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Kimye’s Having a BOY!

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Catch A Flight With North

Well, well, well. Looks like Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are adding a little testosterone to the MIX.

The power couple announced on Keeping Up With The Kardashians that they were pregnant again (though nobody cared because, you know, Caitlyn Jenner) but now that we’ve got a little room to process all this info, the two have announced that they’re having a boy! Us Weekly reports:

“Kanye loves Nori more than anything, but to make his world complete he wanted a little boy, an heir,” says a source close to West. “He’s overjoyed!”

Kardashian is elated as well. “Kim always wanted two kids,” says a Kardashian pal. “A girl and a boy.”

Having another baby wasn’t easy for the couple.

“Kim was really down about it,” a source says of her inability to get pregnant. “And she was worried.” As she recently told Glamour, “The waiting and waiting has been a roller coaster.”

(Via Us Weekly)

I’m PERSONALLY excited for more weird Met Ball gowns and odd quotes about cravings. But mostly, I’m excited for whatever weirdo, egomanical name these dudes are gonna pull out of their rich, rich asses. Any guesses?

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Kim Kardashian’s Birthday Message To Kanye Is Kinda Adorable

PICS: Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Have A Busy Day In Paris

Kim Kardashian loves shoutouts to her #1 Kanye West, and his 38th is no exception!

The reality star gave a special birthday shout-out via Twitter today, saying: “Happy Birthday 2my best friend in the entire world! U R the most amazing husband &dad! U inspire me every single day.”

She followed that with two other equally gushing tweets: “You make all of your dreams reality & it’s fascinating to be by your side & watching it all happen! You have a heart of gold!” she wrote. “Have the best birthday ever! #SWISH”

(The #SWISH is a reference to Yeezy changing the name of his upcoming album to SWISH. The as-yet-unreleased record will be his first since 2013’s Yeezus, and will include the track “Only One,” which he recorded with Paul McCartney.)

And of course, Kris Jenner, had to get in on the fun. The momager Instagram with a special dedication.

“Happy Birthday to my son @kanyewest!!!!” she wrote. “You are such an amazing Daddy, husband, friend, son, and brother…you are such a special part of my family and we feel so blessed. Thank you for sharing your passion, creativity, and love with me each and every day. You are such an inspiration! Have the best day!!!”

(via Us Weekly)

Lotta Kardashi-love!

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Don’t Worry Kimye’s Baby Won’t Be “South West”

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Catch A Flight With North

Just in cast you guys thought Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were going to name their second kid after a mid to low range airline, you thought wrong!

The two are ditching the compass when it comes to naming baby #2, saying that there is ABSOLUTELY NO CHANCE that the kid is going to be South, East or Eastong.  Why? TMZ reports that the power couple wants the name to be strong. With North, there was a power element because it’s always on top, or pointing up. The other 3 just don’t have that kind of bravado.

Our sources say the couple leaning toward something more traditional and familial. NO, not something with a ‘K.” More likely it’ll be something connected to Kanye’s family, specifically his late parents.

The kid’s due in December, so they have some time to sort this whole name thing out.

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Tim Gunn Is NOT A Fan Of Kim Kardashian’s Selfie Book


Sorry, Kim Kardashian- not EVERYONE is excited about your #selfielife

Fashion guru Tim Gunn stopped by Us Weekly‘s HQ this past week, and comically paged through a copy of Kim Kardashian‘s selfie book, Selfish.

The Project Runway judge, 61, had some pretty strong opinions on Kim K’s coffee table book, which includes hundreds of photos from every part of her life.  Us Weekly reports:

“Can I just say something?” Gunn noted as he opened to one photo of Kanye West‘s wife, 34, sticking out her tongue playfully. “To all the young people out there in particular: Banish this… This is disgusting and vile. What if this is the only thing that survives in the time capsule?”

Another line penned by North West‘s mom hilariously unnerved Gunn. “‘I just got this Fendi coat and was in New York,'” he read aloud to Us. “‘I was in a taxi and took this selfie to send to Kanye to see if he liked my new coat. He did!'”

Rolling his eyes, Gunn joked: “I feel my IQ is plummeting.”

(Us Weekly)

HAHHAHAHAHAH. I LOVE YOU TIM GUNN.  Later, the style guru got to the racy party of Kim’s book…and his reaction is priceless. Check it out here, unless you value your IQ, of course.

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