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Lena Dunham talks about her battle with Endometriosis

Lena Dunham talks about her battle with Endometriosis

Lena Dunham has opened up in her Lenny column about learning that she was suffering from Endometriosis.

She revealed, “From the first time I got my period, it didn’t feel right. The stomachaches began quickly and were more severe than the mild-irritant cramps seemed to be for the blonde women in pink-hued Midol commercials. Those might as well have been ads for yogurt or the ocean, that’s how little they conveyed my experience of menstruating.”

She went through college with the symptoms undiagnosed and following that, her first season of Girls. She said, “If my pain had no tangible source, that just meant my mind was more powerful than I was and it didn’t want me to be happy, ever. I saw myself divided like a black and white cookie into neat halves: one bright and ambitious, the other destined to wind up strapped to a gurney and moaning for pain meds.”

People reports:

It wasn’t until the actress’s long time producer friend Jenni Konner introduced her to Dr. Randy Harris, calling it “the moment my life changed.” Harris performed laparoscopic surgery to diagnose Dunham, who eventually decided on monthly injections to control her symptoms.

Though Dunham says she initially feared people finding out about her diagnosis and deeming her weak, the disorder has actually made her more in tune with her body.

“I am strong because of what I’ve dealt with. I am oddly fearless for a wimp with no upper-body strength,” she says. “And I am no longer scared of my body. In fact, I listen to it when it speaks. I have no choice but to respect what it tells me, to respect the strength of its voice and the truth of my own.”


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Lena Dunham covers ‘Harpers Bazaar'; Talks turning 30

Lena Dunham covers 'Harpers Bazaar'; Talks turning 30

Lena Dunham is featured on the cover of the November issue of “Harper’s Bazaar” magazine. Inside, she talks about turning cool and hitting the big 3-0.

She also touched on the internet hate that she has received ever since she rose to fame. She said, “I’ve been put to bed for weeks from reading things about myself on sites that used to be considered feminist gospel. I love the Internet because it helped me discover everything that matters to me. But I also hate the Internet because every piece of true pain I’ve experienced as an adult — with the exception of death in the family and breakups — has come from it.”

On the topic of turning thirty, she said, “I’m psyched about it because I think that being in your 20’s – especially as a woman – there’s an inherent tension. Ageism exists in all directions, but it isn’t the sweet spot for being taken seriously in the workplace. I’ve been really lucky. I got to do a lot of things before I was 30 that most people don’t.”

Aside from her show “Girls” going into its fifth season, she has also sold a pilot to HBO called “Max.”


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What’s Up With Lena Dunham?

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 9.23.29 AM

Uh oh, tough week for Lena Dunham

According to Lena’s Instagram, she’s going through some mental health issues, though she didn’t get specific about what exactly is ailing the Girls star.

Lena’s been super open about her experiences with anxiety and OCD in the past, but this post feels like one of those vague cries for help, complete with odd Calvin Klein underwear combo?

Lena says:

“TBH this was a rough week. It felt like my body, my hormones, my general sense of well-being were betraying me. I wanted to crumple into a pile or hide like a sweatshirt in the lost and found. And I felt as though there wasn’t a way to ask for the space and time I needed without hurting someone else. What a shitty feeling, but isn’t that the reality for so many of us? I am certainly no self-help guru but here is what I know tonight: when you take the time and space you need, kindly and responsibly, you’re suddenly available to the people you love in a whole new way. There is no other answer (except Calvins… Nothing gets between us.).”

Hope it’s not too serious, Lena. YIKES.

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Lena Dunham Still Loves To Get Naked

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 11.47.20 AM

I love you,  Lena Dunham.

Sure, you can be very elitist and hipster and obnoxious, but I admire your commitment to nudity. Lena showed off her curves and her green lingerie in a sassy-and revealing- Instagram photo yesterday.

“Love my @lonelylingerie and I think I will wear it to dinner with some boots & a smile,” she captioned the snapshot, “because we are all very lucky to be free.”

The 29-year-old posed for the revealing photo next to a toilet in her bathroom, and struck a “casual power pose.” She kept one hand on her hip and the other on her towel rack, you know, like she was just chillin and decided to have herself photographed for all too see.

Good on ya, Lena- making petty personal issues trivial and embracing our health and freedom.  I might take a couple bathroom selfies to follow suit. Gonna need some fancier lingerie, though!

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