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Kim Basinger Play’s Grey’s Ex Lover In The Next Fifty Shades Of Grey

'Grudge Match' New York Premiere

Anyone seeing the second movie in the Fifty Shades of Grey franchise? The five of you: this post is for y’all:

Universal just locked in its first new cast member to join Fifty Shades Darker and to my surprise, it’s Kim Basinger replacing Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey!

I KID, I KID. Kim just looks like she is in that dapper lil’ suit of hers she wore to an old premiere. In actuality, she’ll be playing the role of Elena Lincoln, Christian Grey’s Business partner and former lover in the E.L James adaptation, sources tell Variety.

Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan are returning to reprise their roles of Anastasia Steele and Grey, respectively. In addition, Universal plans to shoot “Fifty Shades Darker” and the final pic, “Fifty Shades Freed,” back-to-back, so it was important to lock down cast before production began on the sequel. The real question is: who’s gonna see ANY of these movies?

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Kim Basinger: “If Women Said No More Babies, We’d Run The World.”

'Grudge Match' New York Premiere

Man, I’ll always love badass Kim Basinger.

The actress was interviewed by The Daily Beast to promote her new film, The 11th Hour. You can read the full Daily Beast interview here, but essentially the movie seems like a downer about a working mom who wants to adopt a kid. Kim talks about the film but also about motherhood as a choice, 91/2 weeks and dating Prince, which is kinda cool. Cue awesome power suit!

She admires child-free women: “I’ve always admired professional women—and I’ve had a few around me—who decided not to have kids. They knew they either couldn’t handle it, or just didn’t have that maternal instinct, or it just wasn’t for them.”

Working on 9 ½ Weeks: “9½ Weeks is one of those that I’m so proud of. I know it took some hits initially—whether tomatoes were thrown—or that we stayed in a theater in Paris for a number of years, but I’m very proud of that collaboration with Mickey, and with [director] Adrian Lyne…There’ve been a lot of sexy, nudie films around, but in some strange way, we pioneered our way into that arena, and I remember how welcomed I was—especially in Europe—with that character. And it strengthened my film and personal relationship with women.

Dating Prince back in the day: “He’s a brilliant talent. There’s no doubt about that. You know that, I’m sure. Hey, listen, I don’t really have boundaries, so I enjoyed that time of my life. It was a really special moment in time, and I have great memories. I don’t put a lot of restrictions on myself, let’s just put it that way. If there’s someone I connect with, we’ll go on these rides together. So that was a neat time in my life.

Prince writing “Scandalous Sex Suite” for her: “That song. Oh, I know. Oh dear! Ah, yes. Sex runs the world in a lot of ways! If only women knew how powerful they were, they’d just say “no, no more babies,” and then we’d run the world. So there you go!

[From The Daily Beast via Celebitchy]

I love that she described dating Prince as a “neat time in my life.” Oh Kim, you’re WAY more interesting than most.  Scandalous, even…or at least according to that song.

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Kim Basigner: Good genes or really good docs?

'Grudge Match' New York Premiere


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Kim Basinger Signs With Daughter Ireland’s Modeling Agency

'Grudge Match' New York Premiere

Looks like Kim Basinger is taking some modeling advice from her 18-year-old daughter, Ireland!

Basinger, 60, started her career as a model at age 16, and is getting back into the biz! (You may remember her Ford modeling days, where she famously was the Breck Shampoo girl before transitioning to acting).  Though Kim’s worked steadily, she has enjoyed staying low-key and being a mom to her kiddies.

Ireland signed with IMG Models in early 2013, because he mom thought it would “give her more confidence.” So maybe Kim’s looking for a little umph, too? Here she is, stepping out at the Grudge Match premiere in a sharp menswear-inspired Ralph Lauren Collection outfit looking Amazing!

I don’t think it’s a good idea to push kids into modeling, but I do like the idea of a shoot with both Kim and Ireland…they can showcase the fact that beauty is ageless!

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