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Keanu Reeves is selling himself off to the highest bidder for charity

Keanu Reeves is selling himself off to the highest bidder for charity

Keanu Reeves is auctioning off a motorcycle ride with him – to the tune of $150,000. Before you gasp in awe at the price, he is giving the winner a bike that he helped design afterwards.

The actor is selling off a two-day trip through California and the ownership to a bike he helped design. It’s just one of the many fantasy gifts that’s being featured in this year’s Neiman Marcus Christmas Book.

Three lucky buyers and their guests will get to stay in a suite at Shutters on the Beach in Santa Monica for three nights. The trip will begin with breakfast with the actor along with the bike’s co-designer Gard Hollinger. They will all go on a day’s rise through the Santa Monica mountains where they’ll end up at a cafe in Malibu.

The next day, they will enjoy a cruise around Angeles Crest National Forest, followed by lunch and then a final ride.

The purchaser then gets to take home the 121 horsepower KRGT-1 which is based on a motorcycle Keanu and Gard – working as the Arch Motorcycle Company – created for the 51-year-old star and he described as “the best bike on the planet”.

The listing for the fantasy gift states, “What happens when a movie star with a passion for motorcycles walks into the shop of an acclaimed bike builder? They create the bike of their dreams (and yours).”

When explaining how the bike has been adapted for the sale, Keanu said, “For Neiman Marcus, we added performance enhancements, so it’s got a sportier frame, engine and suspension.”

Source, Photo Credit: Fame/Flynet

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Keanu Reeves Calls 911 Over Home Invader

Keanu Reeves Calls 911 Over Home Invader

Keanu Reeves found a woman sitting in his library at 4 o’clock in the morning, so after speaking with her, he coolly called 911 and had the cops come and pick her up. Nuts, right? TMZ reports:

Reeves was snoozing at 4 AM Monday when he heard sounds coming from his library … yes, Ted “Theodore” Logan has a library.

The actor got up, walked in and saw a woman in her mid-40’s sitting in his chair, not uttering a peep.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … Keanu calmly approached her and began speaking to her. She explained she was there to meet him. He very calmly called 911 and obtusely told the dispatcher cops needed to roll quick.

Police came and took the woman into custody. She was taken for a psych evaluation.

Let’s hope that he learns from this and sets his alarm…the next one who breaks in may want more than to speak with him.

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Keanu Reeves takes off on his motorcycle.

Actor Keanu Reeves is surrounded by photographers as he gets on his motorcycle in West Hollywood.

I wonder when Keanu is going to make that 3rd Bill and Ted movie his promised! That’s what I want to see.

Photos: Fame/Flynet

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Keanu Reeves Lands In London

Here’s Keanu Reeves looking a little out of it as he lands at London’s Heathrow airport.

Do you think he looks a little like Ben Affleck these days? Or just, kinda, homeless-y? I still have the hots for him, after all these years…

Photos: FameFlynet

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