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OMG: Kirstie Alley smooches ‘DWTS’ co-star!

O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?

That’s right, ladies and gents… Kirstie Alley recently locked lips with Romeo Miller aka Lil’ Romeo!!

On Thursday afternoon Alley, 60, and her former DWTS rival, 21, locked lips for the cameras in L.A.

But is there really a romance between the two? Alleytweeted: “Romeo and I got bored today so we decided to put on a little freak show for the paps… hehe.”

She added that the lip-locking was “Romeo’s idea! It was funny!”

Romeo was eliminated from the competition on May 10; Alley and partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy are one of the show’s three remaining couples still competing for the title. Chelsea Kane and Hines Ward are also still in the running for the Mirror Ball trophy.

Smooching Kirstie Alley — would you???

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A much thinner Kirstie Alley leaving Katsuya last night!

Wow, she’s dropping weight like crazy!

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Posted Tuesday, May 17th, 2011 at 1:13pm
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Kirstie Alley looks half her size pre-DWTS!

Kirstie Alley should just keep dancing! She’s dancing off all that extra weight! She’s looking great!

‘Dancing With the Stars’ has done her body good!

Photos: Fame

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A “size 6″ Kirstie Alley shows up at ‘Regis & Kelly’ in New York City

I’m sorry, my head is still spinning from yesterday’s story, where Kirstie claims she’s size 6 now. While there’s no way on this planet that she’s a size six now, she definitely looks good here!

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Kirstie Alley: “I’m a size 6″

I’m sorry – but a size 6!? Does she mean 16? There is NO WAY that girl is a size 6 – NO WAY. She recently told Extra that even though she hasn’t weighed herself in weeks (doubt it) that she has a goal in mind.

The actress pointed to a tattoo of a slim pin-up girl on Maks’ back and declared, “This is me in a month-and-a-half.” The actress also revealed, “I haven’t weighed myself in the last four weeks.” The slimmed-down actress may not know her weight, but she does have a goal in mind. “I bought these dresses from a [size] twelve to a two. Tonight I’m a six. When I’m a two, I’m done, people!”

6!? I’m still shocked. There’s no bloody way. NO WAY. Portia de Rossi is a size 8 – so Kirstie is saying she’s a size smaller than her!? C’mon now….

I agree she looks great since losing weight, but I wouldn’t go so far as to say she’s a size 6.

PS: The picture below was taken on 4/13


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