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Kate Gosselin blames her daughter’s bad behavior on stage fright. (UPDATE: Kate went NUTS backstage!)


Yesterday afternoon an interview took place on the Today Show that totally made my week. Kate Gosselin’s 13-year-old twin daughters embarrassed their mom for being put on the spot. On live TV. It was precious. (Watch the video here)

Shortly after storming off the stage, she immediately beat the s**t out of them, and then tweeted “Thanks to @TODAYshow for having Cara, Mady and me on the show today! 1st live interview can render even the gabbiest girls speechless.” She added: “I’m proud of them, taking this opp! They were so excited but caught off guard by live tv!” Just kidding about the beating them part…. as far as I know she didn’t beat them. :)

It was obvious damage-control on Kate’s part, but Kate denied it. “No damage done. They wanted to do interview with me, I said ‘go for it’ #morelifeopportunites #proudmomnomatterwhat.”

After one Tweeter wrote, “You could tell they were scared of saying the wrong thing, that’s why they kept looking at you!” Kate replied, “There were no right or wrong answers. They just had a case of ‘stage fright’ #notactors.”

You KNOW Kate let those poor girls have it after the camera’s stopped rolling. I’d put money on it.

NYDN has an insider who was at the Today Show after the taping. This is what they said:

Backstage after the disastrous non-chat, Kate let the girls have it, says our source.

“She went type-A crazy,” says our insider. “She was upset that they had a chance to speak for themselves and defend her and they blew it. She told them, ‘You embarrassed mommy,’ and some people heard. She was not happy.”

The girls’ father, Jon, chimed in, telling “Inside Edition” Thursday that he blames his ex for what happened. “Definitely. Someone has to sign the paperwork for them to go on television. It wasn’t me. They’re minors … You put our kids into a situation that they were not prepared for at all. They weren’t allowed to be themselves.”

I think it’s creepy she referred to herself in the third person. “You embarrassed mommy!” Creepy!

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Kate Gosselin’s twin daughters humiliated her on live TV this morning.


I can’t tell you what a kick I got out of watching this segment on the Today Show this morning.

Kate Gosselin drug her 13-year-old twin daughters on to the Today Show this morning to talk about an interview they did with People magazine last week. Katie wanted the world to know that no matter what Jon Gosselin – or anyone else says – they are doing just fine. When Savannah Guthrie asked Cara and Mady Gosselin how they were doing, neither one of them would say a word. Instead, they shot their mother a look that could kill. It was all caught on tape.


For the rest of the interview, a very annoyed Kate tried to make up for the awkward moment. In the end the girls said they’d like to do another TV show. Just as mommy dearest told them.

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Jon’s Off The Hook: Kate Gosselin Drops Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuit

Kate Gosselin Out In New York City (NO FRANCE, NO GERMANY, NO OZ/NZ)

Here’s a vintage 2009 photo of Kate Gosselin, to remind us of the golden years…

Interestingly (but maybe not surprisingly), the reality star has dropped her multi-million dollar lawsuit against ex Jon Gosselin for writing a very “defamatory” book about their relationship. If you’ve already forgotten, the lawsuit included cases against the two wiretapping, computer hacking, and faking her identity.  Apparently, she dismissed the suit “with prejudice,” which means she can never sue him for this particular thing ever again!

Maybe more pertinent is the fact that she did NOT drop the case against the other defendant Robert Hoffman, the actual author of Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled The World. That one’s still hot, people!

According to PerezHilton, The lawsuit was initially brought to court after Mr. Hoffman released his scandalous book that had VERY intimate knowledge of Kate Gosselin. Kate accused Mr. Hoffman and her ex husband of partnering up and illegally wiretapping her phone and email. She also claimed Jon stole a hard drive from her home!

Here was what motion filed in the United States District Court of Pennsylvania on Tuesday said:

“Plaintiff Kate Gosselin agrees to dismiss with prejudice all claims and potential claims that she has or may have against Defendant Jonathan K. Gosselin that were or could have been asserted in this case. By this motion, Plaintiff Kate Gosselin is not dismissing her claims against any Defendant other than Defendant Jonathan K. Gosselin. Defendant Jonathan K. Gosselin agrees to dismiss with prejudice all counterclaims or potential counterclaims that he has or may have against Plaintiff Kate Gosselin that were or could have been asserted in this case.”

Of course, we can all speculate about why Kate dropped the case against her ex…the prime reason being that the dude’s BROKE! Thoughts?

Photo: FameFlynet

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Kate Gosselin uses her children again – for the sake of a cookbook that’s not even selling.


Kate Gosselin continues to try and remain relevant, this time by writing a cookbook. The cover of the cookbook, titled “Love is in the Mix.” I don’t know if it’s just me – but everything she does just seem so desperate. Doesn’t it? I mean these days ANYONE can write a cookbook. Cookbooks are a dime a dozen. Why would anyone pick up the Kate Gosselin cookbook? You’d have to be a fan of hers, I imagine. I don’t see your normal cookbook shopper pulling out Kate’s book and saying “Hmm, this one looks perfect!”

According to Radar, this new cookbook is even a disappointment to her die-hard fans.

The customer reviews on Amazon are about as devastatingly bad as they come, and as far as we can tell, ex-husband Jon Gosselin didn’t pen any of them.

“Honestly I believe that anyone who writes a cookbook should have honest skills and training. This is a celebrity vanity book that happens to have a few non-original recipes,” wrote Amy.

“What a terrible waste of time and money. Recipes seem to be recycled from the back of soup cans and internet recipe sites,” chimed in Jason.

“I’m not sure why this was even published,” wrote Brenda, warning other customers, “don’t waste your money.”

After the deluge of negative reviews over the first several weeks following the book’s September 24 publication, suddenly several extremely positive ones — “wonderful & amazing” — magically appeared. in the last few days. Maybe Gosselin’s eight kids hit their computers?

But even that’s not helping sales. The book is DOA. It’s almost off the chart on the downside, number 14,944 on Amazon’s sales list.

Onto the next venture! What will she do next to make money?


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