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‘Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson bickered on the set of ‘Hunger Games’

'Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson bickered on the set of 'Hunger Games'

Jennifer Lawrence revealed in a new interview that she and co-star Josh Hutcherson did a lot of bickering on the set of “The Hunger Games Part 2: Mockingjay”. The movie is being released into theaters on November 20th and they are all making the rounds to promote it.

She said, “Me and Josh couldn’t stop fighting. I pulled a book out of my chair and he goes [says in aggressive tone] ‘Why do you read so much?’ It was like, ‘Yeah, okay, you wanna go outside?'”

She also said that despite their friendship, some of the scenes in the Hunger Games movies proved to be quite difficult. She said, “We were wet for twelve hours a day for three weeks. When we get to the fight, not just the tunnels, all of our gear was very heavy. We were soaking wet and everything was water-logged and so we had an extra twenty pounds. It was just so physically exhausting that I don’t think anything could compare to that. That was the most difficult in all of the movies, any movie I’ve ever done.”

After one of those rough days, she gave an interview and found that it was hard to shake the bad mood. She joked, “I had to do a magazine interview after one of those days and I was in a mood. And I was like, ‘I need wine,’ and I was drinking wine and just complaining. I don’t remember what magazine it is because I have to block it out for my future and mental sanity, but it was the worst interview I’ve ever given in my life.”

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Josh Hutcherson comments on the wage gap in Hollywood

Josh Hutcherson comments on the wage gap in Hollywood

Since Jennifer Lawrence penned her essay on the wage gap between men and women in Hollywood, some actors have come out in support of her ideas. Others like Jeremy Renner decided that it wasn’t his responsibility to ensure that actresses receive equal pay in the world of entertainment. Now, “Hunger Games” actor Josh Hutcherson is weighing in.

Hutcherson, whose new short film The Rusted premieres Thursday night on AOL’s BUILD series, told The Huffington Post that he thinks the essay is great. “I think it’s insane what happens with women’s pay. To even say those words, feels so stupid. To have to say the words ‘women’s pay.’ Like, it just sounds ignorant.”

The actor continued, “[Jennifer] is great. She’s the perfect person to speak on that. She’s very powerful, she’s very influential and she says what she thinks. And I think she makes a lot of great points — her and Amy Schumer. They’re doing a project together now, and they both have that personality of being yourself and accepting it, and I think Jen’s in a great position to fight for something like equal pay.”

He’s got a point, doesn’t he?

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Sorry Girls (And Boys) Josh Hutcherson Is TAKEN

51779794 Escobar Paradise Lost Premiere held at The Arclight Cinemas in Hollywood, California on 6/22/15  Escobar Paradise Lost Premiere held at The Arclight Cinemas in Hollywood, California on 6/22/15 Claudia Traisac, Josh Hutcherson FameFlynet, Inc - Beverly Hills, CA, USA - +1 (818) 307-4813

Two years later…

Josh Hutcherson has FINALLY confirmed he is dating his Escobar: Paradise Lost co-star Claudia Traisac.  The two have been dating for a…wait for it…TWO YEARS but just recently (like today) Hutcherson confirmed, and these two were openly affectionate on the red carpet for their movie.

In fact, the two met while making the movie (TWO YEARS AGO). “It’s pretty good,” (FOR A TWO YEAR OLD RELATIONSHIP), Hutcherson gushed at the premiere. “Distance is hard, but we make it work.”

“I’m really happy,” Traisac said. “It’s really great.”

(Via E!)

The movie sounds pretty stupid (Hutcherson plays a Canadian surfer who falls in love with Pablo Escobar‘s niece). That being said, Joshy is a cutie, so who knows? Maybe it’s worth watching…or give it ANOTHER COUPLE YEARS.  It’s called a slow game, folks.

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Who Does Josh Hutcherson Have A Man-Crush On?!

'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire' Los Angeles Premiere

In real life, Josh Hutcherson could go another way…so, when asked which of his Catching Fire costars he would go gay for, who do you think he chose?

I mean, Liam Hemsworth is an obvious choice, as are sexy new castmembers Sam Claflin and Alan Ritchson. But NO- Joshy didn’t choose any of these in fact, his choice is surprising and definitely sexy! Find out who, after the jump!

'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire' Los Angeles Premiere

Who did Josh Hutcherson pick? Why the ABSOLUTELY sexy Lenny Kravitz, of course!  Said Josh:

“I’d probably say Lenny. Only because, like, the cool, like, artist kind of thing. And he’s just rock and roll through and through. That is just… he’s got it goin’ on.”

Agreed, Josh. AGREED!

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