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Kanye West Hit With Lawsuit!

Kanye West & Kim Kardashian Shopping In Miami

A one-time child soul singer has slammed Kanye West with a lawsuit!

Ricky Spicer, 56, is charging that the rapper used his voice without asking on “Yeezus.” Spicer (as anyone would be) was super surprised to hear himself on West’s single, “Bound 2,” which debuted at No. 1 in June.

“Mr. Spicer’s voice is sampled exactly as he recorded it and his voice … is heard several times,” said the suit, filed Monday in Manhattan Supreme Court.

Spicer is demanding that West give him the appropriate compensation or cease and desist from using his voice. Pretty reasonable, right? Besides West, the suit fingers Roc-A-Fella Records, Island Def-Jam Music, Rhino Entertainment and Universal Music Group as defendants.

Come on, Kanye. I know you think highly of yourself, but you can’t just use some dude’s voice without permission!

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Has Kim Kardashian had work done on her face?

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Leaving A Radio Station In NYC

Is this before and after proof?

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Kim Kardashian under fire for waxing her 6-month-old daughter’s eyebrows.

Kim Kardashian Out And About With North

Kim Kardashian shared a new photo of her six-month-old daughter yesterday afternoon on Instagram. North West is seen staring into the camera, looking adorable as can be. While many people didn’t think much of it, lots of people are criticizing the reality star for waxing or plucking little North’s eyebrows.

Some people on Instagram targeted the baby’s perfect brows. “I hope you really ain’t that superficial to be waxing that baby’s eyebrow tho,” wrote user jayelpurp.

When asked to comment, a rep for Kardashian said the allegations that the reality star grooms her child’s brows “[are] false. Completely ridiculous.”

What do you think, did she wax North’s brows??


Here are some new pictures of Kim out and about in Hollywood with North.

Kim & Kourtney Out Shopping With Penelope

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Kim Kardashian shares a new picture of North West!


Kim Kardashian has shared a new picture of North West! The 33-year-old mom uploaded this close up of North West, who’s now 6-months-old! She captioned the photo, “SMILE.”

Earlier on Monday, Kardashian held a fan Q&A on Mobio Insider and doled out motherly advice. In order to be the best mother possible, Kanye West’s fiancee said it was personally important to make time for herself. “never lose time for u. go to the gym, get a facial, or manicure to feel goo[d] so u can go home and be a good happy mom at home,” she wrote.

World-traveling baby Nori has been Keeping Up with her reality star mom and rapper dad in recent weeks. Following a busy NYC trip, Kardashian shared a cute pic of her little girl with artist Jeff Koons in Miami, Fla. in early December, where the couple attended the world-famous Art Basel show.

Okay, North is pretty darn cute.


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Kim Kardashian wants three babies with Kanye.

Kim Kardashian & Blac Chyna Get Their Brows Done

Kim Kardashian is in full-on baby and wedding mode. Rumor has it she is OBSESSING over imitating Kate Middleton, and is going as far as designing her wedding gown to look like Kate’s.

Kim wants to marry Kanye – and then soon after she wants to pop out two more kids! Kim sat down with Mobio INsider, and was asked where she saw herself in a decade. She responded: “In 10 years I see myself raising a family of 3 children possibly and just [loving] life my husband and [our] children.”

It’s a lovely sentiment showing Kim is quickly embracing the family she is creating with her rapper fiancé, whom she described as her “best friend”.

She added: “I love the Kanye you guys probably dont see so often. he always makes me feel safe and protected. We are best friends. thats all a girl would need forever. (sic)”

Given those adorable thoughts and future plans, it’s no surprise Kim is getting very excited to spend her first Christmas with both Kanye and North. It’s her favourite time of the year , and her festive traditions are all centered around the importance of family, which can be seen in their annual card .

She said: “Christmas is my absolute fave time of year! its about family. I love the smell of everything Christmas. My moms Christmas Eve party is a tradition we have had since I was born. Then we do Christmas morning, opening presents with our whole family at 6am! Then we all cook breakfast together. (sic)”

After seeing the tree they’ll be gathering around, we’re definitely getting jealous of the Kardashian clan this year!

Maybe she really does love Kanye, but I just don’t see it. Maybe that’s a good thing? Kim went over-the-top-gaga-in-love with Kris Humphries and look how well that turned out?

Here are some new pictures of Kim stepping out with her new BFF Blac Chyna! Who’s Blac Chyna you ask? (I didn’t know either) Apparently she’s an ex-stripper and a model.

Kim Kardashian & Blac Chyna Get Their Brows Done

Source, Photos: FameFlynet

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