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Kanye West’s New Manager Is Scooter Braun

Kanye West thinks 'KUWTK' should get all the Emmys!

Hey, maybe Kanye West can chip away at that weird debt, now that Justin Bieber‘s manager on his team?

Yes, the Biebs’ manager Scooter Braun officially works with Yeezy, and it’s been that way for about a month. It’s not a huge 180, as Los Angeles-based Braun shares management duties with West’s longtime rep, Izzy Zivkovic, so no fun firing stories yet. Still, it’s a pretty big change.

In addition, there’s no formal management agreement between them, but a source at Billboard claims that “Scooter is a friend and confidant and is consulting with Kanye,” so you know, who knows. West continues to be represented by United Talent Agency (UTA), so no change in representation. Only, in dudes who are molding his career…

To add to this news, Tidal FINALLY released the info of how many streams West’s Pablo received after initially withholding numbers for like EVER (very cute, Tidal, very cute). According to its own metrics, Pablo was streamed 250 million times in its first 10 days of availability. Not too bad, for a guy in debt.

Did you like Life of Pablo?

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Kanye West Hitched A Ride With The Paparazzi

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 12.32.52 AM

When he’s not going APE**** on them, he’s…getting a ride from them?

A some VERY TRUSTING photographer offered Kanye West a ride on Tuesday, and the rapper actually took him up on it. Ya see, Yeezy was (probably pretty hammered or something, and) waiting for an Uber when the photographer filming him suggested something pretty dumb…that the rapper ride with him.

Maybe he’s new to being a photographer of Kanye? US Weekly reports:

“Where is this black sedan? Hang on one second,” West, 38, told the photographers while looking for his ride. “[I] Uber everywhere. Shout out to Travis [Kalanick],” the rapper added, name dropping the company’s cofounder.

The photographer taping West then told him that his coworker would give him a “ride wherever you wanna go.” Without hesitation, West accepted their offer.

“I don’t need Uber anymore. I just have the paps take me where I wanna go,” West told the camera.

Once in the front seat of the car, the dad to North and Saint West tells the men they’re going to celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak’s. While looking for the address, West politely asks the mem to stop filming.

Yeah, that could have gone REALLY badly for the poor pap. Anyhow, I guess they got Kanye to Pasternak’s gym, because the nutritionist and best-selling author can be heard laughing in this video while waiting outside for the rapper.

Pretty funny, but also pretty weird and dangerous. I wonder if the Uber ever showed?

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Lorne Michaels Breaks His Silence On Kanye’s Weird SNL Breakdown

Kanye West likes to get his hair cut everyday

NOTHING surprises Lorne Michaels, not even YEEZUS.

Not too long ago Kanye West freaked out before his SNL performance, but Lorne talked him down and he went on to perform “Low Lights,” “Highlights” and “Ultralight Beams,” without a hitch. But now Lorne wants to set the record straight on what REALLY went down. E! caught up with Michaels at the Whiskey Tango Foxtrot premiere and set the record straight:

“That happened in his dressing room,” he explained. “Kanye’s been on the show a lot of years, and it’s always different. He’s an artist, you know? A great artist.”

To prove his point, Michaels referenced West’s appearance at last year’s Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary Special. For his February 2015 appearance, the rapper performed a medley of “Jesus Walks,” “Only One” and “Wolves (feat. Sia):”

“When he did the 40th anniversary show—which I wanted him to be part of it—I had no idea what he was going to do, even 10 minutes before we went on the air. He arrived that day,” Michaels recalled. “But he just always delivers, and he’s Kanye.”

(Via E!)

He IS Kanye. And I gotta say, I’ve always loved his music even though these antics have been wearing on me HARDCORE. What I want to know is are you still a Kanye fan, after all that’s gone down with him?

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Kim Kardashian Demanded Kanye West Go To Therapy

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 12.21.23 PM

Kim Kardashian is NOT amused!

According to US Weekly, Kim’s had just about enough of Kanye West‘s twitter crazy, and she’s kinda calling BS on the whole thing. Her solution? Yeezy get into therapy, and fast:

“Kim is very concerned and frustrated. She and Kanye are having big problems that are escalating,” the family source tells Us. “Kim has demanded that Kanye get therapy.”

West’s Twitter rants have piled up over the past couple of weeks. The rapper previously received backlash for calling Taylor Swift a “bitch” and claiming he made her “famous” in a song on his new album, The Life of Pablo, and for begging Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg for money after he claimed that he had $53 million of “personal debt.”

Despite Kardashian’s concerns, West isn’t giving in to therapy. The first source says: “He hasn’t agreed to anything yet.”

Ugh, I hate how therapy is still so stigmatized in our society. If ANYONE could benefit from a little therapy, it’s Kanye West, with the Brandi Glanville/Eddie Cibrian/LeAnn Rimes trifecta a close second (shudder).

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