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Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett Gushes About Her Birthday Present From Husband & Son

What does a husband get for a wife who has everything she ever wanted? Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett will tell you, because her husband Hank Baskett gave her something that money can’t buy.

“This year he surprised me with the best gift I’ve ever had in my life,” she told OK!. “He got a bunch of paint and him and our son, little Hank, hand painted or put hand prints all over a canvas. I had a bunch of handprints all over from him and little Hank. That was my gift.[...]I can find a perfect spot for it!,” she gushed to OK!. “And little Hank made his own one, he painted it and everything.”

So, will there be a little brother or sister for little Hank soon?

“We’ve been talking about it today actually!”

Besides the family planning, Kendra talked about attending Hugh Hefner’s wedding and what gifts she’d be bestowing upon her former beau and his new wife:

“He actually asked for charity donations so we’ve already donated our stuff. That’s what they want as their gift is donations to Children of the Night.”


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Kendra Wilkinson in new lesbian sex tape!


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Kendra Wilkinson is “pissed off” she’s not invited to Hefner’s wedding!

Hugh Hefner’s former girlfriend Kendra Wilkinson is pissed she hasn’t received her wedding invitation yet.

“I haven’t gotten my save the date yet,” Kendra exclusively tells us. “I’m not joking, I’m really pissed off about it.”

“If I don’t get a save the date, I have another wedding to attend that same day,” she continues. “I got a save the date from one of my closest friends for that date. I’m planning on going to Hef’s but I haven’t gotten the save the date for that same date. I’m getting kind of antsy because I need to pick which wedding to go to.”

So is she really that PO’ed at Hef?

“No! It’s Crystal that does the wedding planning. She’s the girl! If she doesn’t give me a save the date soon I’m going to have to put in my save the date with the other wedding.”

Now before we declare a Code Red, remember that back in January, the hot mama had nothing but kind words for the couple.

“You can just tell there’s a whole other meaning of love in [Hef],” Kendra said. “I feel like she’s the girl for him.”

Photos: Kendra leaving ‘Dancing With the Stars’ practice yesterday afternoon. (Fame)


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Kendra Wilkinson on Ellen: I’m where I need to be in my life

In an interview that’s scheduled to air on March 21, 2011, Kendra Wilkinson talks to Ellen Degeneres about dancing, having a family, and Hugh Hefner’s recent engagement.

The ex-Playboy Bunny first tells Ellen how far she has come in her life:

“I feel like those days, when I lived in the Mansion, I feel like that blends in with my high school days. That’s how far ago it was. Now, I’m in a completely different part of my life. I feel so grown up. I feel so mature. I feel that I’m where I need to be in my life… After learning how to dance, I come home and teach my husband all my moves and how to dance and my son is watching so he’s picking up the moves. It’s a family affair now. It’s a family thing.”

And then Kendra goes on to talk about Hugh Hefner’s engagement to Crystal Harris? Kendra mentions that she took the time to sit down with Hugh, her former elderly lover, in a private conversation and wishes him the best.

“He really seems happy. You have to be happy for someone that’s happy like that. I’m happy for him. If that’s what he wants to do, if that’s where he wants to be in life, I’m there for him. I’m one of his best friends.”

It seems that Kendra is very content with her life and where she is! I love seeing truly happy Hollywood glam-girls-gone-mothers!

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