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Who’s ready to learn about ‘The World According To Paris’?

Ladies and gentlemen… presenting… a Paris Hilton reality show!

We’ve seen the socialite in ‘The Simple Life’… and we’ve seen her in her ‘BFF’ TV competitions. But this time, the upcoming reality show is strictly about Paris and her life. Period.

“I’m so excited for ‘The World According to Paris’ to be on Oxygen, it’s such a perfect network for the show,” she told Access Hollywood at the Oxygen upfront presentation in New York City on Monday. “It’s about living out loud, being a woman being empowered and just living life to the fullest and that’s what the show’s all about.”

Paris explained that her new show allows fans a real look into her life – including her romance with boyfriend [Cy Waits].

“Definitely this is the first time I’ve ever showed so much on a show. I’ve never let this much access and cameras into my life. So, they’re really gonna get to see everything from my family relationship to my relationship with my boyfriend,” she continued. “I think people are just gonna be surprised to see a Paris that they’ve never seen before. I think everyone is so used to seeing me on the red carpet and kind of the party lifestyle, but in the show they’re gonna get to see what happens behind closed doors when no one’s around. [They’ll] get to see the Paris that my friends and family know.”

Her friends, including Charlie Sheen’s estranged wife Brooke Mueller, will also be featured on the show.

“My mom and Brooke are very close,” Paris told Access. “Brooke’s a good friend of mine too and there’s definitely a lot of drama in the show with her in it.”

Mom Kathy Hilton, who also appears on the new Oxygen series, told Accessthat Paris’ show is “post-modern reality.”

“I guess in art, there is modern art and there is post-modern art, and this show would be post-modern reality, you won’t see anything else like it,” Kathy said. “You’re a fly on the wall, we don’t hold back anything. After four months of timing, you really do get to know the people. And I think that all the characters on the show have something to bring to the table.”

“The World According to Paris” premieres on Oxygen on Wednesday, June 1.

Oh, goodness. Who’s going to watch this show?  I can’t lie, but I probably will. Don’t deny it… you know you will too!

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Kathy Hilton reaches a year of sobriety!


Following a tough period of time for the Hilton family, mom Kathy recently celebrated a milestone: one year of sobriety.  Because two of her four children have been arrested for drinking and driving, Kathy decided to give up alcohol altogether. “She wanted to set a good example for her family,” says a pal of the 49-year-old, adding that although Kathy didn’t have a drinking problem, “she wanted to walk the walk.”

The former actress had already given up her occasional cocktails when her 18-year-old son, Barron, was arrested on a DUI charge in February. Now, with her brood back on track, Kathy is tackling another bad habit — smoking. “She doesn’t smoke in front of me!” Paris tells In Touch. After Barron was arrested, Kathy hired a family therapist to help them through the ordeal together.


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