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Kate Gosselin Goes Without Makeup – Wants To Be On ‘Dance Moms’?

Kate Gosselin was out makeup free this morning as she ran errands near her home.

Kate reportedly was desperate enough to stay on reality TV that she wanted to sign on for ‘Dance Moms’, but Jon put the brakes on her plan:

“I will not sign for them [their kids] to be on TV ever.”

Kate blasted the story, saying it was all lies:

“anything you read in the natl enquirer is lies..Especially one with my name and dance moms together! Seriously? You had to ask?”

Do you think Kate would go that far to stay in the spotlight? Or is she just an easy target for rumors?

Source, Photos by InfDaily

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Kate Gosselin and her non-new face run a marathon in Las Vegas!

Kate Gosselin recently denied accusations that she got a face lift. New pictures surfaced that had many wondering if she had had some work done. I don’t think she necessarily went under the knife – but under the needle? Maybe.

Anyway, here are some new pictures of Kate in Las Vegas, where she ran a marathon over the weekend.

Kate Gosselin ran her first marathon Sunday, a grueling 26.2 mile trek through Sin City in the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon at the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

The determined reality star wore a black shirt that read “Finishing Is Winning,” and spandex tights for the event that attracted more than 44,000 runners for two races — a full (26.2 mile) and half (13-mile) course.

Before posing for pics — including a shot with a pair of showgirls — the 36-year-old beauty took to Twitter to share some of her strategies toward keeping energized for the grueling trek.

“Eating lunch… Tiny blueberry scone, apple bran muffin and mac&cheese. Hoping for fuel from these fine carby foods! :) ,” the athletic mother-of-eight tweeted to her 65,000+ followers Sunday, adding her “kids are having a marathon party at home while I’m actually running it.”

Source, Photos: Fame

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Does Kate Gosselin have a whole new face?

Kate Gosselin has gotten herself a real day job, believe it or not. These new photos show Kate Gosselin apparently sitting at her desk, working as a blogger. US Weekly points out that her face doesn’t really look the same as it used to. Did she get some work done?

Has Kate Gosselin gone under the knife — again?

When the former reality star recently reported for her first day as a blogger, she revealed a new face to go with her new gig. And it’s not the first time the formerly full-figured brunette has freshened up.

“She’s consumed with her appearance,” a source says of Gosselin, 36, whose TLC reality show Kate Plus 8 was canceled in August.

To keep her youthful appearance, the single mom of eight — who got a tummy tuck in 2007 and breast implants in 2009 — relies on thrice-weekly tanning sessions. Last June, she even gave herself Botox injections! (The result: unnaturally arched eyebrows.)

New York City plastic surgeon Jon Turk tells the new issue of Us Weekly (on sale Monday) that based on recent photos, it looks like Gosselin’s gone more extreme this time: A defined jawline and changed eye shape “suggest a facelift.”

It’s not surprising, the source tells Us: “Kate wants to look 10 years younger.”

I agree that it definitely looks like she got some work done, but who knows if it was an entire face lift or not. Maybe she just followed in Jill Zarin’s footsteps and got a “liquid facelift”.

Sadly enough, her face actually looks better now. It’s not so harsh as it used to be – it looks softer.


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OMG! Check out Kate Gosselin’s Halloween costume!


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