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Kendall Jenner And Harry Styles Might Be Banging Again

Kendall Jenner Out And About In LA

A$AP Rocky, move over.

Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner have had a thing since January of 2014, and they’ve always been talked about on and off in the media since. Well, the latest news with Kendall’s love life was that she was legit dating A$AP Rocky…until now. I guess that Harry and Kenny’s short holiday earlier in the year made an impact on Kendall, because she’s all about Harry again:

The duo were spotted on a dinner date at Ysabel on Thursday night, and the model “was beaming” all night, says an onlooker.

According to a source close to Styles, 22, and Jenner, 20, the duo “are trying to spend time together again” after cutting off their relationship for a bit.

“They’re rekindling their old romance and Kendall’s so excited and happy about it,” says the source. “She’s always cared about Harry.”

The stars first met a few years ago, but “things never got serious,” a source told PEOPLE earlier this year about their New Year’s vacation. “He has thought all along that Kendall is hot and was sort of just waiting for a chance to spend more time with her again.”

(Via People)

Hm. I don’t really like this nor do I believe it, though I never really thought she was dating A$AP Rocky, either. Kendall is really elusive when it comes to who she’s dating…and I definitely think Harry’s not the right dude for her. Not now, not ever.

What do YOU think of the couple?

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Kendall Jenner Doesn’t Ask Guys Out

Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 8.00.00 AM

Kendall Jenner is back and talking DATING.

Now, there’s a lot of tabloid conversation about Kendall’s sexuality, but right now she’s telling the world that she’s straight and she’s currently dating A$AP Rocky, which seems random. But maybe not…because he probably followed “Kendall’s Rules,” one of which is that the dude must pursue:

Kendall’s dating rules: “It’s not that I’m scared of asking a guy out or showing him that I like him, it’s just that I’d much rather be pursued. I definitely like the chase and the feeling of being wanted. And, the way I see it, if a guy isn’t going to put in the effort and ask me out, then the relationship probably won’t work. It would be a waste of time for me. Call me a little old-fashioned, but it’s just what I like!”

Ageing, grey hair: “A couple months ago, I found a gray hair on my head. Even though I was jokingly being dramatic about getting one (they can be from stress!), it honestly does kind of freak me out. When I turned 20, I was scared, as crazy as that sounds. I just didn’t feel ready to be out of my teens, yet – I didn’t want to be in my twenties. I feel like your twenties are when you actually have to grow up and be an adult, which is scary!”

(From Kendall’s website via The Mirror)

Honestly, these rules seem pretty sensible to me. Kendall’s always been a more “no BS” Kardashian, in my opinion, and I dig it.

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Kendall And Kylie Jenner Share Their Favorite Pics From Their Insane Turks and Caicos Vacation

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 3.54.24 PM

If anyone’s going to have an EPID 19th birthday, it’s gonna be Kylie Jenner.

After being showered in extravagant gifts some of which were puppies (and some of which were black Maybachs from her deadbeat boyfriend, Tyga) Kylie and sister Kendall jetted off to Turks and Caicos to celebrate Kylie’s birthday in style.

Although the KUWTK stars and their squad (which included Bella Hadid and Hailey Baldwin) posted plenty of bikini-clad selfies on social media, the sisters recently released their favorite shots in new posts on their websites, which are included in the gallery below.

“My 19th birthday trip to Turks and Caicos was epic!” Kylie writes. “The beach was so beautiful — of course we had to take a ton of photos.”

“We stayed in the craziest house (thanks to AirBnb), played on the beach and in the water, spent a day on a boat, rode Jet Skis — and just relaxed! It really was the perfect getaway.”

“I’m so glad we have all these cool pictures to always remember this trip,” Kendall writes.

(via Kylie/Kendall’s website)

Well, duh. And obviously Kylie’s favorite pic looks like she’s in a music video, while Kendall’s is more modelly and arty (which I prefer). But also, you gotta love a fun group pic.

Which picture do you like best from their trip?! WEIGH IN BELOW.

Photos: Kendall Jenner/Kylie Jenner

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Kendall Jenner Hires 24/7 Security After Stalker Arrest

52142257 Reality stars Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian seen filming their reality show with their mother Kris Jenner in Woodland Hills, California on August 5, 2016. Kendall joined up with the other girls a few minutes later. FameFlynet, Inc - Beverly Hills, CA, USA - +1 (310) 505-9876

I’d be scared, too.

As we reported, Kendall Jenner was forced to call the cops on stalker Shavaughn McKenzie, who waited for model to return home on Sunday and followed Jenner up her driveway. While McKenzie has since gotten a restraining order and charged for his actions, Kenny is learning from the incident and beefing up her security like WOAH.

According to TMZ, Ken has hired round the clock security guards to patrol her yard, as well as be stationed outside her Hollywood Hills home. She was, apparently, very shaken up by the situation and doesn’t feel safe in her home (btw, she bought her new house back in JUNE. That’s not a long time to enjoy your new place before you get FREAKED OUT).

You gotta do what you gotta do, Kenny.

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