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Kanye West’s Camp Is Going AFTER Taylor Swift HARDCORE

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Taylor Swift still tries to claim her innocence, meanwhile Kanye West‘s camp is NOT HAVING IT.

Following Kim Kardashian’s Snapchat reveal of Taylor’s conversation with Kanye West, Taylor’s team tried VERY HARD to change the conversation and to to sic their legal dogs on Kimye, but it doesn’t solve anything and likely won’t be valid. Taylor playing the victim just doesn’t have the same gravitas anymore, does it?

For the past seven years, Taylor Swift and Kanye West have had a roller coaster of a relationship. While the pair appeared to bury the hatchet last year when Swift presented West with a prestigious award at the MTV Video Music Awards, a source close to Swift tells PEOPLE exclusively West has continuously taken shots at the singer throughout her career.

“Since 2009, when Kanye West stormed the stage and ripped the microphone out of Taylor’s hand, he has been trying to rewrite history; one that includes President Obama calling him a jackass because of his actions,” says the Swift source. “For seven years, Kanye has continued to attack Taylor, attempting to incite hatred for her at his live shows and on social media, even going so far as portraying her naked in his most recent music video. His obsession with and harassment of Taylor over the last seven years is unhealthy and if he were not a celebrity, he would be considered a stalker.”

After West released his song “Famous” – which includes controversial lyrics about Swift – in February, the pair’s feud was reignited. Swift denied the rapper’s claims that she had approved of the lyrics and suggested the line, “I made that bitch famous.”

“Once again, Taylor Swift is playing the victim. Shocking!” a source close to West tells PEOPLE exclusively. “Funny, she didn’t think he was harassing her when she thanked him for being so thoughtful and considerate when he called to get her permission for ‘Famous,’ or for the kind gesture of sending her flowers after she presented him with the MTV Video Vanguard Award. As the recordings reveal, she is a liar and nothing she says will change the truth.”

(Via People)

Kanye is still a dick, for SURE. And he paid for it. But also, that’s just WHO HE IS. Taylor, on the other hand, has spent years meticulously constructing her persona as innocent, sweet, honest and supportive. She made a choice to completely misrepresent Kanye West, and she knows who HE is, and that he probably wouldn’t stand for this particular brand of BS.

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Kimye Won’t Be Persecuted For Recorded “Famous” Call

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I think Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have won the war…

Generally, it feels like things are changing for Taylor…she’s in the process of being exposed as being a kind of hypocrite. Sure, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West didn’t go about bringing down Taylor in the most friendly or legit way possible, but the point is the convo that they had on the phone and Tay’s reaction show what kind of a person she is- namely, not ALWAYS the victim.

As we reported, Taylor’s lawyer was coming after Kimye for taping their “Famous” conversation, but the twoo will not face criminal prosecution for the secret recording, because she had no legal expectation of privacy. The problem is, in California, if someone records a “confidential communication” and the other party to the conversation doesn’t know it’s being taped, it’s a crime. But “confidential communication” does not include conversations that “may be overheard.” Taylor knew she was overheard because she was on speaker phone, and during the call producer Rick Rubin speaks up several times. Members of the crew filming Kanye on the call also speak in the room.

As a result, Kanye didn’t violate any law by recording it. Sorry, Taylor.


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Taylor Swift Wants To Take Kanye West To COURT?!

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Taylor Swift does NOT mess around!

Apparently, the singer threatened Kanye West with criminal prosecution months ago for secretly recording her phone conversation with him, and TMZ has the docs to prove it!

Back in February, Taylor’s lawyer sent a letter to Kanye’s attorney making it clear, under California law, that anyone who secretly records a telephone conversation with someone in the state is commiting a criminal offense, and um, that’s a FELONY. The letter says that “Demand is hereby made that you immediately destroy all such recordings, provide us of assurance that this has been done, and also assurance that these recordings have not been previously disseminated.”

And, they didn’t! In fact, Kim Kardashian leaked that shizz on Snapchat on Sunday!

