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The probation department cuts Lindsay Lohan a break. Shocker.

Lindsay Lohan has caught a break (again) because the probation department has decided not to submit one of the failed drug tests to the judge. Last week Lindsay Lohan failed two drug tests. One tested positive for cocaine, and the other amphetamines in the form of Adderall.  The probation department will not seek jail time in the Adderall test, because there was an ambiguity with with paperwork.

So instead of handing over two failed drug tests (in which Lindsay faces 30 days jail each) they will instead only hand over the one drug test which tested positive for cocaine.

The question on everyone’s mind, of course, is will Lindsay actually serve any jail time?

According to TMZ, the judge has two ways of handling this:

He could sentence Lindsay on the spot to 30 days in jail for the cocaine violation … but because of overcrowding Lindsay would be released the same day.

Judge Fox’s other option is to deny her bail, throw her in jail and set a hearing that would take place 30 days later. Under this scenario, Lindsay would not be released early — she’d sit in jail for 30 days until her hearing. We’re told judges do this “all the time” when they want to make sure a defendant does the time.

Either way, Friday will be interesting.

What do you think will happen?

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Lindsay Lohan and sister Ali go for a facial in Los Angeles.

Lindsay’ probation was revoked yesterday and a bench warrant has been issued for her arrest after she admitted failing a court-ordered random drug test stemming from her DUI case. The Bench warrant is to be held until Friday at 8:30am which is when the young star is due to appear in court.


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Lindsay Lohan settles E-Trade ‘milkaholic’ lawsuit

In what seemed to be the craziest lawsuit of the decade, Lindsay Lohan has settled her case against E-Trade over their use of the name Lindsay in their Milkaholic commercial. At least something appears to be going right for her!

TMZ reports:

The terms of the settlement are confidential — but we’re told Lindsay’s team is “very happy” with the results … and sources say Lindsay got some cash out of it.

As we previously reported, Lindsay claimed the stock trading company violated her rights by featuring a baby character named Lindsay who happens to be the “milkaholic” other woman in a baby love triangle.

Lindsay’s high-powered attorney Stephanie Ovadia tells TMZ, “The case between Lindsay and E*Trade has been settled … there is no further comment.”

So basically, she got PAID. At least that’ll help with the reports that she’s broke. In addition to that, this money can help cover legal fees from all of the court she’s going to.

Source, Fame Pictures

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BREAKING: Arrest Warrant issued for Lindsay Lohan!

Lindsay Lohan’s probation has officially been revoked, and a bench warrant has been issued!  Although the warrant has been issued, it’s on hold until Friday at 8:30.

Lindsay is ordered to appear before Judge Eldon Fox on Friday morning at 8:30 AM. If she knows what’s good for her, she’ll be there bright an early.

The warrant comes after Lindsay failed two drug tests. One tested positive for cocaine, and the other TMZ just reported – tested positive for amphetamines. It’s not known what form of amphetamines Lindsay was taking, though it’s worth noting that Adderall (the drug Lindsay was prescribed and hooked on) is an amphetamine.


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