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Joshua Jackson Misses, Wants To Get Back With Diane Kruger

PICS: Joshua Jackson & Diane Kruger Hold Hands In NYC

Aw. Man, this has to be difficult.

Less than six weeks after Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson reportedly broke up for good, Page Six’s sources say that Joshua is still pining away for Diane and he would love to get back with her. Yes, even after Diane allegedly cheated on Joshua with Norman Reedus, and even after THAT that Diane still has Norman in her life somehow. And still…he pines.

Six weeks after they broke up, we’re told that Joshua Jackson wants to get back together with Diane Kruger. Pals of “The Affair” star say he’s still in love with the actress — whom he dated for 10 years until July.

“He never wanted the breakup in the first place,” said a source. “He’s pretty bummed out . . . Diane is currently wearing the pants and calling the shots with the breakup, but he wants to work things out with her,” the source continued.

Apparently Jackson has been dating other girls since the split, but his heart’s not really in the single life, the source added. Jackson was recently spotted having a marathon eight-hour lunch with “The Affair” co-star Ruth Wilson at Gemma. Shortly before the split, Kruger and Jackson moved into a New York apartment together, and the German actress said she was still mulling over whether to marry him. When asked by Net-a-Porter’s the Edit if Kruger — who is divorced — would ever consider tying the knot again, she replied, “Welcome to my dilemma.”

(Via Page Six)

This makes me so sad. I wish he like, instantly clicked with Ruth Wilson during their boozy night together, but clearly he’s still hurting, hard.  And it just makes everyone love Joshua more, doesn’t it? All the romance…the tragedy…

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Joshua Jackson And Ruth Wilson May Have Hooked UP?!!

Celebrities Attend 'The Affair' Screening At PaleyFest In New York

Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger announced their split a few weeks back, although in all real talk they’ve been on the rocks for months, ever since Diane not-so-allegedly was seen hooking up with Norman Reedus. I think Josh ultimately broke up with Diane because he couldn’t trust Reedus was out of her life, and hey, he’s probably right. But, Joshua and Diane are still missing each other/civil, because he even dropped her off at LAX and they embraced as they said goodbye. But…what if Joshua also went outside of his relationship?  What if Joshua has been quietly spending time with his costar Ruth Wilson? That’s a new and interesting spin on this story, that I thought was mostly about Diane’s lack of loyalty. You can see the photos here.

Rosé all day! The Affair costars Joshua Jackson and Ruth Wilson spent an entire summer afternoon-into-evening sipping rosé and hanging outdoors at Gemma restaurant at NYC’s Bowery Hotel on Monday, August 22. The pair, who play ex-spouses on the hit Showtime series, grabbed a table at 3 p.m. and ordered cheese and charcuterie, according to an eyewitness. They were chatting and toasting with their wine and stayed at the eatery for a whopping eight hours!

Jackson seemed to be in a great mood as he smiled and took photos with fans throughout the day. When the duo got up to leave, he thanked the waiter and gave him a big hug. According to an onlooker, Jackson kissed Wilson on the top of the head, and they headed to a hotel together around 11 p.m.

(Via US Weekly)

An eight-hour date with Joshua Jackson at a hotel with wines, meats and cheeses? Sounds like HEAVEN. The question is…was this a date-date or just two good friends enjoying each other’s company, and maybe hooking up a little bit?

For the record, I think they look cute together, though I bet Joshua is nowhere near being ready to date again.

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Joshua Jackson Didn’t Trust Ex Diane Kruger


Ohhh, now we got the DIRT.

Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson‘s breakup a few weeks ago was pretty uneventful. I’m actually kind of sad about it because the two were adorable- they practically grew up together, over the span of 10 years. And now it’s over. So in the aftermath of their split, we got nothing until now…and now, there are cheating rumors. Specifically, Diane cheating. With Norman Reedus. At least that’s what sources said last December. And now Star Mag says that yeah, it was a thing, and that broke them:

“Diane swore up and down that nothing happened with Norman Reedus, but the damage was done,” reveals an insider, alluding to reports that the pair were spotted making out NYC dive bar 12th Street Alehouse last year. “Joshua couldn’t get past the betrayal.”

Joshua and Diane had just moved in together, to an apartment in Manhattan, in a last-ditch effort to salvage what was left of their relationship.

“Joshua planned date nights, romantic dinners and trips abroad,” the source explains. “But it wasn’t the same. His trust for Diane was shattered. They’re both children of divorce so a marriage certificate doesn’t mean much, but trust? Once it’s gone, it’s gone.”

Sources have begun to wonder if Diane ever stopped seeing Reedus, after a British PR firm posted a photo on Instagram that appears to show the actress deep in conversation with her paramour at the Balthazar Getty’s annual Fourth of July fete in Tuscany.

“After all her begging, pleading and insisting that she didn’t have feelings for Norman, this is the ultimate slap in the face,” admits a pal. “I don’t think Joshua was all that surprised when news broke, but there’s no way they’ll remain friends after this.”

(Via Star Magazine, print edition)

Oh man, I feel for Josh. There are Instagram pics of Reedus and Kruger seemingly sitting together in Tuscany here, but that would’ve been after they broke up. What’s super sad is that she probably cheated on Joshua back in December, and I do think it shocked him and ruined their relationship.

WE LOVE YOU, PACEY. You’ll get through this!


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Diane Kruger And Joshua Jackson Are NO MORE

Joshua Jackson talks long-term relationship with Diane Kruger

Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson have split after 10 years together- IS LOVE EVEN REAL??

Diane just did a big long interview about how Joshua makes her less pretentious, so I can’t imagine what Diane unhinged and single looks like. But, we’re probably going to find out, as both reps are on top of the breakup, saying, “Diane Kruger and Josh Jackson have decided to separate and remain friends.”So it’s not just a rumor, they’re making the thing official.

Kruger and Jackson owned houses in both Paris and Vancouver and lived together in New York, where they were often spotted out on the town and making out with one another. The two began dating ten years ago, after Kruger split from her husband of five years, French director Guillaume Canet.

The question is: what happened? Cheating? Growing apart? Weirdness? More deets to come…I hope.

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