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Lindsay Lohan reunites with her dad for the first time in 7 months!

Lindsay Lohan finally lifted her anti-daddy ban — and spent “all day” reuniting with her father Michael Lohan yesterday … this according to sources close to Michael.

According to TMZ, for the first time in 7 months, Lindsay agreed to spend some quality time with Michael — beginning with an extensive conversation inside the Betty Ford clinic … followed by a shopping trip to a nearby street fair.

Father and daughter spent several hours in a high-end jewelry store — where she was “interested in several items”, but it’s unclear if she bought any items.

So what does the future hold for Michael and Lindsay? Sources tell TMZ the two are trying to take a “whole new approach” to their relationship … and Lindsay wants to see him again.

Apparently the two might get together as early as today.

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Lindsay Lohan offered a job in porn!

Lindsay Lohan is looking at 3 months in rehab. And rehab doesn’t come cheap. The alleged bill for such a stay is $125,000. has found a solution to Lindsay’s problems. The site is offering to cover $50,000 at the Betty Ford Clinic in exchange for working for them.

Now it’s not exactly what you might be thinking. They actually want to give her a job as a marketing consultant. But not only that. They are offering her unlimited access to their porn collection. EW!

However, Linsday’s rehab fees may ring up to around $150,000 has learned! Will cover all of that too?

It does appear that Lindsay is strapped for cash and is not sure how she will pay her rehab bill.

If I remember correctly, Lindsay does have another option here. A while back I believe Joan Rivers tweeted that she and her daughter Melissa would be willing to pay for Lindsay’s rehab.

Maybe the offer still stands. Time to give Joan a call.

Source Bauer Griffin

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Lindsay Lohan thinks rehab could kill her career

Lindsay Lohan caught a break earlier today when she was sentenced by Judge Elden Fox to return to the Betty Ford Center, but now she thinks it’s not such a good idea.

TMZ reports:

It’s pretty stunning that Lindsay said this, since inpatient rehab was her only hope of staying out of jail.

The documents, prepared for today’s hearing, say, “The defendant says her clothing line is falling apart because she is not available to monitor the product.” She told the probation officer she’s scheduled to start working on a movie in November — we’re guessing it’s “Inferno” but the director tells us he will wait for her.

If she thought rehab was going to kill her career, imagine what jail would’ve done to it. She should be thankful!

Fame Pictures

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PICS: Lindsay Lohan arriving in court this morning!

Lindsay Lohan was just ordered back to rehab until at least January 3, 2011 — no jail time.

Lohan is due back in court on February 25. She will be subject to drug testing in between her release from rehab until her court date.

The D.A recommended Lindsay get 180 days in county jail. The judge specifically stated he wanted Lindsay in rehab past the new year.

Lindsay’s estranged father, Michael Lohan, sat on the opposite side of the court from Lindsay’s mother, Dina.

The said to Lindsay at one point, “You are an addict. I hope you understand that.” Lindsay nodded her head in agreement.

Lindsay was in tears at the end of the hearing and simply told the judge, “Thank you.”


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