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Lindsay Lohan can leave rehab today – but reports claim she’s staying on a couple extra days!

After several months, Lindsay Lohan has completed her court-mandated treatment at the Betty Ford Center. As of today, Lindsay is a free woman!

Lindsay had been ordered to undergo drug and alcohol rehabilitation following her probation violation stemming from an almost 4-year-old drunk driving case. The mandatory treatment has ended, but Lindsay will remain under court supervision and undergo drug and alcohol testing until her next court date, February 25th.

According to Lindsay’s dad, Michael, Lindsay may not be leaving rehab quite yet. Michael spoke to Chris Jansing on msnbc TV Monday morning. “She’s trying to coordinate with Betty Ford because her apartment isn’t ready. I don’t know where these things come from,” Lohan said of earlier reports that his daughter needed to stay and get more treatment. “She’s been there for four months, she’s done a stellar job. She’s ready to come out, I’d be the first one to say if she wasn’t.”

When asked if Lindsay’s new apartment might be outside California, or maybe in New York as Dina Lohan suggested on the TODAY show, Michael chuckled. “Dina suggests a lot of things. The truth of the matter is, it doesn’t matter where Lindsay lives … would it be better to be away from Hollywood? Absolutely … she’s actually turned everything around. She’s got the right people back in her life. It still boils down to one thing: she (needs) peace and resolve with her parents.”

As for what’s next for Lindsay, Michael says that the offers for roles are coming in (“more than you could imagine”), but she “wants to pick the right project.”

Do we really believe Lindsay is being offered more roles “than you could imagine”? Nah.

Lindsay rang in the new year – with her first tweet in months:


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Michael Lohan commissions song for Lindsay!

Michael Lohan has commissioned a song called My Rose just for his daughter Lindsay!

Michael Lohan tells TMZ he has commissioned Delious Kennedy, one of the members of the Grammy winning group All-4-One, to write and perform a track dedicated to Lindsay.

Michael says the song — a companion piece of sorts to Lindsay’s 2005 track “Confessions of a Broken Heart (Daughter to Father)” — is about a “talented and beautiful young lady who has grown in our hearts, she is badgered by paparazzi, cut down by the media … She will wilt, but when she falls, I will always be there to pick her up and put her pedals back on.”

Kennedy tells TMZ the song — entitled “My Rose” — is a club track with a dance vibe like Usher or Lady Gaga. Kennedy says he recorded the song last week, played it for MiLo last night and he “loved it.”

Kennedy gave us a sneak peak at the chorus, which goes something like this: “The girl is like a rose garden. She falls back, springs forth and grows stronger with thorns.”

Source, Fame Pictures

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Michael Lohan wants peace with Dina

Michael Lohan doesn’t want to start off 2011 with bad vibes between himself and ex-wife Dina. So he wants to work out some peace between them, so it doesn’t affect Lindsay’s recovery.

Radar reports:

“I am getting in touch with Lindsay’s team, including Tom Hansen, Blair Berk, Lou Taylor and Shawn Chapman Holly, in the hope of trying, again, to have them to persuade Dina to sit down so we both can iron out our differences,” Michael told, in an exclusive interview.

“Quite frankly, everyone knows this, including all the counselors and therapists: Dina and I need to get along and put our differences aside if Lindsay is going to have any chance at a full recovery without relapse.”

The pair had pledged a mutual understanding on how to support Lindsay last June. But the peace was short-lived, after the family patriarch charged Dina had a hidden agenda, repeatedly lied and was enabling Lindsay.

Said Michael: “Everyone has been asking Dina to sort out her issues with me, but the general consensus is that she simply can’t admit or take responsibility and she is afraid to do so. But that isn’t even part of it, she doesn’t have to admit anything. All she has to do is keep Lindsay and the kids out of our differences and try to get along for their sake. She can make all the claims she like about child support – the truth of which is that every cent owed has been paid and even more — but there is a much deeper and important issue here: Lindsay’s health is first and foremost.”

He added, “Our kids are first and we should be second.”

Source, Fame Pictures

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Lindsay Lohan to get right back to work post-rehab!

E! News has exclusively learned that, upon her release from rehab next week, Lindsay Lohan is going to get cracking on expanding her 6126 fashion brand into footwear.

“She’ll finalize everything when she’s out,” says a rep for 6126, who describes the shoes Lindsay has in mind as “classic, glamorous, timeless with a sexy flair.”

An official announcement is expected early next year and, if all goes according to plan, the line will debut next fall.

Lindsay was ordered to remain in treatment until Jan. 3, but at this point it’s not for certain whether she’ll scram right on Monday or give herself some breathing room and head out later in the week.


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