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Dr. Troy and his mom out and about in Australia.


That sweater makes him look like he has moobs. (Man-boobs)

Julian McMahon (or as I like to call him Christian Troy – from Nip/Tuck) and his socialite mother Lady Sonia spend some quality time together in Double Bay, Sydney. Julian’ mum Sonia is the widow of the late Australian Prime Minister, Sir William McMahon.



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Julian McMahon – Season five premiere screening of Nip/Tuck at the Paramount Theatre in Hollywood, 10/20

julian_mcmahon_-_season_five_premiere_screening_of_niptuck_201007_05_122_499lo.jpg julian_mcmahon_-_season_five_premiere_screening_of_niptuck_201007_01_122_188lo.jpg

Oh my gosh I CANNOT WAIT! Nip/Tuck is awesome!!! (Not diggin the hat – or the earring for that matter)

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Julian McMahon: ‘Nip/Tuck’ Not ‘Kinky’ Enough


The fifth season of FX’s hit series, “Nip/Tuck,” will continue to be outrageous and over-the-top when it returns this October, but before that, check out the season four DVD, now in stores.

When Creator/Executive Producer RYAN MURPHY’s boundary-pushing FX series, “Nip/Tuck” returns for its fifth season this October, the show will have an all-new look. Drs. Sean McNamara (DYLAN WALSH) and Christian Troy (JULIAN McMAHON) will go Hollywood with offices on Rodeo Drive and jobs as consultants on the worst medical show ever made called, “Hearts and Scalpels.”

The move from the steamy days and nights in Miami to the more temperate climes of Beverly Hills takes the two plastic surgeons from being big fish in a small pond to just the opposite — and they will need to go to great lengths to reinvent themselves.

“I don’t think this show is kinky enough so, I’m kind of trying to push for that kind of stuff consistently,” Julian says. “For example, I did this thing yesterday that was scripted to do in my bathing suit — pushups in the bathroom — and then I answer a phone call; I decided to do them on the deck naked. I just want to push things further. I feel like when we started on the show, we were pretty explicit and out there, and it maintained that to a certain extent, but now I feel like we have to reinvigorate that a little bit.”

That said, Ryan promises that “Nip/Tuck” will continue to deal with hot-button issues and explore things in our society that are a little bit taboo. And, despite relocating the show’s locale from Miami to Los Angeles, he has found a way to re-integrate cast members JOELY RICHARDSON, ROMA MAFFIA, JOHN HENSLEY and KELLY CARLSON into the stories.

“I think that all the characters have always had a fighting spirit inside of them,” Julian adds. “There’s some fantastic places that we go to eventually, and there’s some things that Christian does that go way beyond anything he’s done on the show so far.”

Guest stars for the fifth season will include BRADLEY COOPER, LAUREN HUTTON, PORTIA DE ROSSI, OLIVER PLATT, PAULA MARSHALL and JENNIFER COOLIDGE, who follow in the footsteps of the impressive list of guests from the fourth season — all 15 episodes of which are on the newly released DVD — JACQUELINE BISSET, LARRY HAGMAN, ALANIS MORISETTE, MO’NIQUE, ROSIE O’DONNELL and BROOKE SHIELDS, who are featured in the “Clever Casting: The Season’s Guest Stars” special featurette. Other special features are: “The Cutting Edge: How Real Life Dramas Are Incorporated into the Show,” “Severed Parts Gag Reel,” and “Unaired Scenes.”


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