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Kate Gosselin Halted Practice for 90-Minute Mani-Pedi

Kate Gosselin and Tony Dovolani may be trying to get along after their tense, disastrous first two weeks on Dancing with the Stars — but it’s not easy, an insider says in the new issue of Us Weekly.

“Tony wants to practice all day, but Kate takes too many breaks,” the source says. On March 26, for instance, Dovolani had to twiddle his thumbs while Gosselin, 35, spent 90 minutes getting a mani-pedi; the reality mom also takes frequent time-outs to hit the tanning salon.

Adds the source: “Tony is getting tired of her attitude.”

In this new video, Us Weekly’s Senior Editor Bradley Jacobs breaks down some of the top feature stories in the new issue. In addition to the DWTS drama, there’s an in-depth look at Kim Kardashian’s recent split with Reggie Bush. “Kim is not crying or sad,” a pal says, adding that things didn’t feel right when they reunited last fall. “It wasn’t the same. She knew it was over.”

And, of course, more on Sandra Bullock and Jesse James: her determination to file for divorce — and retain an active role in the life of Sunny, her 6-year-old stepdaughter.

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How Kate Gosselin’s Latest DWTS Rehearsal Is Going

After a rocky rehearsal spat in which Tony Dolovani quit on Kate Gosselin, he says things are going much better this week.

“I just got done with our first practice,” he Twittered Wednesday. “The Paso is going great :-)”

Despite two terrible performances (one judge called Gosselin, 35, a “nightmare” on the dance floor), she and Dolovani, 36, managed to survive the first round.

To make it to finals, he recently told Access Hollywood that she needs to trust him more.

She is slowly coming around.

“She’s starting to understand regardless of how tough I may be … I’m on her side,” he said. “I’m actually trying to make her look good … I’m not actually going against her. I’m not trying to cause any problems for her. All I’m trying to do is make her look good.”

Gosselin said that despite Dolovani being a “great” teacher, they are bound to clash occasionally.

“He has as much pressure as a teacher as I have as a student,” she told Access. “It’s a hard, hard thing.”

Tell Us: Will Kate and Tony last another week?

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Kate Gosselin on DWTS Results Show: I Was Going to “Throw Up”

Kate Gosselin is breathing a heavy sigh of relief that she wasn’t the first to go on Dancing With the Stars Tuesday night (sadly, 90210 alum Shannen Doherty was).

“I don’t think I breathed for 10 minutes, and I don’t think that’s humanely possible,” the reality TV mom, 35, told Entertainment Tonight after the show. “I also thought I was going to throw up at the end. My gosh, that is just pure torture, is it not?”

Following low scores and rumors of on-set diva behavior, Gosselin — who famously sparred with partner Tony Dolovani during a recent rehearsal — figured her dancing days were done. “She definitely thought she was going home, for sure,” professional dancer Edyta Sliwinska told after the show.

Added Louis van Amstel: “We all did.”

“She was definitely stressed out,” Anna Trebunskaya said of Gosselin. “[Evan Lysacek and I] got lucky because they announced us around the middle, but she had to wait and wait and stand in that red light. That is the worst.”

After Gosselin learned she was safe, “the expression on her face changed just like that,” Buzz Aldrin told Us. “Amazing.”

Tell Us: Are you surprised Kate is still on the show?

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Pro: Kate Gosselin Will Be “First to Go” on DWTS

Who will win Dancing With the Stars this season?

Professional choreographers Dan Karaty and Stacey Tookey agree: Nicole Scherzinger.

“I will be shocked if Nicole doesn’t win,” Karaty, who has worked with Jessica Simpson and Sarah Jessica Parker, tells about the Pussycat Doll, who earned the high score of 25 points out of 30. “As expected, she gave a great performance and she is far and away the best celebrity dancer out there.”

Tookey, who counts Madonna as one of her clients, says Scherzinger has a “huge advantage” as a pop performer.

“She has experience learning choreography and is extremely comfortable on stage,” Tookey tells Us. “Nicole and Derek Hough’s performance was hands down the best of the evening!”

As for who Scherzinger’s top competition may be, Tookey thinks Pamela Anderson (21 points) and Olympic figure skater Evan Lysacek (23 points) will make it to the finals.

“Although Evan needs a lot of work in terms of personality, his dancing was very good,” Tookey says.

Karaty even thinks Bachelor Jake Pavelka (20 points) may go far “because his partner, Chelsie Hightower, will get him through.”

In terms of partner chemistry, Karaty also enjoyed watching Maksim Chmerkovskiy and sportscaster Erin Andrews (21 points), who “had a connection that everyone could feel.”

Despite 80-year-old Buzz Aldrin’s lowest score of the night (14 points), the worst dancer — and the star both pros predict will be the first voted off the hit ABC show — was Kate Gosselin.

“Kate delivered the most embarrassing performance of the night,” Karaty tells Us. “She showed zero ability, will or desire. She needs to go.”

Tookey commends the mother of eight for her “courage and effort” but adds she was “completely unnatural and uncomfortable the whole time” and has “no doubt” she’ll be the first to go.

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