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PICS: Katharine McPhee On The Set Of ‘Scorpion’

PICS: Katharine McPhee On The Set Of 'Scorpion'

Katharine McPhee spotted on the set of her new TV series “Scorpion” filming in Los Angeles, Calfiornia on September 8, 2014. “Scorption” tells the story of an eccentric genius who forms an international network of super-geniuses to act as the last line of defense against the complicated threats of the modern world.

PICS: Katharine McPhee On The Set Of 'Scorpion'

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Katharine McPhee’s Ex-Husband Calls Her a Cheater and a Liar

2014 Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour - CBS, CW And Showtime Party

Former Smash actress, Katharine McPhee’s, ex-husband, Nick Cokas, has recently filed new divorce documents- that don’t exactly put her in the best light.  McPhee initially filed for divorce- stating that the couple had separated in March of 2013.  This is notable, because in October 2013, she was caught kissing Michael Morris, the director of Smash – who also happened to be married.

Cokas’ latest documents state that they never separated until May of this year – and according to TMZ – he has evidence to prove his timeline through e-mails and text messages.  So not only does this put McPhee’s reputation into question, but it also puts her money on the line- as Nick Cokas is requesting spousal support.

I say- if she cheated- she should pay for it. I have so little tolerance for it.  McPhee has kept herself busy recently, filming a new dramatic TV series for CBS, called Scorpion.  

Michael Morris was and is still currently married to In Plain Sight actress Mary McCormack, who is also very good friend with Chelsea Handler.  McCormack has also recently booked a guest role on Scandal.  Apparently she has decided to look past his indiscretion – as she and Morris have been spotted repeatedly in public together as a couple.

2014 Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour - CBS, CW And Showtime Party

Photos: FameFlynet, Source

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Katharine McPhee and her husband reconcile after she was caught cheating!

Katharine McPhee and Nick Cokas Grab Lunch With Friends

Five months ago, Katharine McPhee was photographed kissing her ‘Smash’ director. That relationship (and show) fizzled, and now it looks like she’s reconciled with her husband, Nick Cokas!

E! News has confirmed that she is “working on her marriage” and was spotted with her husband earlier this week.

TMZ was first to report back in October 2013 that McPhee was caught red-handed with her “Smash” director, Michael Morris. At the time, Morris had been married for 10 years to actress Mary McCormack, with whom he has three children.

Although it was reported that McPhee and her husband Cokas — who is 18 years her senior — were separated and were living apart at the time, People noted in November that she and Morris broke it off after getting caught. “This is an incredibly hard time for Katharine,” a source told People. “[She] still has no plans to move forward with divorce at the moment, though they are not living together.”

No to say couples can’t make it work after infidelity, I just don’t see how you do. I don’t know how you get over a breech of trust like that.


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Katharine McPhee insists she didn’t mean to hurt anyone by kissing Michael Morris (how about HIS WIFE!?)

Uma Thurman Is A Smash!

Katharine McPhee doesn’t want to be known as a homewrecker. She especially wants everyone to know that she didn’t mean to hurt anyone by kissing the MARRIED Michael Morris.

A friend of Katherine’s was sent to talk to People, and play her up as a victim. “This is a very hard time for her.”She’s very upset.”

She SHOULD be upset. This is what I don’t get about cheaters. What did you think was going to happen? If you didn’t want to hurt anyone, then why were you making out with a married man? In PUBLIC? Cheating is not a victimless crime. Even if Michael was unhappily married, he’s still a father of three. You’re telling me Katharine didn’t know he had three kids? C’mon Katharine.

Morris has three children with his wife, Welcome to the Family actress Mary McCormack. And McPhee has been separated from her husband Nick Cokas for six months.

Now that the news of her relationship has been made public, the former American Idol sweetheart appears to be at a crossroads.

“Katharine cares about Michael,” the pal adds. “But she still cares about Nick too. She didn’t mean for anyone to be hurt.”

There should be a cheater’s disclaimer for posts like these, to save you the time in the comments. YES I know it takes two to cheat. Yes, I know he’s a homewrecker too. But I really have a hard time with women who prey on married men, ESPECIALLY when they have children. I don’t care how sorry you are. It’s taking it too far.


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