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Jennifer Lawrence cut her hair off! Cute or tragic?

The GLAAD Awards Gala was held in Los Angeles on Friday night, and Bill Clinton took home the Advocate for Change Award.

There were PLENTY of celebrities in attendance, but everyone was talking about Jennifer Lawrence! Jennifer chopped off her long hair, and showed off her cute new bob! What do you think? Love it?

Apparently there was an awesome awkward moment during the awards – via Bill Clinton. According to E!, Jennifer and Harvey Weinstein did a presentation about Bill, and Jennifer messed up his name on stage. Clinton awkwardly reacted by mouthing the words “I love it” and then went on to say “I don’t know why Harvey made Jennifer do that. She really was like 2-years-old when I became president. I met her backstage, and she looked like she was touring the Museum of Natural History.”

I think someone’s in love!

What do you think of Jen’s dress?

LOTS MORE PICTURES from the GLAAD AWARDS after the jump!! (Including Kirsten Dunst, Eric Dane, Kelly Rowland AND MORE!) (more…)

MY EYES!!!!!!! This cannot be un-seen!

I never needed to see this picture of Perez Hilton. What on earth!? I understand he’s lost a bunch of weight – but really? This is NOT HOT. The guy creeps me out.

Celebrities turned up last night for the Logo Network’s ‘NewNowNext’ Awards 2012 at the Avalon club in Hollywood.

Also at the event: Josh Hutcherson, Adam Lambert (and his bedroom eyes), Kelly Osbourne, Busy Phillips and Kyle Richards.

One more – for the win!

Photos: Fame/Flynet

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Kyle Richards: “If you cheat on your spouse once do not tell. You get a free pass.”

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills “star” Kyle Richards has written an advice book, because apparently she has advice to help the housewife in each of us. She’s currently on a book tour promoting her work, and she appeared on Good Morning America where she opened up about some of her more controversial advice. Such as “If you cheat on your spouse once, do not tell. You get a free pass.”

Good Morning America host Robin Roberts confronted the socialite about her beliefs on US breakfast TV this morning.

The presenter said she wanted to ask Kyle what she meant by saying: ‘If you cheat on your spouse once do not tell. You get a free pass…’

But the star was unapologetic.

Kyle said: ‘I know [sic] I was going to get some heat for that.’

She then went on to describe one scenario saying: ‘I’ve seen circumstances with people that I know are in love with their spouse and they made one mistake and I said – this is somebody that I know, nobody that anybody knows here, “Listen, if this really was a one time mistake, and you did not put this person in jeopardy, I personally think you should deal with it with yourself and with God and not go and say: ‘Honey look what I did,’” because I knew that this would ruin their relationship and their life.

‘So I said: “It did not happen”.

‘And I can tell you that many, many, many years later they’re happy and together and she did make that mistake and she has to carry that and live with that…’

Perhaps sensing that people would think she was the person in question, Kyle quickly said: ‘And it’s not me!’

Looking at her husband who was obviously on set, unseen by the cameras, she went on to say jokingly: ‘My husband is over there sweating bullets.

‘I know I get a lot of heat for that, but I do feel that and I know they’re still going strong.’

When it comes to her own marriage, Kyle said the secret of her success is appreciating her relationship.

Speaking about Mauricio – who is her second husband – she said they have been together for 17-and-a-half years because she appreciates him and what they have together.

Kyle said: ‘I’m very appreciative of my marriage and my husband…

‘I know what we have and I make sure to never forget that and make sure that he feels appreciated every day and he makes me feel appreciated every day.

‘He makes it easy to.’

So I’m not even going to try and guess who the couple is she’s talking about. For all we know she made the whole thing up. Or maybe everyone she knows cheats. And what do you think about her theory? Should couples get a free pass?

Here are pictures of Kyle and husband Mauricio leaving Good Morning America yesterday.

Source , Photos: Fame

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Kim Richards is still “very much” in rehab, despite reports on the contrary.

Despite a report claiming troubled Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kim Richards is finished with rehab, a source close to her says she’s definitely still in treatment. “Kim is still very much in rehab,” an insider tells Life & Style.

Outlets may have jumped to conclusions that Kim had been released after her sister Kyle Richards shared a photo of them together via her Twitter yesterday, but a source says she was visiting Kim in rehab. (Nice rehab!)

Kim entered rehab earlier this month for drinking and other issues.


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