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Kesha Drops CA Sexual Assault Charges Against Dr. Luke

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Kesha is picking her battles.

It’s been a long, ongoing and super painful fight to bring justice to herself and her career, and now Kesha is rethinking the steps she’s made. Er, prioritizing, I guess, is a better way to put it? We just found out that the singer is dismissing the sexual assault lawsuit she filed against Dr. Luke in California, but going full steam ahead with a similar case in NY.

Kesha filed docs on Monday to drop the case after nearly two years. Her attorney, Daniel Petrocelli, says, “We have conveyed to Sony Music and the label Kesha’s strong desire to release her next album and single as soon as possible.” He added that she’s delivered 28 new tracks to the label, and is trying to release new music to get her career back on track.

And in NY lawsuit news: Kesha continues to appeal an April ruling that shot down her rape allegations and her effort to get out of her contract with Luke’s Kemosabe Records.

We’ll keep you posted. I’d love a couple fun new tracks, honestly. Oh yeah, and JUSTICE!

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Kesha’s Having A “Statement Set” At The Billboard Music Awards

Kesha Makes An Appearance At New York State Supreme Court

Dr. Luke: Kesha ain’t done with you yet.

Kesha will be doing a set at the Billboard Music Awards, but it’s not going to be your garden variety performance. She’s targeting Dr. Luke specifically, in what will be a pretty bold “statement performance.” And the plot THICKENS!

Sources at TMZ say Kesha tell us the singer is gearing up for a marquee performance during the live May 22 show on ABC from Las Vegas. Apparently, the performance will make direct references to her ongoing legal battle with Dr. Luke … and might even include images of him. IMAGES! That’s not descreet at all, and I love it.

She might have already shown us after a not-so-subtle reference to the Sony producer when she covered Lady Gaga’s “Til It Happens To You” last week. It’s a really ballsy move by Kesha, but considering what she’s been through, I don’t doubt it’s worthwhile and will be super empowering! Eeekkkk! Excited.

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Kesha Appeals Judge’s Denial of Dr. Luke Injunction!

Kesha Makes An Appearance At New York State Supreme Court


Kesha filed paperwork on Monday to have a New York appellate court weigh in on her dispute with producer Dr. Luke, because New York Supreme Court Justice Shirley Kornreich denied a preliminary injunction that would have allowed Sebert to record outside of Dr. Luke’s purview. Turns out, that’s not a good enough answer for the musician.

Mark Geragos, Sebert’s attorney, wants another opinion. and according to The Hollywood Reporter, thinks that Kesha’s contract is akin to slavery:

“Plaintiff seeks reversal of the Order on the following grounds,” state her latest court papers. “First, the Court erred in basing its decision on its finding that Kesha could record without interference from Gottwald. Although it recognized that ‘slavery was done away with a long time ago’ and that ‘[y]ou can’t force someone to work … in a situation in which they don’t want to work,’ the Court’s ruling requiring Kesha to work for Gottwald’s companies, purportedly without his involvement, does just that.”

Dr. Luke’s legal team thinks Kesha wants money, and have been pursuing its own claims against her for breach of contract. Sony Music, on the other hand, wants to allow Sebert to record without Dr. Luke’s involvement. Geragos considered this to be an “illusory promise.” He doesn’t understand why the balance of equities favors the other side:

“The Court did not explain, nor could it, why any potential harm to SME could not adequately be compensated by money damages if it were to prevail in the litigation,” he writes in his pre-argument statement. “Indeed, SME, Gottwald, and all the related entities are each free to make music (and money) with other young talent. In the event they prevail in the litigation, they can recover money damages from Kesha for her breach of contract.”

This is going to get even more confusing and heated. But I think we’re all going to learn the importance of persistence and empowerment from it. DANG.

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Kesha’s Mom Speaks Out Against Dr. Luke: “He Basically Owns Kesha Until Her Death.”

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Pebe Sebert refuses to stay quiet!

In an interview with Billboard Magazine, Kesha’s mom spoke out about her daughter’s painful ordeal with Dr. Luke and life after the singer’s failed injunction. Pretty intense.

Though no new details have emerged on the case itself, Pebe did give some insight as to why she and her daughter didn’t go to the police after the producer’s alleged 2005 rape. According to Sebert, it’s a choice she regrets to this day:

“Looking back, I don’t know why we didn’t go to the police. Kesha told me not to do anything. She said, ‘Mom, I just want to sing. I don’t want to be a rape-case victim. I just want to get my music out.’ I didn’t follow my instincts.”

And that choice had lots of ramifications. Apparently, her daughter would threaten to take her car to Mulholland and “drive off the cliff” or that she’d often declare:

“I would rather be dead then spend one more day with him.”

Dr. Luke not only allegedly repeatedly sexually assault the singer, but he’d often emotionally abuse her by telling her that Katy Perry was “so much better” while also labeling her a “fat f*cking ­refrigerator,” during a music video shoot. That’s gotta be hard for anyone to hear, especially a young girl like Kesha. Still, she’s doing better now than in 2005:

“Kesha is so much better now. She wasn’t comfortable with having to do this, but I think she realized as this thing progressed that she can advocate for sexual abuse or other things. The fact that she is at peace with that has really been healing.”

Summing up her daughter’s awful predicament, Pebe stated:

“Dr. Luke basically owns Kesha until her death. He doesn’t have to give her any money and is under no time constraints. She can’t legally put any new music out, or he can and will sue her.”

(Via PerezHilton)

Wow, I so feel for Kesha and her mom. Hopefully this whole ordeal will be over, soon.

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