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Justin Bieber’s robbery investigation dropped

Justin Bieber's robbery investigation dropped

Last month, Justin Bieber was accused of snatching up a woman’s cell phone in an attempt to delete photos that had allegedly taken of him. She called the cops because she felt she was being robbed and since, the felony charges have been dropped.

Prosecutors have apparently dropped the case due to insufficient evidence. Nine park employees were investigated, but none of them saw the singer snatch the woman’s phone. In addition, the case has been referred to the city attorney for consideration as a misdemeanor charge.

At the time, the woman claimed that Justin demanded to see her phone so that he could delete any pictures she may have taken of him. She refused, so he grabbed the phone from her bag. She began wrestling with Justin, but said that he “ripped it out of her hands”. The phone was locked, so he was unable to check it for any pictures.

He then allegedly demanded that he unlock the phone, but she refused and he ended up screaming at her and upsetting her teenage daughter.

We think he’s guilty…don’t you?

Source, Photo Credit: Fame/Flynet

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Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are back together

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are back together

Considering their past, this should come as a shock to absolutely no one, but apparently Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber have gotten back together. It seems like somewhat of a convenience for him because he was suffering some serious negative PR issues.

The singer shared the above photo on his Instagram account and then promptly deleted it. It shows himself and Selena in an embrace, leaving little doubt as to their reconciliation. What we’re wondering is that if he’s going to run to her every time he gets himself into hot water?

He just suffered some terrible PR after those racist video leaks and Selena has always been a beacon of sunshine to him, both privately and in the public eye. What we’re getting at is whether or not Justin is merely using Selena to get back in the good graces of the public?

What do you think?

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Leonardo DiCaprio told Justin Bieber to buzz off

Leonardo DiCaprio told Justin Bieber to buzz off

Leonardo DiCaprio told Justin Bieber to buzz off….and suddenly became my favorite person on the planet. Aside from Jon Hamm, that is…but for very similar reasons. These two fellas are old school and they don’t want some wet behind the ears little punk taking over.

Via Uproxx:

“Justin was strutting his stuff all over the club, walking around shirtless and scoping out chicks,” a source tells Star. “But when he heard Leo was there, he had his bodyguard muscle a path to where Leo was sitting.”

Hoping to party with the Wolf of Wall Street star — and the bevy of girls in his VIP area — the Biebs sent his goon to ask permission. “Justin was nodding and smiling in Leo’s direction, but Leo just shook his head no and waved him off,” a witness tattles. “He thinks Justin’s a little twit. Leo doesn’t want or need photo ops with publicity-hungry, manufactured pop stars.”

GENIUS. Love live Leo!

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Kylie Jenner banned from seeing Justin Bieber

Kylie Jenner banned from seeing Justin Bieber

Kylie Jenner has been banned from seeing Justin Bieber by her father Bruce. Apparently Bruce isn’t too keen on his youngest daughter hanging with the craptastic Canadian, so he’s putting a stop to it.

On May 3rd, Justin and Kylie went to a Floyd Mayweather boxing match together in Las Vegas, but Bruce doesn’t wants that to be the last time they see each other. A source revealed, “Bruce had thought Justin was hanging out with Kendall, his 18-year-old daughter, with Kylie just tagging along and he was fine with that. But when he learned that Bieber had taken Kylie to Las Vegas to see the Floyd Mayweather Jr. fight, he hit the roof and immediately called Kris Jenner, fuming.”

The snitch continued, “Bruce then phoned Kylie, forbidding her to date Bieber ever again bluntly declaring he doesn’t want her influenced by his drug use and bad behavior. Kylie went crying to momma, buut Kris — who’s usually all about the publicity — shocked her by siding with Bruce. She totally agrees Justin’s bad news.”

You know the story is made up if it makes the appearance of Kris Jenner actually trying to be a decent parent to one of her kids.

Source, Photo Credit: Fame/Flynet

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