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Michael Lohan wants peace with Dina

Michael Lohan doesn’t want to start off 2011 with bad vibes between himself and ex-wife Dina. So he wants to work out some peace between them, so it doesn’t affect Lindsay’s recovery.

Radar reports:

“I am getting in touch with Lindsay’s team, including Tom Hansen, Blair Berk, Lou Taylor and Shawn Chapman Holly, in the hope of trying, again, to have them to persuade Dina to sit down so we both can iron out our differences,” Michael told, in an exclusive interview.

“Quite frankly, everyone knows this, including all the counselors and therapists: Dina and I need to get along and put our differences aside if Lindsay is going to have any chance at a full recovery without relapse.”

The pair had pledged a mutual understanding on how to support Lindsay last June. But the peace was short-lived, after the family patriarch charged Dina had a hidden agenda, repeatedly lied and was enabling Lindsay.

Said Michael: “Everyone has been asking Dina to sort out her issues with me, but the general consensus is that she simply can’t admit or take responsibility and she is afraid to do so. But that isn’t even part of it, she doesn’t have to admit anything. All she has to do is keep Lindsay and the kids out of our differences and try to get along for their sake. She can make all the claims she like about child support – the truth of which is that every cent owed has been paid and even more — but there is a much deeper and important issue here: Lindsay’s health is first and foremost.”

He added, “Our kids are first and we should be second.”

Source, Fame Pictures

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Lindsay Lohan to get right back to work post-rehab!

E! News has exclusively learned that, upon her release from rehab next week, Lindsay Lohan is going to get cracking on expanding her 6126 fashion brand into footwear.

“She’ll finalize everything when she’s out,” says a rep for 6126, who describes the shoes Lindsay has in mind as “classic, glamorous, timeless with a sexy flair.”

An official announcement is expected early next year and, if all goes according to plan, the line will debut next fall.

Lindsay was ordered to remain in treatment until Jan. 3, but at this point it’s not for certain whether she’ll scram right on Monday or give herself some breathing room and head out later in the week.


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Dawn Holland won’t be suing Lindsay Lohan

Dawn Holland is the former staffer at Betty Ford Center that got fired for selling her story to TMZ. According to reports, she won’t be suing Lindsay Lohan over the civil claims against her.

Her lawyer said, “Dawn has no axe to bear with Lindsay. Dawn has seen the hard work Lindsay has been doing in rehab. Dawn is rooting Lindsay on, and praying for her recovery. We won’t be taking any civil action against Ms. Lohan. Our investigation into potential civil rights claims, and wrongful termination claims against Betty Ford is ongoing.”

She must’ve heard the rumors that Lindsay is broke!

Radar Online reports:

But Davidson told us on Thursday he is not concerned about criminal charges potentially being filed against Holland because, he says, she did nothing wrong.

“I’m not concerned about the Attorney General. My client was talking to the media about events that occurred that are now a part of a criminal investigation,” Davidson told “The events that happened that night are now part of criminal proceedings.”

Police are investigating Holland’s criminal complaint that Lindsay attacked her.

Davidson told that Holland is a single mom who now has no job right before Christmas. “The fact is she loved her job, and now she doesn’t have it,” Davidson said.

Source, Fame Pictures

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Is Lindsay going back to jail for refusing an alcohol test?

RadarOnline says absolutely.

After she was caught sneaking back into her sober living facility, Lindsay Lohan allegedly refused to take a breathalyzer test, and has learned exclusively that if that allegation is true, the decision could possibly land her in jail for six months.

“Judge Fox made it very clear to Lindsay: a dirty test, or a refusal to submit to a test, would be counted and considered as a dirty test,” a source told exclusively.

Lohan eventually took an alcohol test — and passed it — the morning after the incident, was first to report.

“Lindsay is in very, very big trouble. It’s very likely Judge Fox will haul her into court in the next week to deal with this,” the source added.

“Judge Fox had been willing to give her a second chance.” learned on Tuesday that police are investigating a claim by Dawn Holland, a worker at the rehab center, that Lindsay pushed her. Holland also claims that Lindsay threw a phone at her and yanked another phone out of her hand, injuring her.

As was the first to report, Holland was fired from the facility on Tuesday. “[It was] due to breach of patient confidentiality because I did an interview with TMZ.,” she told in an exclusive (and unpaid) interview. Holland confirmed she was paid in the ball park of $10,000-$15,000 by TMZ.

In a statement, Betty Ford said Holland “violated strict confidentiality guidelines and laws by publicly identifying patients in a media interview and by disclosing a privileged document.”

Holland and TMZ could be facing a criminal probe for HIPAA violations. Holland’s daughter-in-law told that Holland has now hired an attorney. TMZ has not returned’s calls for comment on the situation.


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