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Eddie Cibiran Calls Brandi Glanville A Liar And A Creep

Brandi Glanville Signs Copies Of Her New Book 'Drinking & Dating'

Will there ever  be peace between Brandi Glanville, Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes? Not while the cameras are rolling, I’d imagine…

I mean, it’s been SEVEN YEARS since Brandi and Eddie divorced. To me, this news is not only boring, but old as hell. Still, Cibrian I guess felt the need to comment on an interview Brandi gave, for the sake of…his wife’s honor? NO idea. People reports:

“It upsets me,” Cibrian tells PEOPLE of Glanville’s recent interview in which the former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star says she asked his wife LeAnn Rimes, 33, to stop posting photos of her children on social media, but was rebuffed.

Not to mention, “Brandi is lying,” says Cibrian, 42. “She lies for the sake of publicity and she has to bring in my wife unfortunately for it to make headlines. It isn’t fair. She never asked LeAnn to not post pictures of the kids during the holidays, ever. They don’t even talk!”

With regards to Glanville’s complaints that she doesn’t see her children as much as she’d like to, Cibrian says, “She sees the kids as much as I do. She was with them for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. And I miss my kids tremendously when they’re not with me, but I don’t ask her not to post pictures.”

 “The kids have lived in a household with LeAnn and me longer than they ever lived in a household with me and Brandi. This is normal.”

Well, normal is as normal does. And honestly, I think they’re ALL crazy.  I feel bad for those kids, but at least they’ll be super good looking…

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LeAnn Rimes praises her husband Eddie Cibrian

LeAnn Rimes praises her husband Eddie Cibrian

Country singer LeAnn Rimes has nothing but good words to share about her husband Eddie Cibrian. She shared a photo of the two of them together on her official Instagram account with the caption: “Rehearsal Hall Lovin’ #hubby #hubbylove He’s my sanity amongst the chaos #tourrehearsal #todayischristmas @zoekarssen”.

Check out the picture below:

LeAnn Rimes praises her husband Eddie Cibrian

LeAnn has also been keeping busy on the social networking service sharing motivational messages for her hordes of followers. She shared a healthy pumpkin smoothie recipe and said previously that she only works out so that she can eat and drink whatever she wants.

She revealed, “I love food and I literally work out so I can eat what I want. Because I love food and wine and I love tequila and that’s what I want. I want to be able to eat and drink. I think it’s about consistency. Really, for me, it’s so hard to work out when I’m on the road because it’s like you’re in a different city every night and you’re trying to find the energy or the time, or whatever it may be.”

She added, “I’ve learned those moments when I really don’t feel like doing it are the moments I have to do it. To me it’s consistency. It’s really about getting your butt up when you really don’t want to and doing it.”

Source, Photo Credit: Fame/Flynet, Instagram

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LeAnn Rimes was Jane Fonda for Halloween

LeAnn Rimes was Jane Fonda for Halloween

It’s all about working out and staying fit for LeAnn and Eddie!

LeAnn Rimes wore a Jane Fonda costume for Halloween, while her husband Eddie Cibrian wore a Richard Simmons outfit.

She captioned the above photo: “Happy Halloween from the Cibrians! Little @theweightsaint little @janefonda little #trafalgarlaw little #scaryclown #halloween #halloweencostume #trickortreat”.

Prior to the holiday, she went to a Los Angeles Halloween party where she wore a Victoria’s Secret Angel costume. She also talked in an interview about her eating habits. She said, “I love food and I literally work out so I can eat what I want. Because I love food and wine and I love tequila and that’s what I want. I want to be able to eat and drink.”

She has previously come under fire for her thin frame, but she insists that it’s not because of anorexia. She said previously, “People said I was [anorexic], but I didn’t have a problem with eating, as I ate a ton all the time – I could eat my husband under the table! But I was going through a time when I just wasn’t sleeping – my mind wouldn’t shut off and my heart was breaking.”

Source, Photo Credit: Instagram

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Confirming What We All Know: LeAnn Rimes Is Insane

LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian at The Friend Movement Campaign Benefit Concert in LA

LeAnn Rimes revealed just what it takes for her to stay gorgeous, er, I mean what makes her an INSANE person who is OBSESSED with how she looks in a new interview for Into the Gloss.

The Grammy winner, 32, surprised readers with the lengths she will go to on her quest to look her “best,” a term I use VERY loosely:

“I’m a big vitamin person,” Rimes told Into the Gloss. “I take like 20 pills in the morning and 20 at night—fish oil, prenatal vitamins, probiotics, biotin… I have an herbalist I work with who has put me on a bunch of different things. I’m very strict about making sure I take them.”

Oh that seems normal. And fitness?

“At home, we have a gym upstairs,” said the star. “I switch it up between circuit training, Pilates, boxing, and yoga every once in a while.”

And what about that healthy, natural tan?

“My assistant, Kiki, and I love to spray tan so much, so we finally bought a machine and started to spray each other,” Rimes, who called herself “a white girl, seriously so white” continued to Into the Gloss. “The machine is like $500, so we save so much money. We do it once or twice a week. It’s like a car wash.”

Rad. Well, congrats on doing an interview and not realizing how insane you look, LeAnn.  Cheers to lots of pills, weird chemicals and whatever manical workout routine you have in your attic, girl.


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