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Jon Gosselin to Brother Mark: You Dirty Rat!

There’s more drama on the Gosselin homefront, but not between Kate and Jon. This time Jon is beefing with his brother Mark, claiming that Mark has been selling information to the media for profit.

Well, it wouldn’t be the first time family has sold out family for a piece of change.

Mark vehemently denies the allegations, telling Star magazine it doesn’t matter because, “Jon doesn’t believe me.”

“We haven’t had much of a conversation besides ‘Hey’ in a few weeks. I’ve lost my best friend due to all this.”

“All my daughter does is ask to see her cousins. I don’t know what to tell her.”

I wonder if he got paid for the Star magazine interview? I just think it’s funny that you went to a tabloid to let the world know you don’t sell stories about your family to tabloids. Just sayin’.

Anyhow, how sad! At least let the kiddies see each other.


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Jon Gosselin gets a real job – then quits!

That was fast!

Jon Gosselin has been preaching for quite some time that he wanted to quit the public life – for a more regular, normal life. Instead of being paid to appear on TV, he yearned for a 9-5 job. Life & Style reported yesterday that Jon had left the public eye for good – and had taken a regular 9-5 job in marketing.

But – he wasn’t a fan of “normal”, Jon has already handed in his resignation. reports that Gosselin has already left the office for good — in part because of the kids. “It involved too much travel for him,” says a source. “[Jon] needed to be near his eight kids, that’s why it didn’t work out.”

Whatever will he do?

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Jon Gosselin unloads the kids

Ex-husband to the now famous Kate Gosselin and father of their 8 children, Jon Gosselin, unloads the kids out of his van in Reading, Pennsylvania on November 29th, 2010.

Reportedly, even though Jon and his girlfriend Ellen Ross are still going strong, Kate still has no intention on meeting her. I guess she just wants to wait to see if this one will last…hmm?

Hollywood News reports:

Despite the fact that Ross is definitely in Kate’s children’s lives, the two women have yet to meet face-to-face, states Kate is reportedly fine with the situation so long as Ross treats the children well.

Jon has reportedly straightened out his life a bit since Ross came into the picture, so maybe Kate is just happy to have an easier situation to deal with now.

Do you think she’s right in waiting?

Fame Pictures

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Two of the Gosselin kids have been expelled from school!

Six-year-old Collin and Alexis Gosselin, two of the famous sextuplets of reality stars Kate and Jon Gosselin, were expelled from school in Pennsylvania, according to the New York Post.

The children “fought with their peers, called them nasty names and made fun of other kids,” a source close to the family told the magazine. “The things they are saying are not words they should know.”

Maybe that’s not surprising, given the acrimony that reportedly has existed between the children’s now-divorced parents.

And Collin and Alexis may not be the only members of the famous brood having a hard time. Other young Gosselins have experienced “rage issues” linked to filming of their reality series, the magazine reported. (more…)

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