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Kim Cattrall would have been fine without SATC


Kim Cattrall would have been “fine” without ‘Sex and the City’.

The 53-year-old star – who won her role in the series about a group of four friends in New York at the age of 42 – claims that although the show turned her from a jobbing actress to a household name, she would have been happy without the success it has brought.

She said: “If it hadn’t come along I think I’d have been alright too. I’d have a really good, strong, journeyman actress career. That would have been fine.”

Kim – who plays Samantha Jones in the show and its spin-off movies – even said she didn’t take to the script when she first read it, saying she saw only a “miserable” woman and a group of people she “didn’t care” about.

Despite eventually signing on for the series, Kim admits she thought it was a “scary” thing to do.

She explained: “When you sign a contract to do a series, you’re effectively signing away six, possibly seven, years of your life based on 30 pages of dialogue. That’s a little scary.”

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Kim Cattrall And Miley Cyrus On The Set Of ‘Sex And The City 2′



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Jason Lewis and Kim Cattrall film a scene for Sex and the City 2.


Want a Jason/Kim spoiler?  Go here!



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The girls of “SATC 2″ are back to filming in Manhattan!


I love Kim’s dress!



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