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Kate Gosselin’s house of horrors & rules for staff revealed!

Kate Gosselin's house of horrors & rules for staff revealed!

We have all heard how much of a monster Kate Gosselin is and how she treats everyone around her, but we hadn’t heard about her reported “Gosselin Manual”…

Kate is shown on this week’s cover of the “National Enquirer” and the tabloid points out how her eight children are “living in hell”. In addition, she has rules for everyone and even orders people to spy on her ex-husband Jon. Crazy, right?

Reality TV mom Kate Gosselin is a “witch on wheels” who terrorizes her nannies and orders her kids around like a drill sergeant, say sources.

Kate not only demands her help complete a back-breaking regimen of daily household chores, she also expects them to clean up after her chickens, The ENQUIRER has learned.

The hard-driving 39-year-old mom’s rulebook, the “Gosselin Manual” – obtained exclusively by The ENQUIRER – spells out the duties that she expected her nannies to perform while she gallivanted around the globe for work and lavish vacations.

In addition to watching her brood, Kate demanded that her help handle cooking, laundry, landscaping, pool maintenance, trash duty and even tend to her flock of chickens. And MORE!

It’s sad, but I believe some of these reports. She has always come off as a very strict person with her children and has been very nasty to people in the past. None of this would surprise me…would it surprise you?

Source/Photo Credit: National Enquirer

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Kate Gosselin’s teen daughters don’t want to do reality TV

Kate Gosselin's teen daughters don't want to do reality TV

In a not so shocking revelation, it appears that Kate Gosselin’s teenage daughters Mady and Cara really don’t like being filmed for reality television. As you know, Kate has been pushing the idea that her kids love the cameras, but apparently that is not the case whatsoever!

Kate Gosselin and her brood are returning to television this evening with the TLC special Kate Plus Eight: Sextuplets Turn 10, and if previews for this very special television event are any indication, teenage daughters Mady and Cara are over it all when it comes to planning a birthday party.

As the 13-year-olds work with their mom to try and come up with a theme for the sextuplets big birthday, Mady bluntly tells her mother: “This is stupid. This isn’t fun. I don’t want to be a part of it.”

Things only get worse when Kate sits down with the teens to talk about how they are role models for their younger siblings, and Mady exclaims: “Have you seen me? I sit in my bed all day.”

Ever the trooper, Kate went on Good Morning America earlier today to promote the special, and claimed the girls were happy to participate, saying: “They were definitely excited, and I never would have agreed without asking them.”

I can’t wait until they come out with a book or two talking all about how Kate has raised them in the spotlight while being so greedy for a dollar.

Source, Photo Credit: Fame/Flynet

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PHOTOS: Kate Gosselin on the set of ‘Celebrity Apprentice’

'Celebrity Apprenctice' Begins Filming In NYC

This crap is still on the air? Who knew!

Kate Gosselin was photographed yesterday at a ‘Buy A Pie for Charity’ event on the first day of filming ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ in New York City.

Do you still watch this show?

'Celebrity Apprenctice' Begins Filming In NYC

Photos: FameFlynet

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Kate Gosselin hasn’t spoken to her sister in years, and keeps her children from seeing their family.

Kate Gosselin Is the Season 3 Premiere Guest on the "Wendy Wililams Show"

We’ve all known that Kate Gosselin is almost as big of a famewhore as they come. She’ll do just about anything to stay in the limelight (including whoring her kids out on national TV). There’s a new story circulating today claiming that Kate has cut her children off from her family entirely. Kate’s sister, Kendra Wilber, told the Daily Mail that she hasn’t seen or talked to her sister in years. Kate’s children have also had no contact with their grandparents, aunts, uncles or cousins. Kate has also banished all her old friends.

According to her sister Kendra she has not spoken to any of her family for years, completely shunning their efforts to reconcile and keeping them out of her eight children’s lives.

Kendra believes her normal, everyday family just don’t ‘fit in’ with Kate’s money driven, fame hungry ambitions.

Kendra, 44, only lives a few miles away from Kate’s home, but she has absolutely no idea what is going on in her sister’s life, despite numerous efforts to re-establish contact.She is still reluctant to speak publicly, but does say she has always been concerned about the celebrity path her sister was taking and the people she started to surround herself with.

‘Kate does not speak to her family at all. It is very painful’, she said. ‘In the past the people who were close to her were the people who were making money from her and we thought that was very dangerous.


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