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Goldie Hawn: ‘Kurt Russell and I don’t have the perfect relationship’

Goldie Hawn: 'Kurt Russell and I don't have the perfect relationship'

Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell have been together forever, but she says that they don’t have the perfect relationship. Hey, they’re making it work and for that they should be applauded after doing it for 32 years.

In an interview with “People”, Goldie said, “We have our ups and downs like everybody else. You have to want to stay together, and we really want to. Therefore, you work to be together. We don’t have a perfect relationship, sometimes I get mad and sometimes Kurt gets mad. It’s normal.”

She said that they do their best to keep the communication lines open to avoid any tension. She revealed, “Continuing to listen and grow is important because we get into bad habits in relationships. We’re cognizant of these things in our relationships, being mindful and caring and listening. In relationships, particularly love relationships, people are impatient. They don’t listen.”

There were recent reports that the long-time couple planned on walking down the aisle together, but Kurt shrugged those off in an interview. He said, “I was just talking to Goldie last night and I said, ‘I should really have fun things to say, I have none. They trot that one out every four or five years, now that we’re 400 years old. No, unfortunately, for those that need to hear yes, I do not have good news.”

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Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn Share A Walk And A Kiss

Couple Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell sharing a kiss while walking their dogs in Pacific Palisades, California on March 28, 2012. The kiss looks a bit awkward but how can you not love this couple?

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“Spiritual Gangsta” Goldie Hawn and partner Kurt Russell spend the holidays in Aspen

64-year-old Goldie Hawn stepped out in Aspen yesterday afternoon, wearing a tank-top in the freezing weather. (Hot flash maybe?)

Goldie is spending Christmas at the home in Aspen she shares with long-time partner, Kurt Russell.

The couple spend almost every Christmas in Aspen but have yet to be seen on the slopes yet.

And it is unclear whether their daughter Kate Hudson will be joining them with Muse frontman boyfriend Matt Bellamy.

Reports last month suggested that Matt would fly out with his parents for a big family Christmas with Goldie and Kurt.


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Goldie Hawn & Kurt Russell Stopping At Gas Station In Calabasas


Wonder why she won’t put her arms down. There were like 10 picutres in this series, and in all of them her arms were out like that.


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