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HOLD UP Liam Hemsworth Never Formally Proposed To Miley Cyrus

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The REAL story about Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth‘s whirlwind reunion…

We all were a little surprised this NYE when the exes rung in 2016 together, and how almost instantaneously Miley started wearing the engagement ring Liam gave her back in 2012. But a source at US Weekly says that the Hunger Games actor, 26, “never formally proposed again!”

The “Dooo It!” singer, 23, simply decided to start sporting the 3.5-carat Neil Lane sparkler Hemsworth had helped design. “Liam noticed,” the pal says of the pair, who called off their nuptials in September 2013. “They are telling friends they’re engaged.”

The friendly exes began hanging out again after she split from Patrick Schwarzenegger in April. Eight months later, Cyrus flew to Australia to ring in 2016 with Hemsworth and his family. There, a source says, “Things started getting romantic.”

(US Weekly)

Sounds like a case of “we’re young and don’t want to be alone so let’s get this old train running again,” doesn’t it? I don’t wanna fault them for this but I feel like Miley’s make such a hard point of being non-heteronormative and doing her own thing and making weird sprinkle-themed music videos, that this feels so…BASIC.

What do you think of this romantic re-engagement story?

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Miley Cyrus And Liam Hemsworth Moved Back In Together

The 20th Annual Academy Awards Viewing Party To Benefit The Elton John  Foundation

Woah, Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are moving at LIGHTSPEED, back into their old relationship…and into mutual cohabitation? WHAT. IS. HAPPENING?!

TMZ reports that this weekend, Miley and some friends drove a U-Haul truck over to Liam’s pad in Malibu, where she brought a bunch of her (probably weed-saturated and tye-dyed with weird dried golden noodles and glitter and lycra) stuff. It was the finishing touches of her week-long moving process so I guess that means…back on for REAL?

As we reported, she’s already wearing the engagement ring again (that’s recycling! And I support it) which Liam gave her years ago, so I gotta know- when do you think these two are gonna come clean about this incredibly speedy reconciliation?!

Two weeks? Two days? Let us know how YOU feel about this makeup.

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Miley Wants Liam Back

Miley Cyrus And Liam Hemsworth Grocery Shopping At Whole Foods

She’s just being Miley!

As we reported Miley Cyrus and ex-fiancé Liam Hemsworth were seen hangin’ out together again on NYE. It’s been since 2013 that they’ve been apart…maybe it’s enough time for them to see that they want each other in their lives?

A source told E! News that the singer’s feelings for the actor have not changed, and they are reevaluating the possibility of being back together:

“Miley came back to LA on Monday after spending the holidays with Liam. She had the time of her life being with him and his family,” the insider tells us. “She feels like they could pick up right where they left off. Miley has never gotten over Liam and always hoped they would get back together. She doesn’t know where it will go, but she definitely still loves him and wants to be with him. Liam has an interest in being back together too.”

A second source tells E! News the two are “back on.”

Another insider told E! News over the weekend that the two were spotted “cuddling and kissing” at the Falls Music Festival in Byron Bay, which they attended with the actor’s family, including brothers Chris Hemsworth, 32, and Luke Hemsworth, 35, and their wives. Another source said the two attended the event with several people and appeared “affectionate” while hanging out backstage in a VIP area, adding, “Liam was seen rubbing Miley’s back at one point.”

The Australian Telegraph newspaper further reported that the pair spent about half an hour in the VIP area drinking with friends and then watched the music festival from a general viewing area. They were protected by security to ensure people did not photograph them.

Do you wanna see these Bangerz bangin’ again? SOUND OFF BELOW!

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Miley Cyrus And Liam Hemsworth Are Back ON.

The 20th Annual Academy Awards Viewing Party To Benefit The Elton John  Foundation

New year, new…hookups with old exes.

Yep, Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth– who officially broke off their engagement three years ago– seem to be back on? What, is this 2013 again? I feel like I’m in a time warp.

According to The Daily Telegraph,  two have spent the past few days in Byron Bay with the Hemsworth family, cuddling and kissing (not all Hemsworths, unfortunately. Just Liam) at the Falls Music Festival on Sunday night. If you remember, the Hemsworths were NOT big fans of lil Miley so this is pretty surprising.

The couple arrived at the festival late in the evening, spotted walking backstage towards the VIP area with brothers Chris and Luke and their wives, Elsa Pataky and Samantha.  So I guess it was like a big ol couples date, at some obscure (at least to me) music festival?

Wow, 2016 is gonna be WEIRD. And I love it.

Do you think Miley and Liam are back ON?

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