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Lil Wayne Seems Healthy.

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Uh, NOT.

Lil Wayne says his latest round of seizures were not triggered by sizzurp (even though he was double cupping at his concert? Okay.) The dude says it all emanates from  his chronic epilepsy, and SO RESPONSIBLY by forgoing the medications he takes to control it. Smart.

As we reported, the rapper’s private jet was forced to make 2 emergency landings earlier this week because he hadn’t been taking his meds and had several epileptic attacks on the plane. As for why he wasn’t taking his perscription, Wayne’s rep says he went to a pharmacy in Milwaukee where he was performing but they didn’t have the medicine in stock. He thought he could do without it for a few days and GUESS WHAT? He couldn’t.

Okay, don’t blame this on the fair city of Milwaukee (my hometown!) Lil Wayne. I’m sure SOMEWHERE you could get your pills for epilepsy. You just…didn’t really care. And then you had a seizure or two and now you’re okay? Don’t think so.

And of course, Lil Wayne returned to the stage just 2 days after he was released from the hospital. Good luck with this whole “staying alive” thing.

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Lil’ Wayne’s Seizure Forced An Emergency Landing

Lil Wayne Performs In Paris

Ugh, this seems so SENSELESS.

Lil Wayne suffered a seizure during a cross-country flight from Milwaukee to Los Angeles, forcing his private jet to make an emergency landing in Nebraska. Afterwards, he was transported to a hospital by ambulance.

Yeah, I know- it’s like the dude has a death wish because along with being a long-time epileptic, last night in Milwaukee he was double-cupping in plain sight. UGH. So, he suffered seizure, the plane landed, and then he suffered ANOTHER SEIZURE after refusing medical attention and going back onto his private jet. According to TMZ, is plane was in the air for minutes when the 2nd seizure occurred and was forced to land again.

I know, it’s almost comical if it wasn’t so DEPRESSING. Lil Wayne: get it TOGETHER. Also, doctors are here to help.

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Lil’ Wayne Had A Sizzurp Relapse


Lil Wayne NOOOOOO!

Despite almost DYING in 2013, the dude is back on the sizzurp train and it’s making me scared for him.

Sources at TMZ say he started back up a few months ago and is being super open about his double cup. He’s rarely been photographed without one in recent weeks, even last week when he was in very conservative Dubai. As the TMZ source puts it, Wayne gives “zero f***s.”


In 2013 Lil Wayne told Katie Couric he quit lean cold turkey due to the seizures, but obviously he’s relapsed. So sad…

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This Weird Couple Is Done.

Christina Milian Super Hot At "End of Summer" Celebration In Vegas

Yep, Christina Milian and Lil Wayne– one of the odder couples around- is calling it quits.

In the summer of breakups, one more casualty are these two oddballs. The “Start a Fire” collaborators broke up last month but have remained amicable, according to Us Weekly, both attending Alexander Wang’s New York Fashion Week show on Saturday.

Milian and Lil Wayne dated for over a year. In July 2014, Us confirmed the pair were an item after Milian split from her fiancé, Jas Prince. So what happened? Did the sheer weirdness of ANYONE dating lil wayne wear on Christina? Or did Christina’s lack of cultural relevance bore lil wayne?

According to a source, their busy schedules were partly to blame.

“They’ve broken up a few times before. She’s got so much going on with Grandfathered, her E! and Hulu shows, and working on her album with Wayne. It doesn’t help that Wayne is all over the place too. They both have insane lives and schedules.”

Okay, pretty CONVENTIONAL breakup reason. I wanted it to be like, Lil Wayne’s teeth were too gold or something. HMPH.

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