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Kenny Chesney Livin’ La Dolce Vita

Kenny Chesney may have taken the year off from touring, but that doesn’t mean he has been staying home, either.

The country superstar spent several weeks this winter in L.A. editing his new concert film Kenny Chesney: Summer in 3D, which hits theaters April 21, and managed to squeeze in his first-ever Italian vacation.

“We went to Capri, Positano and a little town called Ravello,” Chesney says. “I ate a lot of bread, drank a lot of wine and ate some really good cheese. And it was great. It’s somewhere I’ve wanted to go my whole life, but I never afforded myself the time to do things like that. Now it’s one of my favorite places in the world.”

Though taking the time off “was the hardest decision I’ve ever made,” Chesney says, “I’m so glad I made it. I haven’t felt this content in a long time.”

The drive that had made the singer the biggest North American ticket seller of the past decade had also taken a toll on his personal life. “Someone said ‘You sure do give a lot of your life to this’ and I said, ‘No, this IS my life.’ There’s no room for anything else. And that’s gotta change.”

Step one has been spending more time with the people closest to him. “I’ve been getting reacquainted with people who you shouldn’t have to get reacquainted with: my family,” he says.

Chesney, 42, is also opening himself up to romance. “If I want a relationship, I have to give to it too.”

Not that the singer is racing down the aisle. Although he has been dating Nashville nurse Amy Colley since 2008, “it’s not like I’m taking a year off so I can get married again,” he says. ” ‘Cause that could or couldn’t happen.But I want to put myself in a position to do it if it did happen. I want to put myself in a position to have a relationship in my life.”

He also has more travel on the horizon. “I want to go to places I’ve never been,” he says. “China? The Pyramids?”

“Who knows? I want to go explore,” Chesney says. “I want to taste everything. I want to take a big spoon, dip it in and taste it all.”

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Kenny Chesney launches laidback clothing line

Kenny Chesney

For Kenny Chesney (and his fans), “No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems” isn’t just a song, it’s a way of life. And now the country star is launching a clothing line, Blue Chair Bay, that captures his laidback style. The pieces — for men and women — are designed to look and feel like “that favorite T-shirt that you’ve washed a lot that is kind of sun bleached… your favorite khakis, and your shirt that you’ve had forever,” he tells People.

(Naturally, there are worn-in baseball caps, too.) Chesney was so involved in the design process that he even name-checks friends on some of the items. “I’ve got a shirt that says “Bob’s Charter” and Bob is a buddy of mine that’s been living in the islands for a long time.”

Sure, not everyone can live in the Caribbean like Chesney, but he hopes his new mid-priced line (ranging from $35 for a T-shirt to $72 for khakis) — which is currently being sold at Fast Buck Freddies in Key West, Ocean Eddie’s Resort Wear in Gulf Shores, Ala., and Levy’s in Nashville — prompts people to use their imagination. “Blue Chair Bay is kind of like the place we’d all like to go if we had no obligations or nowhere to be,” he says, “and that’s kind of what I want this clothing line to represent. These are the clothes I would pack to go to this place.” Count us in!

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Kenny Chesney: Jessica Simpson never flirted with me

Kenny Chesney

Kenny Chesney is blasting a tabloid report that he and Jessica Simpson flirted in front of Tony Romo at a July 4 party just days before the couple’s breakup.

“Tony’s a friend, and I wouldn’t flirt with a buddy’s girlfriend,” Chesney tells People. “More importantly, Jessica was just being sweet and there was nothing else to it. It’s not funny. There were no problems. Everybody got along great. After the party, everybody went their own way and nobody thought anything more about it. Period. End of story.”

The party was thrown by Chesney’s friend, Sean Payton, coach of pro football’s New Orleans Saints, Chesney says.

“If a girl and her boyfriend can’t go to someone’s house for a Fourth of July party and talk to the other guests without it turning into a big nightmare … , then I feel really sorry for Jessica and Tony, who’re both really nice people,” Chesney says. “I wonder if I wasn’t famous if anyone would even care. But the fact of the matter is I talked to a bunch of guests, hung out, had a good time.”

Simpson and Romo, the quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, split five days later on July 9 – the night before Simpson’s 29th birthday.

Source, Bauer-Griffin

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Kenny Chesney Writes About “Horrible” Split With Renee Zellweger


On his latest album Lucky Old Sun, Kenny Chesney writes about the end of his four-month marriage to Renee Zellweger.

He tells Newsweek recovering from the split was “was horrible. It took a while. Years. It’s been since 2005.

“I was probably as emotionally and mentally exhausted as I’d ever been,” he goes on. “And that was due to a lot of things — having the foot on the gas pedal constantly, and my breakup with Renee Zellweger.”

So, he says, “I got in a plane and went down to the Virgin Islands. I was completely by myself.

“I didn’t want to be around anybody,” Chesney continues. “So the next thing you know, it’s me and a pen, and I sat down and wrote a lot of lines of this song, ‘Nowhere to Go, Nowhere to Be.'”

Asked if he was nervous writing about the Zellweger split, he tells Newsweek, “It’s the truth. It’s my life.

“I’ve been in a lot of states of mind in the last three years,” he says. “In that way, it’s a pretty honest record. I’ve let myself be more emotionally vulnerable in some of the lyrics. I think that was good therapy.”

He says he has “no idea” what the actress will think. “I don’t know. It’s unpredictable.”

Chesney tells Newsweek they still talk “every now and then. I don’t want to say this whole record is about her.”

Is he still heartbroken?

“Not at all,” says the singer, who adds that he is dating again. “I already wrote those songs. I’m on to something else.”


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