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Lindsay Lohan’s Latest 6126 Ad Shoot

Striking a few sexy poses during a recent photo shoot, Lindsay Lohan is hoping that her fashionable endeavors can help bring in the much-needed bucks.

The “Georgia Rule” actress was flaunting her stuff for her 6126 clothing line – which will be making a big expansion in offerings come this summer.

Currently focusing on leggings, the Los Angeles Times tells that 6126 will soon feature mini-dresses, sequined-hoodies and oversized-cardigans, among other items.

Priced from $60-$1000, the collection of 280 pieces will be taking over racks at popular retail destinations such as Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus in July.


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Michael Lohan snaps back at Lindsay on Twitter

Twitter might seem like a good place to lash out at your parents, unless your parents are just as Twitter savvy as you are — then they’ll lash right back! Lindsay Lohan has continued her Twitter rant against father Michael Lohan, but he’s not taking her Tweets tacitly.

“My father just sent me this as I was leaving my gym: ‘I told you to stop Linds this is the last time and take down the tweet about me HURTING MOM. U will be getting a call from SOMEBODY today to end you,’” Lindsay Tweeted this morning.

“I never ever said that,” Michael Tweeted back. “I have it on my text (it is date and time stamped)! what is wrong with U?OOOPS!I already l know that.”

“Yes I said take down the lies and U are getting a call (from ur Uncle) but never ever said ‘end’ to anything excpt ur problem,” he continued. “YOU R TWISTING THINGS JUST LIKE THE MEDIA DOES. THE VERY PEOPLE U CRITICIZE.”

“Done with ur&the other nonesense.Time to focus on what I have to,” he adds. “Take care of yourself until I can! Love you and God Bless you.”

But then LiLo’s dad took it to E! News.

“I’m not going to sit back and watch my daughter die or fall victim to something that so many other kids did,” Michael told E! News in an interview.

“She’s going to a rehab, there’s no doubt,” Michael said of how he claims Lindsay told him she’s taking meds for depression and attention-deficit disorder. “My daughter’s going to a rehab and she’s going to get better. Doesn’t matter how many times you go, but it has to be done the right way.

“I want her to be willing to do it on her own, and it seems that she’s living in denial,” he explained. “She thinks it’s okay and everyone says she’s fine. But is she fine? Is Lindsay Lohan fine? Tell me I’m wrong and then I’ll stop.”

“No, there was no physical abuse,” Michael said of Lindsay’s Tweeted claims. “I mean when there’s yelling, I tried to shelter my kids from any arguments my wife and I had. Dina unfortunately got the kids involved in the things we did in our life, the arguments that we had, and she still does it today. She uses my kids as pawns.”

But Michael says he and Dina Lohan both are concerned for Lindsay and played E! News a voicemail he claims to be Dina.

“I’m telling you Michael, time’s running out with this kid, I know it, I’m a mother, I feel it,” the recording said. “And she needs to get to a psychiatrist office today. Even if she just talks about anything. Just so she feels like she’s helping herself.”

“I don’t want to say anything about her assistants and the people around her but I think they’re turning a blind eye and that’s enabling,” Michael claimed.

The father concluded, “She went from such a vibrant, wonderful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, caring, loving and inspirational woman to the exact opposite.”


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Lindsay Lohan leaving Club Ledeoux in Hollywood in the wee hours this morning.


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Lindsay Lohan Lashes Out at Dad for Alleged Abuse

The War of the Lohans has once again heated up.

On Thursday, Lindsay Lohan lashed out at her estranged father Michael, alleging once again that he abused her as a kid.

She Tweeted that while growing up he “verbally/literally HURT my mother, brothers, sister Aliana … why, i ask u?”

A few hours later, the actress, 23, removed the post.

She didn’t explain why, but wrote: “My father just sent me this as I was leaving my gym ‘I told you to stop Linds this is the last time… and take down the tweet about me HURTING MOM.. U will be getting a call from SOMEBODY today to end you.’”

Michael tells X17 Lindsay likely posted the abuse claim to retaliate against him for his recent attempts to get her to go back to rehab. (He told TMZ he feared she was going to wind up like “Brittany Murphy or DJ AM.”)

“What Lindsay is saying on Twitter is nothing more than nonsense,” he says. “As far as the ex father comment, maybe she’s divorcing me today, but she’ll remarry me once she gets her life back. I hope everyone can see that now she’s really crying out for help….

“Obviously she realizes that I’m serious about getting her into rehab,” he continues. “She’s beginning to panic because I’ve been contacting people around her, as well as attorneys of my own, to take measures to get her the help she needs.”

Source, Fame Pictures

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Lindsay Lohan Long Night Out Ending In Fetal Position

Lindsay Lohan has been letting lose these days and it looks like she is falling back into old habits. Lindsay made her way out of Drai’s at W Hotel in Hollywood, California on March 31, 2010 after a long night of partying with friends.

Her father Michael Lohan might be see in the next few days as he has said in a recent press conference to all her enablers to “get the hell out of the way” so he could come to town to take his daughter to rehab and get her the help she needs.

Lindsay has responded to her fathers comments through her Twitter page and continues to party resulting in her constant media coverage were she isn’t see in the best conditions. The “Mean Girls” actress is pictured a mess and rolled up in the fetal position in the back of her ride after a night out.

Fame Pictures

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