY … law enforcement sources tell TMZ … and Lindsay’s in a heap of trouble. The LAPD will forward the file over to the D.A.’s Office at the Airport Court sometime before the end of the business day.

Sources familiar with the LAPD investigation say the case against Lindsay is “strong.” One source says criminal charges are “likely.”

Lindsay is saying that she only “borrowed” the necklace. She claims the necklace was loaned to her – and her stylist simply forgot to return it. Apparently it was Lindsay’s stylist who turned the necklace over to police last night. Lindsay says, according to sources, “I didn’t have any part in the non-returning on time.”

It’s getting interesting!

Here’s another picture of Lindsay wearing the necklace on January 27, five days after she reportedly stole it.


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