A source with knowledge of the legendary “Famous” convo told TMZ it was recorded in an L.A.-area studio, and obvi without Taylor’s permission. She’s got a right to file the lawsuit, but will she win it? WHO KNOWS.

Stay tuned, people!


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Kim Kardashian Leaks Phone Call Transcript Between Kanye West and Taylor Swift

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Woah, this is DEFINITELY bad blood.

Because…I dunno- the weekend was boring? Kim Kardashian released a series of Snapchat videos on Sunday, July 17, that revealed the infamous phone call between Taylor Swift and Kanye West, in which the pop superstar seemingly signs off on the rapper’s “Famous” lyric.

Now if you’ll recall, Tay denied giving her approval on the lyric but this transcript sings a different tune. Here’s the full transcript from Kardashian’s Snapchat videos:

Kanye West: “Oh, OK, dope, You still got the Nashville number.”

Taylor Swift: “I still have the Nashville um, area code but I had to change it.”

KW (reading his “Famous” lyric): “For all my Southside n—as that know me best, I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex.”

TS: “I’m like, this close to overexposure.”

KW: “Oh, well, this one is … I think this is a really cool thing to have.”

TS: “I know, I mean it’s like a compliment, kind of.”

KW: “What I give a f–k is about is just you as a person, and as a friend.”

TS: “That’s sweet.”

KW: “I want things that make you feel good. I don’t wanna do rap that makes people feel bad.”

TS: “Um, yeah, I mean go with whatever line you think is better. It’s obviously very tongue-in-cheek either way. … And I really appreciate you telling me about it, that’s really nice.”

KW “Yeah, I just have a responsibility to you as a friend. … Thanks for being so cool about it.”

TS: “Well, thanks, yeah. I really appreciate it. The head’s up is so nice. … Even asking or seeing if I’d be OK with it. I just really appreciate it. I never would have expected you to, like, tell me about one of the lines in your song.

TS: “And the flowers that you sent me, [in September 2015, the “All Day” rapper gifted Swift with a giant bouquet after she presented him with an award at the VMAs, officially putting an end to their feud after he interrupted her acceptance speech at the 2009 awards show.] I Instagrammed a picture of them, and it’s the most Instagram likes I’ve ever gotten. It was like 2.7.”

KW: Relationships are more important than punch lines, you know?

TS: “Yeah, I mean, I don’t think anybody would listen to that and think, like, oh, that’s a real, that’s a real diss. Like, she must be crying.”

TS: “You’ve got to tell the story the way that it happened to you and the way that you experienced it. Like, you honestly didn’t know who I was before that. It doesn’t matter if I sold 7 million of that album before you did that, which is what happened, you didn’t know who I was before that. It’s fine.”

TS: “… And I have the idea to do it and I create these things and concepts. Like, I’m always gonna respect you.”

TS: “And I’m really glad that you have the respect to call me and tell me that as a friend about the song.”

TS: “It’s just like a really cool thing to do and a really good show of friendship so thank you.”

TS: “And, you know, if people ask me about it, I think it would be great for me to be like, look, he called me and told me the line before it came out. Joke’s on you guys, we’re fine.”

TS: “You guys want to call this a feud, you want to call this throwing shade? But right after the song comes on, I’m gonna be on a Grammy red carpet and they’re gonna ask me about it and I’m gonna be like, He called me.”

TS: “… Are gonna be like, yeah she does, it made her famous. You know, but it’s more provocative to say like still have sex.”

TS: “It’s not, it doesn’t matter to me. There’s not like one that hurts my feelings and one that doesn’t.”

(Via Snapchat)

Although Taylor denied giving her stamp of approval, during the conversation, she even calls the line “a compliment.” So what’s the deal? Well either Taylor’s lying or Yeezy’s got some splaining to do.

Taylor responded to the chat with her own instagram response, that seems like a legit concern. Still, it feels like she should have just come clean about getting a call from Kanye, if it IS the truth. Tay says:

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 10.37.28 AM

So who do YOU believe is the “victim?” Taylor, who is saying she was in on the call but didn’t get the final sign off on the lyric or hear the song? Or Kanye, who called Taylor in the first place to check in? WEIGH IN BELOW!

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