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Josh Holloway and Wife Welcome Newborn Son

The 20th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards - Arrivals

Intelligence star, Josh Holloway, and his wife, Yessica Kumala, welcomed a new baby boy… six weeks ago.  The couple are just now telling people of the birth- which I can understand.  Having a new baby- you just want to sort of take some time to adjust and celebrate your intimate unit- being famous probably makes you cling to that even more.

Hollway and his wife have been married for 10 years and have an older daughter, Java, as well.  The Daily Mail reports:

Josh – who married Yessica in October 2004 – admits he was initially worried that he wouldn’t be able to bond with the baby like he has done with Java, but since speaking to friends and family he’s realized that he will love the newborn just as much.

He said: ‘I was not prepared for how much love I would have in me. So I’m a little worried, like how can I love something as much as I love my daughter? But everyone says your love just grows, so don’t be afraid of that, so that’s my only thing.’

Josh initially revealed the news of his second child during an interview with Entertainment Tonight in mid-November. 

‘That’s funny because I’m a family man,’ the Intelligence star said in response to a question about being a TV sex symbol. 

‘I’ve got a four-and-a-half-year-old daughter and another one on the way. Pretty excited about that.’

After taking some time off after Lost wrapped up its final season so as to spend time with Java, Josh has gotten back in the game – starring in Intelligence, a new CBS series that debuted January 7.

He’s a hottie.  And I really like Meghan Ory, his costar on Intelligence– pictured below.  She was great in Once Upon A Time as Red Riding Hood.

CNET'S Premiere Party For CBS Show "Intelligence"

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Tyra Banks’ wig is a big ol’ hot mess!

Yesterday was the CBS/Showtime/CW Upfronts, and each network brought out their big stars to celebrate. Lots of interesting people showed up, and I have a TON of red carpet pictures for you after the jump. Let’s just start with Tyra Banks, who showed up in this super-tight-bust-killing dress, and a rats nest of a wig! Sweet Jesus, that is a hot mess right there. What’s with her tassel earrings?

I have Sarah Michelle Gellar, Anna Faris, Michael Sheen and SO MUCH MORE after the jump! 20+ PICS (more…)

Josh Holloway is returning to TV!

Josh Holloway, from ‘Lost’, is returning to the small screen!

Sawyer, its about time you showed up on TV again! EW has learned exclusively that Josh Holloway — who played James “Sawyer” Ford on ABC’s Lost — is in the process of closing a deal to make a cameo in Community’s two-part season finale. It’s set for May but no date has been announced.

Holloway’s character will emerge as a mysterious figure who shows up on campus during another game of paintball. The two-parter is a sequel, of sorts, to “Modern Warfare” — last year’s memorable episode that began with the Dean announcing a prize for a game of paintball. It devolved into campus-wide battle.

There were some rumors floating around Hollywood that Holloway was a contender for NBC’s remake of The Rockford Files, but the project never emerged from development hell. The actor ultimately signed a deal to co-star in the sequel Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.


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FIRST LOOK! Tom Cruise starts filming ‘Mission Impossible 4’! PLUS: Which ‘Lost’ hottie joins the cast?

The long hair is back!

In a Russian uniform, Bruce Springsteen T-shirt and a large mustache, Tom Cruise begins filming scenes for his latest project, Mission Impossible 4 which has begun filming on location in Prague, Czech Republic today.

Man, you know Tom Cruise needs this movie to succeed! He’s had a stretch of bad luck in the movie department lately. His last successful movie was 2008’s Tropic Thunder, and he wasn’t even in it that much. His last three starring movies have bombed. Lions for Lambs, Valkyrie and Knight & Day.

Tom Cruise recently opened up about doing the another MI movie, “My whole thing with the series is always having a new director come on and put their stamp on ‘Mission: Impossible,’ ” he told MTV News this summer. “Brian De Palma was first, then John Woo, J.J. Abrams and now Brad Bird, so it will be Brad Bird’s ‘Mission: Impossible.’ ” Regarding his thoughts on the story line — which is, of course, very much under wraps — Cruise said simply: “It’s sick. It’s fun, really fun.”

So which Lost alum is joining the cast? Josh Holloway! Josh will play a member of the Impossible Mission Force, the high-tech and top-secret task force headed by Tom Cruise‘s character, Ethan Hunt.

This will be Josh’s first big feature-film role. He’s best known for playing Sawyer on ABC’s LOST.

Other cast members include Jeremy Renner (love him!), Ving Rhames and Simon Pegg.

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