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Duchess Kate And Prince William Are Going For #3

Prince William & Kate Arrive In Sydney

Get ready for more teeny little royals…

Kate Middleton and Prince William, parents of George, 3, and 16-month-old Charlotte, “want a third baby soon,” a source close to the family spilled to Us Weekly. “It would not surprise me if they were pregnant by Christmas.”

Woah! That’s almost Irish twin territory (…and we know the English’s patchy history with the Irish).

The two are apparently already preparing. If Kate becomes pregnant, the source says that she and William will curtail their royal tours in 2017 because of Zika and Kate’s history of having some gnarly morning sickness. Sensible, you two. And hey, why not? We can do for a third very white boy or girl. I like kids playing with royal dogs on lawns as much as the next person.

What do you think: with Kate and Will become preggers in the next couple months?!

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Princess Kate Might Not Be In Pippa Middleton’s Wedding. Here’s WHY:

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 2.27.16 PM

Kate Middleton is excited about her sister Pippa Middleton‘s engagement– but she doesn’t want to steal her sister’s thunder!

Princess Kate said she is “absolutely delighted” with the news that her sister is engaged to hedge-fund manager James Matthews, and I guess we all assumed she’d be maid of honor, like Pippa was with her wedding. But…will she? Royal experts say maybe not!

Kate faces an age-old royal conundrum of not wanting to cause an upset by having her princess status overshadow her sister, and everyone’s weighing in.

“Kate would upstage her sister,” says veteran royals author Judy Wade. “It’s a tricky situation for Pippa. She would want her sister by her side, as who else would she trust to make things go well?

“But if your sister is a future Queen, she is going to upstage the bride and draw attention. Kate would want to be in the background as much as possible.”

(Via People)

I don’t know- I feel like my desire to have my sister be in my wedding would be more of a priority than “feeling upstaged,” but that’s just me.  What role do YOU think Kate should play in Pippa’s wedding?

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Is Duchess Kate’s Face “Collapsing?!”

Prince William & Kate Middleton Attend Turks Charity Event

Oh, ALLLL THE DIRT, you guys!

Sara Hammel is a long-time freelance entertainment journalist who used to work for People Magazine…and quit with a scathing resignation letter, calling out celebrities, nasty publicists and the editors at People. Now, she’s got a semi-memoir coming out called Red Carpet Regret: Confessions of a cynical celebrity journalist. In the memoir, she talks about all of her experiences interviewing and meeting celebrities, and all that BIZZZ, and the girl gave Cosmopolitan a little sneak preview. You can read the full Cosmo piece here, but here are some highlights:

Jennifer Garner knows you were judging how quickly she took off the baby weight: Hammel shares that she’s interviewed Jennifer Garner who, according to Hammel, says she admitted she feels pressure to be thin and to drop her baby weight “almost immediately, but I can’t make it come off faster than it does. I can’t seem to be pregnant without gaining 45 lbs. There’s not a lot I can do about it. I wish that I could, because I do feel the pressure and I do see the cameras and it’s the one time where having people follow you and take pictures of you is just excruciating.”

Jennifer Lopez at Tom Cruise’s wedding. “Ms. Lo speeds up, and as she passes in front of me she almost I-think-she-kind-of-did spit with a fierce Pss-fff-tsshh in my direction. I am taken aback. As she swans away, her famous butt, which I never realised was so untoned, is undulating under her silken baby pink gown. For me, now, she is ugly inside and out.”

Interviewing Angelina Jolie:
It’s like “preparing for an audience with the queen…when you meet her she appears unhealthily skinny, not just I-have-to-look-good-onscreen-so-give-me-a-break thin, with jagged shoulder blades and protruding clavicles, and has strangely pale makeup covering up what look like scattered scabs. And that she has a slow way of talking, looks you in the eyes only briefly and not truly connecting at all (many stars try really hard to seem like they’re connecting; she does not, at least not with me).”

Duchess Kate’s face: According to Hammel, Kate only smiles because her face is “collapsing.” She continues, “That, my Kate Middleton watchers, is why you will see her grinning maniacally at all times in photographs and videos, even when you get the strong sense it doesn’t really fit the occasion, even when you can’t see quite what’s so funny, even when those around her don’t seem remotely festive. Even when she’s staring into space, walking up some stairs. Even at somber events when it’s not right to smile, when she can’t lest she appear soulless, she tucks the corners ever-so-slightly upward.”

Jennifer Lawrence: Hammel says she’s a celebrity who, “who deigns to throw you a quote but makes it clear they’re doing you the grandest favour a higher being can bestow.”

Ryan Reynolds: Hammel says he’s a celebrity who “wants nothing to do with you before they even meet you.”

Celebrities who are “snappish or just rude”: Richard Gere, Alan Cumming, Jon Bon Jovi, and Lupita Nyong’o.

Celebrities who take themselves “very seriously”: Ryan Reynolds, Matthew McConaughey, Ashton Kutcher, Elizabeth Olsen.

(Via Cosmo)

Obviously, I LOVE hearing about this stuff. We all do. I wonder how much is true, and how much is just to sell a book, you know? That being said, most of this stuff seems like it COULD be true, though I think the Kate Middleton quote is going to forever haunt my dreams (shudder).

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Kate Middleton Looks Very 70’s On The Cover Of British Vogue


It’s the hat.

Yesterday British Vogue unveiled Kate Middleton as the cover star for their centenary issue. Photographed by Josh Olins in the Norfolk countryside, the Duchess appears in a 10-page shoot within the June 2016 issue, and she looks like a 70’s folk star.

It’s kinda cool, as this is the first magazine shoot that she has ever consented to. So it has that going for it. But it’s also very up it’s own a-hole, as many magazine shoots are:

“It’s a huge honour and incredibly exciting for us to have HRH The Duchess of Cambridge featuring on the cover of British Vogue and as part of our centenary issue,” Vogue editor-in-chief Alexandra Shulman said today. “For me personally it has been a wonderful experience to have had the opportunity to work with her on this, and I am immensely proud of what we have produced. This special issue of the magazine is very close to my heart as it had to reflect on 100 years of British Vogue, and so I am hugely grateful that we have been able to continue with our tradition of outstanding royal portraiture with these pictures.”

The Duchess also gave the go-ahead for two of the images to be in the National Portrait Gallery.

“Josh has captured the Duchess exactly as she is – full of life, with a great sense of humour, thoughtful and intelligent, and in fact, very beautiful,” Nicholas Cullinan, director of the NPG, said today. “Not only do they reflect her love of the countryside, interest in photography and championing of the National Portrait Gallery as our very committed patron, but they also encapsulate what Vogue has always done so brilliantly – to pair the best photographers with the great personalities of the day, in order to reflect broader shifts in culture and society. We had fun in making and choosing these images, and I hope that comes across.”

(via Vogue)

Vogue has also photographed Diana, Princess of Wales, Princess Margaret, the Queen Mother, and the Queen over the past 100 years. So you know, she’s in good company.

The question is…what do YOU think of these photos? Weigh in below!

Photos: British Vogue

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