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Kendra Wilkinson suffered a stroke!

Kendra Wilkinson Arriving At The Trump Soho Hotel

Kendra Wilkinson was involved in a head-on car accident last April, and rushed to the hospital after suffering minor injuries.

Now we’ve learned that her injuries weren’t minor after all. According to E! the former Playboy Playmate suffered a minor stroke after her accident.

Doctors were able to determine she suffered a stroke through CT scans, days after the car accident.

The crash occurred in Calabasas last spring while she was driving on the ramp leading on to the 101 freeway.

Kendra hinted at her health scare on Twitter. “U know how you “change” after a car crash. Ya I definitely look at life differently after. Check out #KendraOnTop 2 c what I mean. 10 @WEtv”

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Kendra Wilkinson quits ‘Splash’

Kendra Wilkinson got all the way to the top of the diving board. When push came to shove, she just couldn’t do it.

On last night’s episode of ‘Splash,’ the reality star backed down the 23-foot platform with tears in her eyes.

“I’m so sorry, everybody,” Kendra said. “It’s bittersweet. One thing I don’t do is quit. This is the first time in my life I’ve quit something. This will haunt me for the rest of my life.”

Kendra was paired with extreme skier Rory Bushfield, who had been advised by doctors not to compete after he ruptured an eardrum in practice. She has been open about having a serious fear of heights. “I start spinning, I start wanting to throw up, I’m shaking, my fingers wiggle,” she told E!.

On Twitter after the show, Kendra wrote: “Damn I got a lot of hate tonight but ill take it. Big mistake signing up for the show. Sorry I let you all down.”

I can’t imagine why anyone would do this show. Is Kendra REALLY this desperate for attention?? It seems humiliating to me. I don’t get it at all.

Here are new pictures of Kendra arriving at the Trump Soho Hotel in NYC. She looks really great!

Source, Photos: FameFlynet

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Kendra Wilkinson’s revealing Halloween costume!

Kendra Wikinson had a very revealing Halloween costume over the weekend! The former Playmate and ‘Girls Next Door’ star tweeted pictures of her Halloween costume – which consisted of nothing more than paint!

While we haven’t seen the final product yet, the former “Girls Next Door” star tweeted photos of her costume being applied to her body before attending the Halloween party at the Playboy mansion.

The mother of one shared three revealing photos on Twitter as she was getting ready, getting what looked like a referee’s uniform getting painted onto her fit physique.

And we’re not the only ones who are dying to see the finished look.

Before the bash, her ex Hugh Hefner tweeted “Kendra is coming to the Halloween party painted–similar to the way she was when I first met her. Go, Kendra!”

Check out more celeb costumes in the gallery above — including shots of Hef and Crystal Harrisfrom the Playboy bash. Hopefully we’ll get a better look at Kendra later on!

More pics below!


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Kendra Wilkinson is scared to have another baby!

Kendra Wilkinson loves her son, Hank Jr., but according to In Touch, the reality star is scared to have another baby because of the postpartum depression she suffered after giving birth in 2009.

“I was living under a gray cloud, and lost who I was,” Kendra, 26, tells In Touch, adding that at her worst she felt as if she “had nothing to live for.”

And Kendra says after the delivery, she struggled to get her body back. “It took me two years to not only get my body back, but to feel like myself again.”

Not only is the star desperate to avoid another breakdown, but she worries that her husband Hank Baskett’s uncertain career path renders a second child impossible.

“I’m not going to say it’s easy,” she confesses of being the breadwinner for the retired football player-turned-aspiring actor, 29. “But I’m willing to work harder so that he can find what he wants to do.”

How many of you moms had postpartum depression? I definitely had it with both of my boys – but it didn’t last very long. Couple weeks, maybe a month. But it IS the worst feeling on the planet. I’ve never felt depression like that before, and hope I never do again! I think what makes it so difficult – is you know as a mom – you SHOULD be happy about your new baby. It’s just so hard!


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