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Kylie Jenner wants to get pregnant by Tyga?

Kylie Jenner wants to get pregnant by Tyga?

According to reports, Kylie Jenner would be happy if she ended up pregnant by her boyfriend Tyga.

We learned from Hollywood Life that the youngest of the Jenner clan is looking forward to a baby with the rapper. In fact, she has reportedly been telling her close pals that she is ready to take on motherhood.

A spy said, “She has been telling friends recently that if she got pregnant she would totally be fine with it. She is not actively trying but knows that accidents happen and she would totally be cool with that scenario.”

In the past, she has said that she wouldn’t mind being a young mother. She said jokingly, “I feel like thirty is too late!”

Still, Kylie is somewhat indecisive about her future with the rapper, so things could definitely change as the time goes by. The source added, “She changes her mind on him all the time. New week, new mentality.”

Do you think Kylie Jenner and Tyga are in it for the long haul or will they fizzle out in a few months? Hit the comments below and let us know your thoughts.

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Kendall And Kylie Jenner Got Stuck In An Elevator At NY Fashion Week




Kendall and Kylie Jenner know how to snapchat through a crisis, and when the two of them got stuck in an elevator at New York Fashion Week, that’s exactly what they did.

The twosome, along with Hailey Baldwin and Jordyn Woods, got stuck in an elevator on Thursday evening, and they recorded the entire moment for fans and followers. High points? Being on their phones and rationing a granola bar during their 20-minute ordeal.

Well, look like they out alive…and if you’re interested in their “adventure,” check out their snapchat highlights below!

Photos: Snapchat

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Kylie Jenner Debuts Her New, PLATINUM ‘DO!

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 10.23.02 PM

This is the old Kylie Jenner

And the new one? Well, she’s very…blonde.  The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star, 19, debuted her freshly dyed platinum locks in New York City on Tuesday, September 6, and it’s definitely a change, even for a beauty chameleon like Kylie.

Check out her new tresses, after the jump!


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Kylie Jenner Denies Boob Job Rumors

Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 8.50.41 AM

Don’t worry folks, Kylie Jenner did NOT get a boob job! She would NEVER!

Kylie was looking pointedly busty when she did a series of Snapchat videos a couple days ago, so followers speculated she had work done. Now, this isn’t the first time- Kylie swears by this one Victoria’s Secret bra, I guess, but she went ahead and flat out denied rumors of boob jobbery:

Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 8.50.23 AM

“Um never?” Really? Does that seems UNFATHOMABLE to you? C’mon, get off your high horse, Kylie. Your family has made a name for itself through reality and plastic surgery. Anyhow, she did offer up an excuse for why her boobs looked, well, formidable:

Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 8.50.17 AM

Cry me a river.


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