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Dina Lohan trying to get Lindsay home for the holidays

Dina Lohan is really pulling out all of the stops in an attempt to get her daughter Lindsay back to New York for the holidays. Unfortunately for her, her plans may not succeed at all.

Perhaps she thinks that the law doesn’t apply to Lohans? Who knows?

Dina said yesterday, “I am still trying to get her to New York to be with us for Thanksgiving.” It was already said that the Judge in the case wanted Lindsay to stay put right where she is. She’s doing well at the Betty Ford Center, but probably urged her mom to try and pull some strings.

Radar Online reports:

Although Lindsay wanted to join her family back east, it looks as if she is stuck in California for Thanksgiving this year, has learned.

“The judge has not given her permission to leave the state, in fact, she can’t get permission until after January 3rd,” said our source.

But even with the judges orders in place, Dina has not given up trying to be with her daughter and longs to spend time with her.

”I would love to have her with me during the holidays,” Dina told

But a friend of the star feels that staying in Los Angeles might just be the best thing for his close pal.

“She’s been doing really well in rehab, and it’s just better that she doesn’t travel while’s she’s still working on getting better.”

Meanwhile, the Betty Ford Center will be serving a buffet-style Thanksgiving dinner. The cafeteria staff will prepare turkey, ham, stuffing and all the holiday trimmings.

During dinner there will be a “Gratitude Celebration” where family members and staff take the opportunity to praise each patient and congratulate them for maintaining a sober and drug free life.

She needs to stay in rehab and heal herself before she thinks of anyone else. She doesn’t want to end up like Heath Ledger or Brittany Murphy.

Source, Fame Pictures

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Lindsay Lohan still on smoking & rehab studies routine

A sexy, clean and sober actress Lindsay Lohan resumes her recovery routine grabbing a smoke and then heading to rehab studies in Rancho Mirage, California on November 24th, 2010. Rumor has it that the Betty Ford clinic denied her request to spend Thanksgiving with mom and family in New York but that dad Michael will be around available to spend time with instead.

As previously reported, Lindsay was only recently given her driving privileges back. Reportedly, she also wanted to visit New York to be with her mom and family for the holidays, but was denied.

What are you doing for the holidays???

Fame Pictures

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Lindsay Lohan will not be allowed to head home for Thanksgiving!

Looks like this Thanksgiving is shaping up to be a turkey for Lindsay Lohan. The currently rehabbing actress is being forced to spend the holiday in treatment instead of with her family on Long Island.

“As of now she’s not coming home,” a family source exclusively tells E! News. “She’s not allowed to. But Dina’s still trying to get her home.”

How’s that going?

So far, no dice.

Lindsay has been awarded day passes away from her Betty Ford-supervised home in Rancho Mirage for good behavior, visiting her West Hollywood condo and doing a photo shoot for a clothing line. She’s even made amends with her father, Michael, who has been paying visits to her. But it is unlikely she will be spending the holiday with him, either, according to the source.

Per a court order, Lohan must remain in treatment until Jan. 3, and is not permitted to leave the state without permission from the judge.


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Malin Ackerman replaces Lindsay Lohan!

Lindsay Lohan is out of the planned Linda Lovelace biopic and it took the film less than a day to find her replacement.

Malin Akerman – best known for her roles in “Watchmen” and “The Heartbreak Kid” — will play the lead role in “Inferno” now that LiLo is no longer attached, this according to Deadline Hollywood.

As for the circumstances of Lindsay’s departure … sources close to Lindsay told TMZ she quit, her rep called the decision “mutual,” and other reports claim she was fired.


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